Best Hooded Baby Towels for Adorable Bath Time Fun

Having a baby around means there will be a lot of cuteness in your daily life. One of my favorite times to share with my daughter is bath time. I love to watch her splash and play with her toys. And who cannot resist an adorable little naked baby booty.

Bath time is a fun time to share with your little one, and when it is done, drying them off with an adorable towel can be too. But baby towels are not made simply for looks, with their charming animal-themed hoods. There are some practical factors that you need to consider when selecting one.


The number one reason baby towels are hooded are to keep your baby warm. With their fragile little bodies and after-bath wet hair, they are prone to catching colds. Selecting a towel with a hood protects her little head from the chilly air, keeping her warm and well.


Finding a towel that is super absorbent also helps protect your child from catching cold. An absorbent towel will pull the moisture away from your baby’s skin quickly while remaining relatively dry (that is, not saturated and dripping wet).

Easy Maintenance

As a parent, you will be busy. All. The. Time. The last thing you want is to make something more difficult than it needs to be, like laundry. Choosing a baby towel that can be machine washed and dried will make things easier for you, enabling you to throw that towel in with the others and keep going.


You will be washing your baby’s towel a lot, and with their unpredictability (yes, my daughter has peed and/or pooped in the tub on multiple occasions) you may be in for some messy surprises. You will want a towel that lasts through multiple washes without wearing thin or running ragged.


The quality of the material in your baby’s towel works hand-in-hand with its durability with a few added bonuses. Good quality means that the colorful towel will not bleed in the wash and will retain its size and shape. It will also be best for your baby’s sensitive skin if you choose hypoallergenic and avoid cheap, scratchy material.


Most baby towels are available in one size only, but most of the time this size works great for most ages, from infant right through toddlerhood. I have been using the same towel since my baby was born, and it still fits her at over a year old now. And she just gets a kick out of that hood, smiling whenever it is put over her head.

Recommended Hooded Baby Towels

Best 100% Cotton Towel – Now Born

This is one of the more eye catching designs on the list. The puppy dog hood is adorable and is a sure winner with your little one. The size is great for newborns up to early toddler ages. Enough there to keep them warm and snug.


  • Made of 100% cotton and is soft on your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Super absorbent and warm, ensuring your baby is dry and warm almost immediately after leaving the tub.
  • The cute puppy design is available in 4 colors (brown, pink, blue, and yellow) and is a great choice for both boys and girls.


  • Not one of the biggest towels on the market, measuring about 35” wide and 24” long, which may allow your child to outgrow it over time.
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Best Designed Towel – Carter’s

A trusted brand in baby products, this hooded towel from Carter’s is the one I opted for with my little one (except in a cute mint green owl design). I honestly was not considering any of the important factors mentioned above (something I would do differently the next time around) and was sold on this towel simply because it was cute, on sale, and I had a gift card.

Regardless, this towel has served me well and still works great for my toddler.


  • 3D animal features on the hood are both fun and adorable when they are seen on your little one’s head.
  • The hood is lined with jersey cotton, rather than towel material, making it soft and gentle on your baby’s head.
  • Holds up well after multiple washings and is very absorbent, drying your baby’s body with little to no effort on your part.


  • After the first wash, the 3D features on the hood do not sit quite the same, giving it a wrinkled look.
  • The thick hood takes longer to dry after washing, and the jersey material cannot be used to dry your baby’s head.
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Best Gift Towel – Grayson and Rose

Shopping for baby shower gifts is almost as exciting as shopping for your own baby. I have a hard time restraining myself from buying every cute thing I come across. But expectant mothers tend to receive more clothing items than they can manage and not even practical stuff. Why not be the one that gives her something she needs, like this baby towel from Grayson and Rose.


  • I consider this a “gift” towel since it requires no gift wrapping. Its packaging is styled like a wrapped present, making it the perfect baby shower gift.
  • It comes in three fun animal designs: a purple owl, green frog, and yellow duck.


  • Despite its advertised softness, this towels tends to be a bit rough which can be a bit hard on your baby’s skin.
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Best Extra Large Towel – The Good Baby

There are few things more satisfying than wrapping yourself up in a big comfy towel after a shower or bath. If your baby could talk, I am sure she would say the same thing. This towel by The Good Baby is by far the largest hooded baby towel I have ever come across, and makes me wish I had a similar one for myself.


