Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party

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Birthday parties are a blast for everyone involved, kids and parents alike. Nothing compares to seeing the joy on your child’s face as they are surrounded by friends and decorations, and enjoy playing games and eating birthday cake.

Planning a birthday party can be a bit stressful, though. You want the day to be perfect, but there are so many pieces to put together.

We want to take the stress out of party planning and give you a guide to planning the best birthday party for your little one, including product links to help you find exactly what you need to pull it all together.

Every kid’s party needs a theme, and one of the most popular themes for toddlers is Sesame Street. Bring together all of your child’s favorite characters with these great party decorations, games, and favors.


The first step of planning a party is deciding on invitations. After all, how would the guests have all the information they need in order to attend?

Here are a few ideas for Sesame Street themed invitations:


The birthday cake is where you can really show off your creativity.

A store bought cake is always an option. It is pretty easy to find a Sesame Street themed cake in most supermarkets. However, if you want to make something yourself, there are a couple of fairly simple options you can try.

Cupcakes are always easy. They may be a little time consuming to make, but everyone will get the same amount of cake, and you can really dress them up with the Sesame Street theme.

Here are some things you can get to decorate your cupcakes:

A full size cake is always an option as well. Most of the Sesame Street characters have a relatively round head, so with a bit of colored icing and the right piping tip, you can easily make your child’s favorite character.

If that seems too complicated, you can keep it simple with one of these cake toppers:


No birthday party theme is complete without the right decorations. And there is no shortage of Sesame Street themed decorations to choose from, both for the inside and outside of your home.

Let’s start with hanging decorations. We’ve got some great banners, balloons, pom poms, and swirly streamer danglers on our list.

Next, let’s take a look at table décor. We’ve got tablecloths, centerpieces, plates and cups, and even confetti to make the table extra sparkly.

Finally, if you would rather buy things in a bundle pack to make it easier, here are a few that we recommend.

Photo backdrop

Capture your child’s memorable day with a designated photo booth spot. Set the backdrop and have props ready for the kids to just have fun making memories.

Party favors

Kids love party favors. What’s better than bringing a gift for a friend and leaving with a gift for yourself too? Pack up one of these Sesame Street gift bags with a collection of fun themed gifts and activities.

And even though you may not technically consider them party favors, every kid needs their own party hat as well.

Sesame Street Game Ideas

You will need a way to entertain the kids between cake and gift time. This is where party games come in handy.

There are a few Sesame Street party games you can purchase, like these:

If you want to get a little more creative, you can also make your own Sesame Street themed party games.

Oscar’s Garbage Can Knockdown

For this game, you will just need some empty soup cans (without the labels) and a couple of green bean bags. You can also cut out a few Oscar decals and tape them onto the cans.

Stack the cans into a pyramid and see how many your child can knock over as they throw their bean bag.

Elmo & Dorothy’s Fishbowl Challenge

You don’t need full sized fishbowls for this game. You just need something that looks enough like a fishbowl that is big enough for a ping pong ball to fit inside.

There are two options for filling the fishbowls. You can keep it simple with water and plastic fish, or you can use resin with decals or plastic fish. Then, line them up in a grid-type fashion on a table.

Similar to a ring toss game, your child will simply try to throw the ping pong ball into one of the fish bowls.

Character Ring Toss

Speaking of ring toss, this is a very easy game to set up for your child’s party. You will need some empty plastic bottles, colored confetti or shredded paper (like the type used in Easter baskets), construction paper, and rings that will fit over the bottle necks.

Decide on the characters you want to use in your game, and fill each bottle with colored paper that coordinates with each character.

For example, you will want a pink bottle for Abby, red for Elmo, orange for Ernie, and so on.

Once the bottles are filled, you can create faces for the bottles with the construction paper. Cut out eyes, noses, and mouths for each of them.

And that’s it. Just set them up in a tray and toss away.

Themed Shirts

Top off the whole party with fun themed shirts for the kids. Here are a few different styles to choose from, including a special personalized shirt for the birthday kid themselves.


If you want to step up your dress up game a bit, why not opt for full costumes instead of just themed shirts?

We’ve got some great options for both adults and kids alike.

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