Trapped in Spanx!! One Mother’s Gut-busting Struggle

"Oh my Jesus, why would I do this?!"

Was there ever a line that sums up a woman's love/hate relationship with shape wear so well? 

To keep that post pregnancy stretched and excess skin where we want it, shapewear is a must!

But it's no picnic.

Laura, from Knee Deep in Life, has elegantly demonstrated for us that the struggle is real....

What starts off as a well intentioned experiment to hide her love of the buffet, and to fight off any father Christmas comparisons quickly descends to disaster in four steps.



Who doesn't like to eat? Well Laura does, and she is not ashamed to admit it.

A few pumps of the stomach showing off her shape and she quickly recoils into acceptance that she wants some additional.... management. 


Ambitious Goals

"I am pretty sure i am going to have the stomach of Jennifer Lopez. I have been told the smaller the better."

I am sure we can all agree that smaller the better can be dangerous advice!


Clues to the Impending Doom

The attempted fitting looked doomed from the start as the one legged experiment shows an already tight fit.

The two legs + waist attempt seems to be a disaster in waiting. 


It is Going Pear Shaped.... Fast! 

An all too familiar sight. Shuffle and jump! Shuffle and jump!

Swivel.... Bend... Jump again. 

Then things start to go wrong. Leading to some of the best quotes of the year! 

"Kiiiiiiiiiiddddddsssss! Can you come and help Mommy?!"

"Look at my belly button. It's like a small vagina"

"Oh sweet Jesus - this has not gone to plan"

But we did think blaming Ebay was a bit harsh.... Enjoy!

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