BeBeLove All-Terrain Stroller Review

This is one of the most affordable all-terrain stroller that offers a wide-array of features to make and your baby comfortable. Your child can sit upright enjoy the outdoor environment, and when it’s nap time just recline the seats and your child can rest well inside the stroller.

The manoeuvrability of this stroller is great mainly because of its large tires and suspension system. Pushing this stroller through uneven sidewalks, deep potholes, rough terrain is manageable. 

You will find most features to be comparable to the more expensive brands out there if you are mostly looking to take it off road. What you don’t get are the versatile features, or the lightweoight frame that other All-Terrain Strollers have that make them as adaptable to city use; like the Valco Reversible and the Bumbleride Indie

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Price and Main Feature list

The BeBeLove All-Terrain City Stroller has the following features:

Retractable Canopy

Your child is protected against the sun and if you do not need it, you can just retract it to tuck it away.

Adjustable Handlebar

This is a must for taller parents. This will allow you to push the stroller with a straight back and good posture. Your back will thank you in the years ahead.


It has six large wheels that’s being supported with a great suspension system. The front wheels also swivels to allow easy navigation, and a smooth ride for the little passenger. 


It has a five-point safety harness that can help secure your baby in place inside the stroller. It also has a rear brake system if you want to completely park your stroller.

>> Check out the BeBeLove All-Terrain Stroller – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

Families on a budget who want a functional stroller that will suit every day use, and can still be taken on some more adventurous terrain. While not being too concerned with extra bells & whistles.


  • It has adjustable footrest. This is the type of stroller that grows with your child.
  • It has a large storage basket for diaper bag and a back pocket for small items such as car keys, smartphones and credit cards.
  • This stroller can accommodate children weighing up to 40 pounds.


  • It has no peekaboo window on the canopy.
  • No runaway straps at the back of the stroller.

Why you should buy it?

If you live in the suburbs or if the city is your jungle, this is the stroller for you. It is good for walking around the city – along the sidewalks, parks, amusement park, and even on grassy trails.

This stroller is easy to use and it has all the important features that you will need in an all-terrain city stroller. The six large wheels provide stability, manoeuvrability and comfort.


As long as you don’t mind a bulkier stroller with a bit more weight behind it then the Bebelove is a good entry level all terrain stroller. These types of strollers can get very expensive at the high end and this is a good compromise if you need those larger tyres and suspension system for your weekend trips.

If you are only going to use it day to day, then you will be better off saving your money and going for a regular umbrella stroller for light use, or a sit and stand if you might need an additional passenger.

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