What is the Best Baby Carrier for a Two Year Old in 2020?

If you are just after the quick answer for our recommendation for the best baby carrier for two year olds, we love the Boba 4G.

To some, the thought of lugging around a toddler in a carrier pack is absolute torture. The child is constantly squirming, wanting to get down, and their weight just pulls down on the parent’s shoulders.

What parent or child would want to endure that?

Carrying a two year old is actually more manageable than you may think if you have a suitable baby carrier. In this post we will explore the most suitable options on the market. 

In this post we will review the following baby carriers for 2 year olds:

Why Continue Babywearing This Long?

In some places, public transportation is commonly used, in combination with a lot of walking, which results in the population not owning or using their own vehicles very often. 

For the outdoorsy types who like to go hiking regularly, bringing the toddler along might be essential for them to be able to go at all! 

Then there are just those times when a stroller is just not possible.

It could be a rough day, the kind where your little one just constantly wants to be held close to mom or dad, or they simply will not listen and want to keep running off. 

Or it could just be that you are visiting a place or event in which there are too many people to maneuver a stroller around.

For all of these people, a carrier that can support a two year old, while still remaining comfortable for both baby and parent, is an absolute necessity.

What Makes A Carrier Suit a 2 Year Old

There are some things you will want to pay special attention to when selecting a carrier for your two year old.

Of course, you should consider cost efficiency, safety, and ease of use, but in addition to that you need:

1. Structure

Carriers like ring slings and wraps are no longer going to work for your growing toddler, as well as a lot of soft structured carriers. 

Pay attention to the design and structure of the carrier you are looking at. 

You will want to make sure it fits your child by having a wide seat and tall back, and perhaps some additional framing, depending on when and where you intend to use your carrier most often.

2. Comfort and Support

This is important for both parent and baby. 

Two year olds are tall and heavy. You need to make sure that the carrier properly distributes your toddler’s weight so that you are not hurting your back or carrying the weight on your shoulders. 

Your child needs to have proper support as well to ensure they are comfortable when being carried for long periods of time, which will make it easier for you since they will be happier.

3. Back Carry

By the time your little one is two, front carry positions are very rarely comfortable, and, depending on the carrier design, they are not safe, particularly when facing out. 

There is no need to look for a highly versatile carrier, but rather you just need to find one that offers a stable, back carrying position.

Best Baby Carriers for Two Year Olds

1. Boba 4G

Boba 4G

Besides being revered for its highly reputable name, this carrier by Boba is perfect for toddlers and young children. 

It is able to hold up to 45 pounds which should last all the way up until your child reaches 4 years of age. 

The longevity of use represents great value for money! 

There is also a removable hood and foot straps, which will be key to carrying your long-legged child comfortably. 

The baby seat is very enclosed on a Boba, but the ventilation works well except for extra hot weather. 

It may also not suit Moms with a smaller frame due to the carrier being a little bulkier. 

The straps have also been known to rub against the back of your arms or armpits. But shouldnt be an issue if they are adjusted correctly to suit your build. 


  • High weight capacity
  • Top quality material
  • Huge range of designs to pick from


  • The straps may rub depending on your frame

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2. Ergobaby Adapt

Ergobaby Adapt

This carrier by Ergobaby is ideal for taking your baby from infancy through toddlerhood, perhaps even into early childhood, with its 45-pound weight limit and padded straps and waistband.

It features an adjustable seat, which grows with your baby, and is made of durable “quickdry” polyester, making it easy to keep clean.

The seat is adjustable to take your child from infancy through toddlerhood, supporting them from knee to knee, keeping their hips in the correct, ergonomic position.

It is also very comfortable to wear with thick padded shoulder straps, and a wide waistband.

This gives you the support you need to carry your little one comfortably for long periods of time without feeling strain on your shoulders or lower back.

On smaller framed parents, this carrier can look a little oversized and feel a bit cumbersome.


  • Size adjusts to grow with baby 
  • Offers great support


  • A bit bulky

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3. Tula Ergonomic

Tula Ergonomic

The design of the Tula Ergonomic Toddler carrier is similar to the Tula Baby, but with one noticeable difference: the seat is much wider, made to accommodate longer legs. 

It still features a wide padded waistband with built-in pocket, and comfortable padded straps, as well as the ability to carry on both the front and back. 

The wide padded waistband offers lower back support and helps to take your child’s weight off of your shoulders, allowing you to easily carry her over longer periods of time.

This carrier is the best for carrying your child longer as it is capable of withstanding 25-60 pounds.

Given the bulkier capacity of this carrier it is again not ideal for smaller Moms. 


  • Nice wide seat for long legs
  • Comfortable for long use


  • Waistband can dig in on small Moms

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4. Bebamour


This carrier differs quite a bit from the others on our list as this one features a hip seat

The foam seat is ideal for toddlers as it gives them some structure to sit on while taking the pressure off of the parents. 

The versatile design allows for the hip seat to be used on its own without the shoulder straps. 

You can carry your child around the house with ease by having them propped up on the hip seat. 

This carrier is also great for summer months due to the breathable mesh allowing airflow in and out of the seat area.

It can carry up to 45 pounds, and includes a removable hood and a pocket on the belt.

The price of the Bebamour is great, but that also means that the quality is not on par with others on this list. 

The materials are a bit rougher and you will not get the same life out of the zippers if not handled with care. 


  • Includes a hip seat
  • Breathable mesh
  • Can be used with or without the carrier straps


  • Hip seat is a bit bulky:
  • Lower quality materials

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5. Onya Baby Outback

Onya Baby Outback

The Onya Baby Outback is a great carrier for taking your child out in any weather, with its nylon and mesh material and removable hood. 

It can hold up to 45 pounds, and can even be converted into a harness that attaches to any chair, giving your baby a safe place to sit, no matter where you are.

The nylon and mesh material can withstand rain and heat, and the hood protects your little one from sun and wind 

This allows you to take your child out whenever you like, including on a walk or hike.

There are two pockets available for you to carry the cards and cash you need as well as a D-ring for your keys, allowing you to go hands free and minimize your load.

There is not a lot of padding in the waistband, and little to no padding in the straps. This can make it difficult to carry a heavy child for a long period of time.


  • Weatherproof
  • Bonus carrying pouches


  • Does not give baby much room to move
  • Very little structure

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Final Word

Overall, we like the Boba 4G as the best carrier for two year olds. 

Thanks to its simple and sleek design, it fits most toddlers and parents with little fuss in adjustments. 

Its ability to carry up to 45 pounds, and the supportive waistband and padded straps, allows parents to carry their little one until they are not so little anymore.

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