Healthcom Postpartum Recovery Girdle Review

The Healthcom Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle Belt is a versatile wrap that you can use to help your body heal after giving birth. It has three separate components which you can use in different ways, depending on what your body needs.

It comes in different sizes – Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge. Just remember to base the size that you’re getting on your current size and not your size before you got pregnant and it will fit you perfectly.

It is comfortable to wear and properly designed to support different areas in the body. Using Healthcom Postpartum Girdle Belt is the first step to take to help your body recover faster.

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Price and Main Feature list

The Healthcom Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle has the following features:

Excellent Fabric

The wrap’s fabric is made from 80% and 20% spandex. The combination provides comfort and support to your healing body. The mesh-like design of the fabric makes it cool and breathable. It is elastic and will fit you snugly.

Comfortable Design

This a lightweight abdominal wrap. Each component is design to achieve the maximum support that you need in each area of the body.

The three separate wraps are used in stages. The first stage is usually around three days after giving birth and you will need to use binder for the upper torso. This will aid in helping our internal organs return to its original position. It can also help promote uterine contractions helping the uterus bounce back to its original size and shape,

The second stage, typically occurring at least a week after giving birth, is the right time to use the abdominal belt. Using this can help support the waist and the low back area.

The third stage is at least six weeks after giving birth and it is now time to use the pelvis belt. This can enhance the healing of the pelvic region and prevent wounds from tearing up.

The fourth stage is when you use all the three components all at once. This can help in the total recovery of the body. It can also help in restoring the natural curves of your body.


>> Check out the Healthcom Postpartum Recovery Girdle  – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

This is perfect for those who are looking for a postpartum abdominal wrap that can serve multiple purposes.


  • It can help achieve balance by ensuring proper spine alignment.
  • Helps in proper weight distribution by gently reminding our muscles of their function.
  • Offers great compression on areas where it is needed the most.
  • Can also be used for people recovering from abdominal surgery.


  • Putting it on can be time consuming.
  • The pelvic belt has the tendency to shift or ride.

Why you should buy it?

This postpartum provides the necessary support in all areas of the body. It gives support on the abdominal region, back area and the pelvic area as well. Anything that can aid in your recovery can really improve your levels of comfort and quality of life through a challenging time.


Any investment in your well being is a worthwhile one. For a modest outlay you can gain tremendous benefits.

The suggested use through stages of postpartum recovery is very useful and it corresponds to the healing process a woman’s body undergoes after giving birth.

Combined with proper diet and exercise, your body is going to heal in no time and you, of course, can have those curves back again.

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