  • This towel will truly grow with your child, being the largest I have seen at 52” x 29”.
  • Made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton from Turkey, this towel is super soft and great for babies with sensitive skin.


  • Washing this towel requires some special care, as it is recommended to be line dried and washed without bleach or fabric softener.
  • The fancy material makes this towel one of the pricier ones I have come across at nearly $30.
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Best Apron-Style Towel – Ha&Da

Until just now, I did not know that “apron-style” baby towels existed. Basically, it is a normal hooded baby towel with a tie attached that you loop around your own neck to keep both hands from to pick up your baby and to keep you dry. Ha&Da have included these genius feature into their hooded baby towel, incorporating cuteness with practicality.


  • The apron feature is rare, and a great way for you to safely remove your baby from the bath while keeping both the towel and yourself dry.
  • Features an adorable hood shaped like a bear, and the cream/mint color scheme is perfect for both boys and girls.
  • This towel is the perfect size for children ages 0-3, ensuring your little one will not outgrow it for a few years.


  • The material does not hold up well in the wash, as it may fray and begin to thin out after several uses.
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Best Premium Towel – Channing & Yates

How do you define a “premium” towel? I define it as Channing & Yates. High quality material, maximum absorbency, and superior design are what you will find with this towel.


  • With just the right blend of organic bamboo and organic cotton, you have the perfect balance of softness and durability.
  • One of the larger baby towels you will find, at 40” x 28”, and thicker than most.
  • Boasts a cute and simple design, with a bear themed hood available in 2 colors (pink and taupe).


  • The stitching for the gingham border has the tendency to unravel after a few washes.
  • The large size may be a bit cumbersome and too big for small babies.
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Best Bamboo Towel – Land of the Wee

There are many towels, particularly baby towels, that advertise they are made of bamboo material when, in fact, they are actually a blend. This towel by Land of the Wee is made of 100% bamboo fiber, making it extra soft and perfect for babies’ sensitive skin.


  • The bamboo material is organic and hypoallergenic.
  • It comes in two adorable woodland themes: pink deer and blue bear.
  • There is a bonus matching washcloth that is included with your purchase.


  • The bamboo material can be a bit thin and is prone to fraying in some places after use and wash.
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Best Hypoallergenic Towel – Natemia

Babies’ skin is not only prone to easy scrapes but it is also highly sensitive to allergens. Substances that may not harm us adults can cause allergic reactions in babies. They are also more prone to illness from everyday bacteria since their immune systems are still developing. This towel by Natemia boasts great hypoallergenic features, making it the top choice for sensitive babies.


  • 92% bamboo and 8% microfiber makes this towel super soft on your baby’s sensitive skin, and being a bamboo blend it is easy to take care of, capable of being washed like your other household towels.
  • The organic, non-dyed bamboo material also makes this towel hypoallergenic.
  • In addition to being hypoallergenic, this towel is bacteria and odor resistant.


  • Compared to other baby towels, this one is a bit thin, and it may shrink in the initial wash, especially if you machine dry it.
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Best Fleece Towel – Giorgan & Baby

There is no discounting the quality of cotton and bamboo baby towels, but nothing can compare with the warmth of fleece. This ducky towel by Giorgan & Baby is sure to keep your baby warm, even on the coldest winter day, and can even double as a blanket.

Product Features:

  • The fleece material makes this towel the warmest, with the ability to double as a blanket for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Its large 30” x 40” size covers your child up to about 3 years of age.
  • One of the most affordable blankets on the market, at only $15.


  • Fleece is not the most absorbent material, resulting in the towel and your child being somewhat wet after use.
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And the Winner Is…

Our top pick was the puppy dog hooded towel from Now Born when measured against the criteria set at the top of this article. Plus, who doesn’t love a puppy…

It is absorbent and warm, keeping your baby happy and healthy. Made of 100% cotton, this towel is of the highest quality material, making it durable and able to withstand multiple washes. It may not be the largest towel in our list, but with the hood and its width, this towel is great for most babies and toddlers. And, of course, the adorable puppy dog design is an added bonus.

As you can see though, each type of towel has a different purpose and I hope this guide helps you choose based on which strengths will most benefit both you and your baby.