ERGObaby Performance Collection Baby Carrier Review

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”350″ identifier=”B017L1S656″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”katherinerosmannew-20″ width=”244″]This comes as an interesting selection for any parent in search of the best baby carrier. It is one of the modern brands and one that attract the attention of a great number of people. For the time that the carrier has been in existence, it has been tried and confirmed to bear some of the most outstanding features not to be found in other carriers.

One good thing about this carrier is that it is available in the market. This is because the brand has already gone viral due to its great features. You will also like the fact that you can select different colors of the carrier based on your preference and taste. Grey, red, blue and charcoal black are among the colors you can opt for. This makes it the ideal selection for parents who are usually design and fashion conscious. Here are more things you should know about this baby carrier:

Key Features

Aside from color selection, there are a couple of other features you will definitely like about this baby carrier. Just like in any other ERGObaby product, this is no exceptional since it carries some of the best features. They include:

  • 100% polyester made body shell for best quality.
  • 100% polyester made Mesh to further enhance the quality and comfort of the carrier.
  • Light but with the capacity to carry a heavy baby. The feature is of utmost convenience for the parent.
  • Evenly distributed weight on the shoulders and waist of the parent.
  • A natural sitting position to reduce ergonomic injuries for the baby.
  • 100% cotton made lining for durability and comfort.
  • Exterior pocket for baby’s personal effects.

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Baby Safety – 4.8/5

Needless to say, baby’s safety must never be a point of compromise. This is however not a worry with this baby carrier. It is made in a manner that your baby remains safe in all aspects. To begin with, the straps that this carrier features are completely strong to ensure that your baby is firmly held on the carrier. In addition, the carrier offers a sitting position that cannot trigger ergonomic injuries on your baby. 4.8 stars for these features is a justified rating.

Baby’s Comfort – 4.8/5

Bearing in mind that a baby carrier is meant for parents who like moving around with their toddlers, comfort must be your primary consideration. ERGO Performance Collection Baby Carrier is properly padded to ensure that your baby remains comfortable even after a long time in it. The carrier also offers best and comfortable sitting position for your child. A perfect rating in this regard should be 4.8 stars.

Parent’s Comfort – 5/5

One thing that attracts parents to this baby carrier is that it provides evenly distributed weight. This means that the weight of your baby will be perfectly shared between your shoulders and the waist. In addition the straps are completely comfortable on the parent since they are padded and wide. It is fair to rate these features with 5 stars.

Ease To Use – 4.9/5

Using a baby carrier has never been easy as it is with ERGObaby Performance Collection Baby Carrier. It provides the ease to position your baby. You can also put it on and off easily. This means that you can move around with the carrier without experiencing any form of difficulties. A perfect rating for this feature stands at 4.9 stars.

Overall Verdict – 4.9/5

It is indisputable that this is a one of a kind carrier that parents should opt for. All the features that this carrier has justify all the allegations. It is ideal for any parent with a young toddler and a growing child. A justified overall rating for this carrier stands at 4.9 stars since it does not carry a lot of negatives.

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