Bumbleride Indie 4 All-Terrain Stroller Review

The Bumbleride Indie 4 is built for those who want a single stroller that will cope with both the urban lifestyle, and the full demands of an off road adventure. Whether that be a casual trip to the mall, a stroll in the park or to such extremes as a camping trip or light hike. You get the best of both worlds with the Bumbleride.

This stroller can handle rough and rocky surfaces with ease. The four air-filled tires with suspension ensure a comfortable ride for the occupant even when things get bumpy.

It is not recommended for jogging though. The four wheel setup with not cope as well with the higher pace when compared to a specialty jogger stroller with a swivel wheel on the front. So you will need to choose based on what kind of outdoor activities you will be up for.

The Bumbleride Indie 4 also comes with a removable bassinet. This allows for use with a newborn, and the carriage will handle your baby right up until they get to 3-4 years of age. So while this is at a higher price point the quality will set you up for many years to come. 

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Price and Main Feature list

The Bumbleride Indie 4 has the following features:

Comfortable Seats

It has a seat that measures 12 inches wide and 19 inches tall. If you are going to measure the bottom of the seat up to the tallest portion of the canopy, it is going to be around 24 inches.

The seats are deep enough to accommodate newborn even without the bassinet. Reclining the seats are easy enough to do with one hand but you need to use both hands to return it to its upright position.

The fabric of the seat is made from eco-friendly fabric – a combination of 50% recycled PET and 50% bamboo charcoal fiber.

Storage System

There’s a small pocket with zipper at the back of the canopy. You can put small items such as keys, sunglasses and your small wallet. It’s secure and easy to access.

For large items, there’s a storage basket under the seat that’s deep and large. It can fit a diaper bag and some other stuffs that you carry while running errands. It is accessible from the back.


The two front tires measures around 8.5 inches while the two back tires is around 12 inches. It is air-filled and can really take you anywhere – snow, grassy patches, gravel and sand, and even rough pavements.

The front wheels do swivels making it easy to manoeuvre. If you need more stability, you just need to lock the front wheels.

Aside from an air-filled tiles, it also has an all-wheel suspension system and the combination of the two can provide comfortable and smooth rides.

Bumper Bar

This can help secure your child while inside the stroller. The unique feature of this bumper bar is that it can go up and down. It can also be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The covering of the bumper is made from the same fabric as the seat. Just unzip it and toss it in the washing machine to clean it. This is an important feature as babies and toddlers have the tendency to bite into things.

Five-point Harness

The harnesses are padded and adjustable. It has secure buckles to keep your babies secure especially when you’re navigating rough terrains or when your toddler is having tantrums.

>> Check out the Bumbleride Indie 4 All Terrain Stroller – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

The Bumbleride is perfect for the family that split their time between the city and rural life. You wouldn’t buy this if you were just a city dweller – unless you just wanted to show off – it is would be unnecessary. Although if you spend a lot of time chasing kids around at the park this this will at least allow you to head off the footpath without a second thought.

Away from the city and off road is where you will see what this stroller can do.


  • It has a run-away strap which can come in handy when you’re using the stroller in an uneven pavements or if you’re walking on a steep hill. This extra safety feature will put your mind at ease when out and about.
  • It is easy to fold and locks automatically on both sides.
  • It includes a universal car seat adapter and a bassinet. Great for that urban lifestyle and a feature that gives that bridges that gap between your standard all terrain stroller and a Umbrella or Sit and Stand that the busy city mom would typically prefer. 
  • Convenient foot activated parking system.


  • Even at the higher price point you may need to reach into your pocket for extras like rain covers and the parenting pack to get the best out of your stroller. 
  • The parent cup holder moves and doesn’t stay in place, but this is removable. A slight inconvenience though. 

Why you should buy it?

Even if your lifestyle is diverse it is likely that the Bumbleride will handle all situations, and will stand the test of time. So it would be a one time investment and you will get years of use.

The bassinet means that you can use it from day one of your little one’s life and you can interchange to the seat when they are ready and strong enough to sit upright.


You will definitely feel this one in the hip pocket, but you cannot argue with the quality of the product. The design of the stroller is really well-thought and it is evident from the fabric, the frame, down to the tiniest detail of the stroller.

Your child is going to be secure and comfortable and so are you. It is easy to manoeuvre and easy to maintain, and you can take it places that most strollers just wont stand up to. 

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