Postpartum Girdle by Wink Review

The Postpartum Girdle by Wink is quite popular among mothers who just had a C-section delivery. It is supportive and it provides enough compression in the abdominal area without exacerbating the pain.

It will not help you lose weight but it can certainly help you recover much faster and help guide your organs back to their original position before pregnancy.

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Price and Main Feature list

This Postpartum Girdle Abdominal Binder By Wink has the following features:

Full Abdominal Support

This abdominal binder can give you full support in all areas of the abdomen – upper, middle, and lower. This is a great feature especially for moms with diastasis recti.

For moms who just underwent a C-section delivery, it can prevent sutures from opening up. It also prevents from regular clothes from irritating your wound/suture.

Adjustable Closures

It has three layers of hook and eye closures. You can easily adjust it down a size or two if needed.

Adjustable Crotch Opening

There’s no need to remove the whole thing if you need to go to the bathroom. The opening in the crotch area also has three layers of hook and eye closures so you can choose how it will fit you comfortably.

High-Quality Material

The fabric is soft. It almost has a silky texture to it. It has two layers of medical grade compression garment which makes it quite supportive. The fabric is made from Lycra and spandex.

>> Check out the Postpartum Girdle by Wink Here – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

This is best suited for mothers who just underwent a C-section delivery.

This is also great for mothers who are looking for a full support postpartum abdominal binder.


  • It is easy to spot clean.
  • High level compression.
  • It can help smoothen out your stomach – no more jiggly tummy.
  • It has an abdominal band that can help prevent the fabric from rolling down. What you’ll get is a seamless fitting making it almost invisible under your clothes.


  • The sizing can be tricky. It is usually two sizes smaller than other brands. If you order the wrong size it can be really uncomfortable because it will not fit you seamlessly.

Why you should buy it?

The C-Section Recovery Postpartum Girdle can offer all the support that you need while recovering. It has full abdominal and back support. It can gently remind your body and your muscles to contract and put your body in a normal posture.

This product is also helpful for mothers who are suffering from diastasis recti. It offers great compression and can really help you recover much faster after a C-section delivery.


As long as you get the sizing right on this product, it is golden. It has seamless fitting, comfortable and has good compression. More importantly, there are results. There are some who swears that this abdominal binder helps them go down two sizes.

You just really need to study the sizing chart because it is impossible to get this thing on if you will order the wrong size.

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