Activities for Kids

Body Jokes

Now your babies are getting older they require entertainment…. Constant entertainment!

You have some choices here. One being sitting them in front of the TV, or some other device. It is tempting in the short term but often leads to more whining in the future.

You could let them loose in the backyard (if you have one) – which has its advantages. And of course, you could engage with them to play games, learn, & explore while having fun.

We all have the best intentions in these situations and in reality, a mix of all three is inevitable.

But it can be hard to come up with ideas, and enough variety to prevent that gravitation back towards the TV or iPad. In this section, you will find an extensive selection of games for kids, and other activities that center on learning and creativity so you will never run out of ideas.

So bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need something new.

Fun Games and Activities

Here we have more fun stuff to engage with your child on as they get a bit older.

As your child reaches toddler age they will become more independent and one of their first milestones is naming their teddy bear or soft toy. There can be more to learn from this than you think.

As they get older then perhaps they are ready for some kid’s party games.