Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Review

The Mamaway Baby Ring Sling comes in a range of vibrant colors and different designs. The fabric is made from cotton fibers that is easy to clean, no matter what mess is thrown at it… and there will be many!

It is soft, but not easy to break when under the stress of carrying your baby. It is adjustable and can fit adults of different body sizes with ease. You can also change the position quickly because it is easy to set up.

The extra durable nylon rings gives you that extra bit of safety rating in the carrier also.

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Price and Main Feature list

The Mamaway Baby Ring Sling includes the following features.

  • Stylish and Secure. This ring sling comes in many colors and designs that fits your taste and lifestyle. It features a nylon ring that’s secure and has been tested to carry loads of more than 100 pounds.
  • Ergonomically Designed. It is comfortable for both you and your baby. You can put your newborn in a comfortable cradle position and use it to hip carry your toddler.
  • Great for Breastfeeding. With a bit of support from you, you can use this ring sling to nurse you baby anytime and anywhere. The tail of the ring sling can be used as a great coverage while nursing.
  • The fabric of this ring sling is made from 100% pure combed cotton which makes it cool and breathable.
>> Check out the Mamaway Baby Ring Sling – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon


Who is it for?

This ring sling is great for moms who want a versatile carrier that is quick and easy to use with a smaller baby.

Works well for plus-sized adult wearer as you can prop up your baby wherever is most comfortable.


  • It comes with a pouch that’s sewn on the fabric where you can store the ring sling when not in use. This allows it to be neatly tucked away in a handbag.
  • The nylon rings are durable and is easy to use. It is less complicated when compared to buckled carriers. It is smooth and it makes threading of the fabric easier.
  • Because of the nylon rings, moms can adjust and readjust the fabric in stealth mode and not disturb the sleeping baby.
  • It is machine washable making it easier to maintain.
  • Mothers can properly position their children inside the pouch of the ring sling.


  • It can be tough on your shoulders if the fabric is not properly placed an adjusted. So take the time to get this right when putting on the sling.
  • It can get uncomfortable after carrying your baby for hours at a time. You may be better off getting a structured carrier if you plan longer use, or if your baby is a bit larger. 

Why you should buy it?

The Mamaway Baby Ring Sling gives ergonomic support for mothers and the baby as well. The vibrant colors and different design is a plus for moms who want something fun to use for babywearing.

This ring sling is easy to adjust and quite simple to set up. The nylon ring is a refreshing alternative to the usual aluminum rings commonly found in other ring slings. It is smoother and the fabric just glides every time you thread it.

This ring sling is also great if you are frequently travelling because it is handy and can be stored easily.


This ring sling puts durability first. The nylon rings are even heat resistant and the fabric is thick and sturdy. It can be hard to break but in the long run, your child can benefit from the support that it is giving.

Just like other ring slings, carrying your baby for longer than five hours can be painful. It is best if you will use this ring sling alternately on each shoulder and maybe change the position of your child as well from time to time.

All in all, this is a great ring sling to have in your diaper bag. It might take some practice but once you get the instructions on how to use it, you’re all set.


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