How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last?

how long does implantation bleeding last

Light bleeding or spotting is quite common in early pregnancy. In fact, bleeding in the first trimester occurs in 15-25% of pregnancies.The presence of blood in early pregnancy doesn’t automatically signal an issue; it may just be something minor like implantation bleeding.In this article we will look at the symptoms of implantation bleeding, and how long you could expect it […]

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Does Spotting Before Your Period Mean You Are Pregnant?

We women hate our periods. As that time gets closer each month, most of us begin to experience the symptoms – cramping, hormone swings, etc. – and begin to wish for it to just be over soon. Some women will experience spotting, and light bleeding before their period hits. But what if you experienced all the initial symptoms, and then […]

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Demystifying Diaper Parties for Dads

diaper party for dads

For the longest time, baby showers have been thrown to celebrate a mother-to-be and her new little baby, but dad has been left out, feeling alienated from the celebration.Over the years, fathers have become more involved with their children, and they want to celebrate the arrival of their babies just like the women do. After all, the baby is still […]

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How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

avoid stretch marks

The risk of stretch marks is a source of self-consciousness for most women. While it is not the most pressing issue while pregnant, it does linger at the back of your mind. No one wants a striped, post-natal belly. We are willing to try anything to keep them from appearing. But is there anything we can do to guarantee they […]

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