Valco Baby Snap Ultra Lightweight Reversible Stroller Review

The Valco Baby Reversible Stroller has a few very unique capabilities. As you can tell by the name it has a reversible seat. This is great for a baby that has to keep mommy in sight at all times. The other is that you can unclip the smaller front wheel, and attach two big all terrain wheels on the front.

The wheels at the the back are already quite large, so you have this very versatile stroller than can suit both extremes of a casual city stroll, or a full off road adventure.

It should be noted that these extra wheels are not included and have to be purchased separately.

At 19 pounds it is also one of the lightest all-terrain strollers out there!

The Valco Reversible Stroller is the stroller that can be with you and your family for a long time. It has many features that you’ll love. It is available in four colors – Black, Denim, Grey and Mulberry. The color of the frame can either be black or grey.

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Price and Main Feature list



The front wheels are around 8 inches and the rear wheels is about 10 inches. The front wheels swivels and can be locked if you are on a tough terrain. The original tires can handle rough terrains such as bumpy pavements or even grass.

It is quick and easy to change the tyres if you go for the All Terrain air tyre upgrades. 

Next time you are going out for trail walking, just change tires and you’re ready to go.

Reversible Seats

It is roomy – around 12.5 inches and 20 inches tall. There’s enough headroom between the canopy and the seat for an older child. The seat are reversible. It can either face you while you are pushing the stroller or your baby can face and explore the world.

The seats are comfortable. You can recline the seats into a comfortable position for your child. It is well-padded

Large Canopy

The sunshade/canopy is really huge. It is enough to protect your child against UV rays or light rain. It is completely adjustable. If you do not need the extra covering, you just zip it neatly and it will stay in place.

>> Check out the Valco Baby Snap Reversible Stroller – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

Great for babies from 6-36 months. The seat could be a bit small to handle a taller toddler and 36 months is about the limit. If your baby loves sleeping in the stroller then this will suit as it is easy to keep the sun off their face with the large canopy.

Having the freedom to take this thing off road will make this great for the family that love heading out of the city, or into national parks. Just strap on the big monster truck tyres and you are away.

If you are a bit taller then you may find that the handle sits a bit too low for you to push with a straight back. This can lead you to maintaining poor posture for a long period of time and is not ideal. You cannot adjust the handle which is a limitation.


  • The extended canopy can swirled you baby from the elements, or block the sun completely when it is nap time. The rain cover is also included.
  • You can flip the seat from front facing to rear facing easily. Very helpful if your baby will not settle when you are out of sight.
  • The storage basket is larger than a standard stroller.
  • Easy to use step on, step off brakes.
  • Lightweight frame.


  • Two step folding system that might take a couple of goes to get used to.
  • No wheel suspension system. In order to keep the stroller lightweight, the maker of this stroller decided to do away with the suspension system.
  • It has no adjustable handle bar.

Why you should buy it?

You should buy the Valco Reversible Stroller only if you do plan to use both the reversible seat feature, and the All Terrain capability. One of the issues with a hybrid type of stroller is that unless you will use all of its capabilities you would be better off buying the stroller that has one specific purpose, but does it very well.

If you need a stroller for daily life, and your outdoor activities then the Valco offers a very affordable and reliable experience.


For me the Valco has some limitations that would turn me off buying it. The comfort when walking is the big one. If i cannot keep a straight back, and swing my legs comfortably without leaving over then i am unlikely to use the stroller long term.

If you are shorter then you may find this very comfortable to use. In that case it is a great buy! The features are exceptional and the versatility is great. It is just a shame that for taller folk it doesn’t have the adaptability.

It is also unusual for an all terrain stroller to not have a suspension system built in. The big tyres would cushion this somewhat, but could still be a rocky ride.

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