All through pregnancy, and following the birth of your child you are going to go through a number of physical and mental struggles. The signs and symptoms can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, and some things will just never be the same again.

This can be a scary period where you may feel very alone.

Who can really understand what you are going through?

We hope that the information below will help prepare you for what is ahead, and give you some comfort that most of what you are experiencing is not forever and that there is a lot of joy ahead of you.

Pregnancy Resource Index

First Trimester of your Pregnancy

Your body starts acting weird… Feeling different… Am I pregnant? Could I be carrying twins?

The first trimester is full of surprises and is really just a taste of what I to come. 

Check out the posts below to help you prepare for the road ahead. 

Third Trimester of your Pregnancy

Now you are in the home stretch and are preparing for the big arrival. 

This is the most physically challenging period, but is also one of huge excitement. Plus there is of course the baby shower to think about, and the new Dad’s version of the beer & diaper party. 

All while being on standby to drop everything and go to the hospital.

More Support for New Moms

Once you have navigated your pregnancy you start a new journey as a parent. This is where the fun starts, but also all new challenges that will test you out. 

Check out the categories below for more information on how to navigate these first few months of parenthood. Be sure to bookmark our postpartum info hub so we can hold your hand through your recovery also. 

If you have a question that we have not answered above then please email and we will see if we can add to the resources above to help you out.