Best Nursery Glider for Breastfeeding in 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want our personal recommendation for the best nursery chair, we loved the Pulaski Sutton Swivel Glider Recliner.

Setting up your nursery space to accommodate the inevitables of parenthood can help remove some of the frantic struggle that can come with some of the more testing scenarios. 

Midnight feedings are just one of those tasks that will push your brain to places that it has not been before. 

So rather than test out your limits on how far you can push yourself on no sleep, and without comfort, you could fill your nursery with a few creature comforts to just make life easier!

A specialized nursing glider could provide a relaxing place for you and your baby to bond during feeding time. These household items are feature packed for convenience and comfort and may just help you get that little bit of extra sleep when you need it most. 

We wanted to explore some of the best nursing chairs on the market and what features could suit you best. 

In this post we will be reviewing the following nursery glider chairs:

best chairs for breastfeeding

What Is A Nursing Chair

You can breastfeed in any old chair right? So what makes these chairs so special?

Well, the bottom line is they offer convenience and comfort through built in features that are especially designed for the breastfeeding Mom. 

If you think about the last time you sat on a regular couch to nurse your baby. What was that experience missing?

You probably had to bring a nursing pillow with you.

You probably couldn’t quite get your back into a supported position.

You also could have been a bit more comfortable if you could only recline that seat a little.

The nursing chair will solve all of these problems. Plus most come with a nice foot rest to prop your legs on as well. 

Sounds good right? Well then read on!

Best Nursing Chairs For Breastfeeding in 2021

1. Pulaski Sutton Swivel Glider Recliner

Pulaski Sutton Swivel Glider Recliner

This nursing chair does everything – it rocks, reclines, and swivels. What more can you ask for! 

The polyester fabric of this chair has a modern contemporary design that can easily blend in with the rest of your furniture, whether it’s inside your nursery room or your living room.

It is easy to clean, durable, and soft.

The seats and arm rest are well padded and the back area also has supportive padding to help soothe low back pain.

The frame is sturdy and is made from steel and wood and has a built in suspension system.

It has a metal lever that can help you recline the chair in any position that you want. You can even fully recline it if you want to lean right back and have a snooze.

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  • Excellent balance of quality and value for money
  • Very tasteful patterns that blend in easily


  • If you have timber floors best to place a rug between the legs and the flooring to protect the surface. 

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2. Dutailier Grand Nursing Chair

Dutailier Grand Nursing Chair

For our second pick we are headed straight to the more luxurious end of the market. The Dutailier has a modern design and oozes class. 

You will get a great feel in this chair with the super supportive cushions. The added convenience of built in nursing pillows allows you to get into a suitable position keeping this accessory at your fingertips, that also folds away seamlessly when not required. 

The reclining feature will also make this a tempting option if you just want to have a nap next to your baby’s crib when time allows. 

The only reason this is not our top pick is that the luxurious feel of this chair is not a necessity, and just a nice extra for those with the budget to go for it. 

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  • Feature packed for convenience
  • Luxurious feel with a sleek design


  • Matching ottoman is to be purchased separately
  • Higher price point

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3. Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set

If you are looking for something a bit more modest, and great value for money the Brisbane Glider can provide a solid alternative.

The included ottoman allows you put your legs up in that comfortable elevated position while feeding, while taking advantage of the rocking motion to soothe and relax your baby all at the same time. 

The fabric is made from 100% polyester and is soft and comfortable.

You can spot-clean it when the inevitable emergency clean ups come around. Or if you need a more comprehensive clean you can remove the entire cover and toss it in the washing machine.

Another great feature of this nursing chair is the pockets that it has on the sides. It can help you store things that you’ll need while breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child.


  • Great budget option
  • Multiple color designs available allowing you to to match tto your existing living room or Nursery setup


  • Can be a bit squeaky
  • May not stand the test of time as well as those chairs at a higher price point.

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4. Status Veneto Nursing Chair & Ottoman

Status Veneto Nursing Chair & Ottoman

The frame of this nursing chair is made from high quality wood and will make a classy addition to any nursery or lounge room. 

The fabric is 100% microfiber which makes it easy to clean and wipe for spot cleaning.

One unique feature of this nursing chair is the retractable pull-out nursing stool in the ottoman. This will come in handy when you need to relax your feet while feeding, but don’t want the full elevated position…. Also useful if you are a bit shorter and cannot reach the ground when leaning into the back of the chair.

Both the chair and the ottoman have metal ball bearings to ensure smooth gliding for both. This is another great feature to help soothe your baby.


  • Included foot stool
  • Modern colors that will look great in any nursery or lounge room


  • Cushioning not as comfortable as others

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5. Baby Relax Rocking Chair

Baby Relax Rocking Chair

The Baby Relax puts a different spin on the nursing chair. The design emphasises the comfort factor with a divine thick padded cushion that you will sink into like a cloud. 

Instead of reclining on this chair, you rock. The movement is great for getting baby to sleep after or during a feed. 

With its modern design, it can actually go well with any furniture in your house.

It is durable and can serve you and your family well beyond after the breastfeeding years.


  • Thick cushions are super comfortable
  • Rocking motion is a useful feature to help getting baby to settle


  • Does not recline
  • Can be a bit squeaky when rocking

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5 Benefits of Owning a Nursery Glider?

A well-built piece of furniture can be expensive, and no doubt your new baby has already been a drain on the hip pocket. But an investment in your comfort can also add up to an investment in your sanity. 

You will be racking up many, many hours in your nursing chair and it could end up your most used household item…. and that includes your bed.

The following benefits could be a lifesaver:

1. Easier Feeding

It doesn’t matter if your baby is breastfed or bottle fed, a nursing chair can help you get into a comfortable position while you are breastfeeding your child.

The design will provide you the necessary support around your back, arms and legs.

Imagine waking up at wee hours in the morning to feed your child. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a place where you can just sit down and feed your baby in a comfortable place that’s also safe for your baby?

2. Helps Soothe A Crying Baby

The gentle rocking motion of a nursing chair can do wonders to a crying baby. Whether your child is sleepy or is just irritable that gentle movement can help soothe your baby instantly.

3. Creates A Familiar Environment

Babies respond well to routine and familiarity. Your nursery space is their sanctuary where they should feel most at ease, and the nursing chair is the hub where that they will associate with peacefulness and rest. 

4. Comfortable

Nothing beats the comfort of a nursing glider in full recline position!

The soft, wide base with cushy armrests and elevated feet. A happy and relaxed Mom is a caring and nurturing Mom. 

If you suffer from back pain, the extra support can also help take the pressure off.

5. Helps Manage Edema

Most nursing gliders come with an ottoman where you can just put your legs up.

After a whole day of working or doing household chores and errands, it is a welcome relief to put the feet up. That elevated foot position can help with circulation and help prevent some postpartum conditions such as Edema setting in.

Final Word

There is a Nursing Glider to fit your budget, and theme of your decor. With the amount of time you will spend in this chair it is a worthwhile purchase to give some comfort in through what is a testing time.

The comfort and familiarity that your baby will feel is an important part of your bonding time, and will also help you feel less guilty for splurging on something to provide some comfort for yourself. 

So put your feet up next time you settle in for a feed.

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