Best Hooded Baby Towels for Adorable Bath Time Fun

Having a baby around means there will be a lot of cuteness in your daily life. One of my favorite times to share with my daughter is bath time. I love to watch her splash and play with her toys. And who cannot resist an adorable little naked baby booty.

Bath time is a fun time to share with your little one, and when it is done, drying them off with an adorable towel can be too. But baby towels are not made simply for looks, with their charming animal-themed hoods.

There are some practical factors that you need to consider when selecting one which we will dive into first. 

Hooded Bath Towel Criteria

None of these points discussed are likely to influence your decision more than whether you just like the design of the towel.

There are so many cute and adorable animal and color variations in this space, and this is so subjective that an article like this couldn’t begin to tell you what to like the most. 

So feel free to scroll ahead and start browsing the pics! But if you care about what goes into your towel, read on!

Fabric Used

A number of the towels that we reviewed are a blend of materials. So we have commented on this for each individual product. 

As a high level overview we have provided this summary for the most common materials used so you can narrow down your search according to four criteria:


While cotton was not outstanding in any of the measures below, it was the most consistent and most balanced material in it’s performance. 

  • Warmth – The warmest material that retains absorbency (as opposed to the fleece) 
  • Absorbency – No problems at all with the absorbency of the cotton towels. 
  • Skin sensitivity – Can be rougher than Bamboo, but 
  • Durability – We found this to be the most durable. With fair performance elsewhere this was the clincher for us to make it our preferred material. 


The highest quality material, but not our preference due to the lack of durability. 

  • Warmth – As good as the cotton.
  • Absorbency – The most absorbent material we used.
  • Skin sensitivity – Wonderfully soft on a baby’s skin also!
  • Durability – More likely to fray over time than other materials. The only real downside to this premium fabric. 


We would only use this for more sensitive babies. It performs ok, but we just didnt like the feel of the material as much. 

  • Warmth – Towels were typically thinner and not as cozy.
  • Absorbency – Dampness was a little persistent with this material.
  • Skin sensitivity – Very light and soft, but feels a little awkward to touch.
  • Durability – Materials appear strong and do not deteriorate noticeably when washed. 


Nothing made the cut for our list of best hooded towels due to the lack of absorbency. It is just not practical. 

  • Warmth – Stand out performer here, but it is more of a blanket material.
  • Absorbency – As above, blankets are not made to absorb. We would avoid! 
  • Skin sensitivity – Very comfortable on dry skin, not so much wet skin. 
  • Durability – NA, we just didn’t use it enough. 


This one is obviously very baby specific and you will only learn of any allergies your baby has through trial and error. 

It is a consideration, but as long as you stick to the common materials used then it would be rare for any kind of skin reaction to set in. 

Size of Towel

Bigger is not always better. You will get more growing room sure, but too much excess towel can get in the way. 

Matching the size of the towel to your baby will make your life a bit easier. Our top pick is one of the smallest, and I still use it with my three year old. 


The quality of material is the primary measure of quality, but we have already covered this in some detail. The secondary consideration is the quality of the stitching. 

We found that no matter how reputable the manufacturer and brand was, the bamboo towels suffered from more wear and tear than the others. So if you prefer this material you may want to stick to the gentle wash cycle. 

Location of Hood

An interesting variable we found in the towels we looked at was the location of the hood. You wouldn’t think it would make much of a difference, but when wrapping the towel around your baby you will get a different shape of coverage.

Our preference was the central location, but you can tell that this is not the optimal placement for the strength of the stitching. So it could also wear out faster. 

The corner location looked like a stronger placement, but we found the diamond shape that is draped over the baby to be unusual compared to how I would usually use a non-hooded towel. 

Best Hooded Baby Towels


Now Born Puppy Dog Hooded Towel

Puppy Dog Hooded Towel

This is one of the more eye catching designs on the list. The puppy dog hood is adorable and is a sure winner with your little one. 

