BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier – Review

The BabyHawk Baby Carrier is well-made, durable, and versatile. It is lightweight which is convenient to bring just about anywhere. The carrier only weighs 1.3 pounds on its own.

This carrier is easy to use. No complicated ties or buckles and straps. You just need to tie the shorter ties to your waist and the longer straps over your shoulders and you’re set.

The weight is equally distributed across the back and the shoulders. It means the weight is not concentrated on your lower back only so no more back pains.

You can go hands-free with this carrier and do household chores like cooking, gardening, cleaning and many more. This is also a great alternative to strollers when you run errands.

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Price and Main Feature list

The BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier has the following features:

Multiple Carry Position

It is possible to carry your baby in a number of different positions with this carrier – frontal inward, frontal outward (for toddlers), hip carry and backpack carry.

Highly Adjustable

Most adult wearer can fit this carrier up to XXL. It can carry babies that weigh from 8 to 40 pounds.

Distinguishable Straps

It has two sets of straps. The long one is the strap for the shoulders while the short one goes to the waist area.

Soft and Cool

The fabric pure 100% cotton that makes it airy and breathable. It is skin-friendly especially for your baby’s sensitive skin.

>> Check out the BabyHawk Baby Carrier Here – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

This camo design is made for Dads, and the manly pattern will ensure that he helps out with the workload of getting your baby around. If thats not your thing there are plenty of other designs to choose from in the BabyHawk range. 

Our favorite of the more girly designs is the Indigo (pictured).

The straps can be long, and shorter adults may find it a little difficult to handle. On the upside, you can actually use the extra portion of the strap as shield against the sun.


  • The camouflage color is unique and great for Dads who get involved with the baby wearing. 
  • Easy to maintain and clean. This carrier can withstand frequent machine washing.
  • Easy to fold away and store.
  • Can be use by multiple wearers,


  • It doesn’t have any hood for sun protection. You can bring a hat or a thin fabric for coverage if needed.
  • You need to practice to be able to tie it perfectly.

Why you should buy it?

This carrier has everything you need in a soft-structured carrier minus the complicated style in wrapping. This is a great plus for new moms and dads who haven’t quite master the art of baby wearing.

The weight is equally distributed and you baby is fully supported. This carrier does grow with your baby. You can use this until your child reached toddler age.


This carrier from BabyHawk is comfortable for both the wearer and the child. There can be some adjustments when you are tying it for the first time but compare to other wraps and slings, it is easier to learn and less complicated to do.

I like that the two long straps automatically goes to both shoulders because the weight is really equally distributed. With other wraps, the easiest way is to use one shoulder only and after an hour or so, you need to transfer to the other shoulder because it can be tiring.

This is the great carrier to have around the house especially when you have a child who wants to be carried all the time. It can help you get things done around the house and say goodbye to back and shoulder pains.

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