ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller Review

The ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller is sturdy and light at the same time. The total weight of the stroller is only 10 pounds.

This is a top quality higher end umbrella stroller that has many unique features. It is quick to fold and unfold. This is the ideal stroller for going to church, doctor’s appointment, and even travelling.

Vacation time with your little one is going to be easy if you are using this stroller. It is convenient to use and carry while riding public transportation. Moms love that this stroller fits most doorways. You’ll have no problem getting through gates, hotels, and airports.

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Price and Main Feature list

The ZOE Umbrella XL1 Single Stroller has the following unique features:

  • Extra large canopy that can even cover and protect your child in any angle.
  • It has large storage basket that can hold diaper bags and other items as well.
  • It also has a convenient storage pocket to hold wallets, phones, keys and other personal items.
  • It features a five-point harness to make sure that your child is secure and safe while riding the stroller.
  • The front wheels swivels and it has a lock as well. It’s a safety feature to avoid the stroller from rolling on its own.
  • It has a brake system that can be found on the rear wheel.
  • This stroller comes with a snack cup and cup holders for both you and your child.
  • It has a “peekaboo window” on the canopy that allows you to play and monitor your child while pushing the stroller.
>> Check out the Zoe Umbrella XL1 Stroller – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Who is it for?

For those who don’t mind paying a little bit extra for quality. The stroller comes with more features than most mid range umbrella strollers and so you don’t need to carry around any extras to latch on if you need a sippy cup within reach of your baby. This can be a time saver when you are on the move.

If you travel a lot this this will also be suited for carry on luggage. Rare for a stroller. Most umbrella strollers are ok to do this, but again this is at the higher quality range and can handle being beaten around a bit more in a luggage compartment.


  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the wheels. So if they ever break you can have them replaced free of charge. 
  • Easy to manoeuvre even when pushing it with one hand only. Great for city living. 
  • Stable center of gravity so it doesn’t tip over.
  • The frame is made from aluminum making it more durable than other umbrella strollers.
  • Includes a padded leg rest for a more comfortable ride for your baby.


  • Doesn’t have any strap attached to carry it with once folded.
  • Umbrella strollers do not recline so your baby will need well developed neck muscles before they can use this.

Why you should buy it?

This stroller has the features of a full feature stroller with the advantage of being lightweight. This is a great combination because you and your child can enjoy the perks of a traditional stroller in a 10 pound stroller.

One thing that’s unique with this umbrella stroller is the really huge and quite expandable canopy. This feature does come in handy if you are living or taking a vacation in a sunny place.

If you will take into consideration all the features mentioned above, this stroller is the best among its class.


This high end umbrella stroller is like a hybrid between a traditional umbrella stroller and a full-feature stroller. The design included all the necessary features and improvements needed to make you and your child comfortable.

If you want an umbrella stroller that with the portability, but more on the durable side this stroller is a worthwhile investment.

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