Postpartum Back Pain: Soothe and Recover

postpartum back pain

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, is suffering from lower back pain. Most of the time women suffer silently. They attribute this pain to their expanding hips, weight gain, and weakening abdominal muscles. This makes it harder to carry the extra weight that puts a strain on our backs and joints. Hormonal changes […]

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Postpartum Girdle by Wink Review

postpartum girdle by wink

The Postpartum Girdle by Wink is quite popular among mothers who just had a C-section delivery. It is supportive and it provides enough compression in the abdominal area without exacerbating the pain. It will not help you lose weight but it can certainly help you recover much faster and help guide your organs back to their original position before pregnancy. […]

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EUBUY Abdominal Binder Review

eubuy postpartum binder

The EUBUY Abdominal Binder can provide you that extra push that your body needs to bounce back after giving birth. This wrap adapts to your body as you enter the postpartum stage. This fits seamlessly to your body and putting it on is quite simple. You just need to fasten the Velcro strap and you are good to go. This […]

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Postpartum Rash: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

postpartum rash prevention vegetables

Having itchy skin and a rash that appears as small bumps during and after pregnancy is a common complaint in women. This is usually referred to as PUPPS rash and is scientifically called Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. Sounds pretty hideous huh?This pre and postpartum rash occurs in 1% of pregnancies and doesn’t do any harm to the […]

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Don’t Worry, it Really is Just Postpartum Hormones

postpartum hormones

Many women expect childbirth to be one of the happiest and most magical times of their lives, and it usually is for the first few days.  But as you settle in you may start to feel down, irritable and most certainly tired… Which can also lead to guilt.  This is not uncommon and you are not alone if you are feeling […]

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