Now Born Baby Wrap Review

The Now Born Wrap is one of the best value wraps on the market today. Now Born are a fairly new brand and are currently priced to reflect this. Their wrap looks every bit as good as the major brands like Boba and Moby, but is at a much lower price. The trade off is that you have to like black as this is the only color it is available in.

This wrap comes as one long piece of fabric, which is about 5 meters long. So you have as much freedom as you need and tie it to suit both the mother’s and baby’s size. This is an advantage when compared to a Ready to Wear option like K’tan.

There are five recommended positions for the wrap that can be used depending on the age and size of your baby.

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Price and Main Feature list

Some of the unique features for this baby wrap include:

  • The cotton and spandex blend material gives just the right amount of support without the rigidness that the 100% cotton material wraps can have. This can be great for newborns and smaller babies.
  • You get 5 meters of cloth, so you will never be stretching or tightening the material to reach your preferred tying position.
  • The anti-rash and breathable material will be comfortable on your babies skin in all weather types.
  • The pouch is also pretty awesome and makes storage nice and easy.
>> Check out Now Born Baby Wrap – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

This wrap is great for newborns as you can keep them close up to your chest so they can feel your heartbeat. This is such an important part of your baby’s development in those first few months. As they grow older, and their neck strengthens, you can change to some of the positions that will give them a better look at their surroundings.

Smaller babies would also enjoy this wrap, and you can be confident that they are always well supported. You can customize the fit a lot more than what you can with a carrier.


This wrap is priced at the lower end of the market and from what we can tell is of comparable quality to some of the high end wraps on the market. It just doesn’t have the known brand name. A great value alternative to the Boba and the Moby wrap if you are looking for a lower price point.

There are included instructions on how to tie the wrap in five different positions. This includes pictures and written instructions that are fairly easy to follow.

The material is nice and soft and is super comfortable. It is also stretchy and great for younger babies as you can keep them snuggled in nice and tight. You have the flexibility in the material to loosen it up a bit though without losing too much support.

Lastly, I love the cute pouch that comes with the wrap. It rolls up easily to fit inside and can be stored away. It is a bit heavy to put in my handbag, but I can throw it in the car or in a cupboard easily enough.


Unfortunately the wrap is only available in black, so if you are looking for some brighter colors you wont find that here. At least black matches well with everything.

As with any wrap it takes a few practice goes to get the hang of how to tie it. It will become second nature quickly though if you are new to wrapping, and there are plenty of Youtube videos to guide you if the written instructions don’t do it for you.

Why you should buy it?

We like this wrap mostly for the value it provides. You can get one of these for almost half the price of the brand names and you will not be disappointed with the quality. The carry bag is also adorable and user friendly so you can take it with you anywhere.


I hope that Now Born do expand their range to offer some alternative colors, but black is always a safe bet and suitable for most occasions.

Overall this is a great wrap and will do the job nicely if you have a newborn or smaller sized baby. An affordable price point too.

If your baby is already a toddler then you may be better off with a carrier as it will handle the weight better. For under 36 lbs you will do well with this wrap.

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