Boba Baby Carrier 3G Review

This item is no longer available on Amazon, see our review of the new Boba Baby Carrier 4G model here

The Boba Baby Carrier 3G is as versatile as they come. This award- winning soft- structured carrier has been designed to adapt to the baby and to the wearer. This makes it possible for the both of you to enjoy the adventure that comes with parenthood.

From infancy to toddlerhood, you can be sure that this carrier will move with your baby and you. It is packed with a number of thoughtful features, including multiple adjustments that you can use to achieve the perfect fit. It also has back and front carry options, convenient storage pockets, infant conversion with head support and removable foot straps and a sleeping hood. Wherever you go, the Boba will grow with your baby.

Key Features

With the all-in-one Boba Baby Carrier 3G, you will get various features such as:

  • An integrated baby insert
  • The sleeping hood and foot straps are removable
  • You also get purse strap holders
  • Multiple adjustment straps (for easy breastfeeding) and pockets
  • Superbly ergonomic support both for you and for the baby
  • It is made of 100 percent cotton, which is soft and machine washable
  • You can use it is as a front carrier when the baby is between 7 to 25 pounds and as a back or front carrier from 25 to 45 pounds
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Baby Safety – 5/5

The Boba Baby Carrier 3G is simply amazing. Even for babies with limited mobility who tire easily and do not last long on their legs, you can depend on this carrier. As your baby grows taller, you can still depend on this carrier to serve you. It is perfectly safe, the materials will not irritate your baby’s tender skin and the design makes it possible for the baby to remain securely in place.

Baby Comfort – 4.5/5

The Boba Baby 3G carrier is also comfortable for babies. Your child will fit snugly. In fact, you will notice that some babies will prefer sleeping on this carrier than in their cots. In case the foot straps prove uncomfortable, you can easily remove them and allow your baby’s feet to hang down.

Parent’s Comfort – 4.5/5

Most parents prefer the Boba Baby Carrier 3G to other carriers in the market. This is because it is among the few brands that you can wear, especially if you are petite. The support will not jab at you. Additionally, this carrier is the perfect size- it is neither too long nor too short.

Ease of Use 4.5/5

This particular Boba baby carrier washes pretty well. However, you probably want to clean it on the spot. It comes with foot straps that will prevent the feeling of pins and needles in your baby’s legs. You will also love how the Boba will wrap up around the waist. After a day or two of carrying your baby, you should get used to this carrier.

Overall Rating & Verdict – 4.6/5

The Boba Baby Carrier 3G is comfortable both for the baby and for the wearer. It fits snugly on the back or the front, depending on what you prefer. This makes it perfect for places where it is too crowded to bring a stroller (such as aquariums). Although it is pricier than other brands in the market, you get value for your money. The ergonomic design, soft fabric and comfort- consciousness will actually encourage you to always take the baby with you wherever you go.

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