Best Food Blenders for Babies

Many mothers are starting to make their own baby food, rather than buy premade options. The freshness of the ingredients, and the control over what goes into your baby can be a source of confidence that the parents are doing what is best.

There are great benefits to you and your baby if you decide to go this route, and there are many great products on the market that can help make this an easy task.

Why Should I Make My Own Baby Food?

If you have not already opted for homemade baby food, you may be asking why you should consider it. The great benefits for your baby include:


Many pre-packaged baby foods have a long shelf life, which means they are likely full of preservatives. By making your own food, you know exactly what is going into it, ensuring that your baby is getting high quality, healthy ingredients.


Even though the initial cost of a baby food appliance may be a bit pricey (depending on which one you choose), it will ultimately save you money in the long run. You will no longer need to buy separate jars or pouches of baby food, and you can simply use the fruits, vegetables, and meats you already have in your fridge, the ones that you eat too.


Babies have preferred tastes just like adults do. Once you determine the separate foods your baby likes, you can begin incorporating them in homemade blends, creating custom-made foods that appeal to your baby’s taste buds, eliminating waste and making for a very happy baby and mommy.

Why Would I Buy a Separate Device?

Another question you may be asking is, “Can I just use the blender I have at home already?” It is actually a good idea to get a separate device for making your baby’s food so that you do not run the risk of introducing alcohol, spices, or allergens to your baby by using the same device you make your own food in.

What to Look for in a Device

With all the options out there, it can be hard to narrow it down to one choice. Here are a few things to consider that can make your purchasing decision a bit easier:

Available Functions

Unlike the blenders or food processors you may have at home or that you have used before, devices that are marketed toward making baby food can have some additional functions. These can include a bottle warmer, special grinding blades to make purees, or built-in steamers. You may like a device with these options, or you may just be looking for something simple.

Space Required

Most of these devices are compact, but there are some that come with multiple pieces or may be a bit oversized for bulk food production. Either way, you still need to store them somewhere. Make sure you find a device that fits your available counter or cabinet space.

Ease of Cleaning

You will be making a lot of messes when it comes to making baby food. With all the other things that keep you busy during the day, you will want to find a device that is easy to clean. Removable blades and machine washing capabilities are added bonuses.

Durability and Reliability

The last thing you want is for your device to break down due to being overloaded by the type and amount of food you are making. You will want something that is durable and reliable, likely with blades that stay sharp and a motor that can handle a lot of use.

Recommended Baby Food Blenders

BEABA Babycook 4-in-1 Blender

The BEABA Pro Babycook is a 4-in-1 machine: steaming, blending, defrosting, and reheating. With its sleek, compact design, it is easy to store, and can be operated one-handed, preparing food in 15 minutes or less, making it a great choice for busy moms.


  • With the heating features of this device, you can actually cook raw meat and vegetables inside and then blend them with ease.
  • Can prepare up to 18 servings of baby food, which is ideal for stocking up and freezing to save you time in the future.
  • Dishwasher safe and compact, so it takes up little space in the dishwasher, on the counter, or in a cabinet.
  • Boasts a sleek design, making it one of the more visually appealing baby appliances and able to coordinate with your other kitchen décor.


  • The blender container is made of plastic rather than glass, which can be stained by orange vegetables like squash and carrots.
  • There is only one button which does not give you many options for blending speed or type.
  • Is a bit more on the pricey side, running about $150, without many additional features.
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Baby Bullet Blender

Avid smoothie drinkers swear by the Magic Bullet, and their Baby Bullet is a favorite of healthy, frugal moms. It has an adorable design, with a recognizable, friendly smile on both the blender and the containers, and it comes with everything you need to store fresh, wholesome baby food.


  • It is a great deal for everything you get with it: the blender base, blender cup and bowl, 2 different blades, 6-serving storage tray with lid, 6 date dial storage cups, spatula, and cook book.
  • With your choice of 2 blades, the blender blends, grinds, chops, and mills, producing smooth purees, and even baby rice cereal.
  • Dishwasher safe and compact.


  • You need to make sure meats and vegetables are cooked and steamed thoroughly before blending to ensure a smooth consistency.
  • There is only one speed option available, which may make working with different consistencies or quantities a little difficult.
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Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

The Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker is quite unique, as it is not a traditional blender with a base. It actually comes with a hand-mixing device, that is great for purees, and a food processor. With its small, hand-held design, it is great for at-home use and on-the-go.


  • The hand-held mixer not only allows for easy transportation (for blending on-the-go) but also allows you to blend in any container, allowing you to control the quantity you want to make.
  • The food processor is great for getting larger, cooked pieces of food into smaller pieces, which then makes it easier to blend with the hand mixer.
  • Very affordable and dishwasher safe.


  • Food, like meats and vegetables, need to already be cooked to acquire a decent consistency for your toothless baby.
  • The food processor needs to have a decent amount of food in it to blend properly, so making single or small portions is difficult.
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BabymoovNutribaby 5-in-1 Baby Food Maker

If you are looking for a device with all the bells and whistles, the BabymoovNutribaby system is the one for you. It is a fully programmable blender, and the separate steaming basket can be converted into a bottle warmer and sterilizer.


  • Can be used from birth to early childhood: heating bottles for infants, blending purees for babies, and steaming and cooking meats and vegetables for toddlers and children.
  • In addition to steaming, the separate basket can be used to cook, defrost, and reheat foods, and can heat and sterilize baby bottles.
  • Dishwasher safe and fully programmable, with adjustable cooking times and auto shut-off.


  • With its separate blender and steamer, it can be a little more bulky than other products.
  • You cannot blend and steam at the same time since the devices are separate.
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Cuisinart Baby Food Processor

A trusted brand for many years, Cuisinart has a food processor that is geared toward making sure your baby gets what she needs out of her meal. With a built-in steamer and bottle warmer, this food processor is a great all-in-one machine.


  • Has a built-in steaming blade and bottle warmer which are excellent features for every stage of your child’s infancy.
  • Dishwasher safe, and a trusted brand.


  • The quantities and consistencies need to be just right for the processor to blend properly.
  • There are no adjustable cooking or blending times, so the steaming feature may need to be restarted if the food is not cooked all the way.
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Final Word

The BabymoovNutribaby 5-in-1 baby food maker would have been a game changer for me when my baby was a little younger.

The sterilizing feature of the steaming basket can also be handy for pacifiers and teething rings. And the fact that it is dishwasher safe, fully automated, and can be used for every stage of your child’s life are all great features. The entire family could benefit from the steamed veggies and smoothies that this device could provide for you.

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