Child Proofing Your Windows – Pull Curtains on this Hidden Danger

child proof your windows

Nothing breaks a parent’s heart like seeing their child get hurt. Every child will fall, a lot, and every child will scrape her knee at some point. These things are inevitable and often cannot be prevented. But there are the occasional accidents that are avoidable which can be the most heartbreaking. More children fall out of windows than you may […]

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Child Proofing Your Medicine Box – Lock Down your Potential Poison

baby proof medicine box

You are likely fully aware that mixing children and medications should be handled with care. With most children putting everything they find in their mouth we have a responsibility to ensure that nothing that can do harm is available for the taste test. There are more cases of accidental poisonings than you may realize. On average, there are about 800,000 […]

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Child Proofing Your Drawers – Avoid Injury and Frustration

baby proof draw

Drawers that are within reach of your child are guaranteed to be opened every chance she gets. You will feel like ripping out your hair after the fifth time you have picked up those socks within the hour. Laundry will be even more of a dreaded chore when you have little hands undoing all of your hard work. And you […]

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Child Proofing Your Fireplace – Avoid the Burn

babyproof fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace then you have no doubt considered the hazard this can present to your home if it is not a space that is respected. Unfortunately, a baby doesn’t know the meaning of respect, or danger yet. The fireplace presents a critical piece of your baby proofing puzzle. There are more hazards than […]

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Child Proofing Your Kitchen Cabinets

child proof cabinets

There are many dangers lurking in the shadows of your home. While you may not notice them (or see them as dangers to yourself), chances are they will be like magnets for your child, drawing them near. With their eyes always watching you, they will quickly learn that electrical cords unplug from the wall, books have pages to flip (and […]

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Child Proofing Electrical Cords; Hide it; Tie it; Wrap it

baby proofing electricle cords

Babies and young children seem drawn to electrical outlets. Perhaps the holes just seem to be waiting for a finger to be inserted. It is a no-brainer that humans and electricity do not mix well, especially baby humans. The shock produced by the electrical outlets in your home is enough to severely burn, even potentially kill, a young child. The […]

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Tips for Child Proofing Your TV

babyproof tv

When it comes to your children, there are many dangers hiding in your home. Up until now, you probably never even noticed many of them – using them every day without any concern. One of these obvious, but previously unnoticed dangers is your television. All of a sudden that expensive piece of slick flat screen technology looks awfully shaky and […]

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The Best Baby Gates for Every Purpose and Style

best baby gates

Baby gates are indispensable when it comes to child-proofing your home. They can prevent many injuries, like burns from fireplaces or falls down the stairs. Plus you may never have to worry about your little playing with the toilet seat, or sticking their hands in the bowl the moment your back is turned… I don’t know which one is worse. […]

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Baby Proof Stairs – Baby Gates and Bannister Shields

baby proof stairs

The moment your little one transitions from baby to toddler, you will begin to find yourself on high alert all hours of the day. Everything will become a hazard in your eyes and you will start to frantically chase your child around the house while trying to baby proof everything. One of the biggest areas of concern in your house […]

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