With the hood sewn into the middle of the towel I initially thought this would put the stitching under additional strain, but so far the stitching has held up fine. 

Most other hooded towels have the hood located in the corner. The central location on this puppy dog design allows you to wrap the towel around your baby like you would with a regular towel. 

The size is great for newborns up to early toddler ages. Enough there to keep them warm and snug.

If you are a baby photo kind of person you will have a great time with this towel, and have no shortage of instagrammable snaps. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • Super absorbent and warm
  • Adorable design


  • Towel area is smaller than alternatives


Grayson and Rose Hooded Towel

Grayson and Rose Hooded Towel

If you are looking for a hassle free baby shower gift, the Grayson and Rose comes in a nice box that presents as a ready made gift. 

A great shortcut if you are on the hunt for a practical gift…. that isnt more clothes! 

The towel itself has 500GSM cotton material and is nice and soft out of the box. 

With a range of animal designs you can find something that would get your baby excited about bath time.


  • Packaged as a gift, no wrapping!  
  • Fun animal designs


  • Material not as absorbent


Channing & Yates Premium

Yates & Channing Bath Set

With the Channing & Yates you get a full set of bathroom towels and wash cloths. 

The material is thick, absorbent and bacteria resistant. With a larger towel area than most alternatives measuring 40″ across. 

While the design is less flashy, the simplicity and neutral colors makes it a unisex option – and a safe purchase if the sex of the baby is not yet known! 


  • Large 40″ x 28″ towel area
  • Includes wash cloths
  • Simple, but cute


  • Too big to be practical for smaller babies


Ha & Da Apron Style Towel

Ha and Da apron towel

The clever apron design allows you to go hands free with your towel, and concentrate all your attention on holding your baby safely. 

You then transfer the towel seamlessly to the baby by releasing the neck tie, while you stay dry the whole time. 

Simple, but effective! 

The bamboo material blended with cotton feels nice enough, but it wasn’t for me. We have included it on the list mostly due to the unique functionality of the towel. 


  • Apron design
  • Cream & mint colors
  • Simple, but cute


  • Material is a bit thin


Land of the Wee Bamboo Towel

Land of the Wee Bamboo towel

Many baby towels advertise that they are made of bamboo material. But when you look at the fine print they are actually a blend.

This towel by Land of the Wee is made of 100% bamboo fiber, making it extra soft, absorbent, and perfect for babies’ sensitive skin.

You also get a matching 10″ x 10″ wash cloth. A nice extra, if you will use it. The pattern is also a cool woodland pattern. Which could be a perfect match for your nursery theme!


  • Organic and hypoallergenic material
  • Woodland themes
  • Matching wash cloth included


  • Bamboo material can fray easily as it is used


Natemia Organic Hooded Towel

Natemia Hooded Bath Towel

Some babies’ skin can be highly sensitive to allergens. Substances that may not harm us adults can cause allergic reactions in babies.

This towel by Natemia boasts great hypoallergenic features, making it an excellent choice for sensitive babies.

The blend of material is 92% bamboo, and 8% microfibre and entirely organic. This gives it a very unique feel that is light on the skin. 


  • Unique blended material
  • Organic and hypoallergenic material
  • Bacteria and Odor resistant


  • Material is quite thin

Final Word

Our top pick was the puppy dog hooded towel from Now Born when measured against the criteria set at the top of this article.

The puppy dog design was what won us over the most. Who doesn’t love a puppy?

It is absorbent and warm, keeping your baby happy and healthy. Made of 100% cotton, this towel is of the highest quality material, making it durable and able to withstand multiple washes.

It may not be the largest towel in our list, but with the hood and its width, this towel is great for most babies and toddlers. And, of course, the adorable puppy dog design is an added bonus.

As you can see though, each type of towel has a different purpose and I hope this guide helps you choose based on which strengths will most benefit both you and your baby.

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