Crosslinks Baby Backpack Country Carrier Review

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The Crosslinks Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier is a lightweight but durable backpack carrier that you can use to carry your toddler.

It is sturdy and comfortable at the same time. The frame is made from strong but lightweight metal that can accommodate a child’s weight up to 40 pounds. The fabric is strong and can withstand any weather and messes of course.

This carrier is comfortable – both for the mother and the baby. For the moms, it has padding everywhere – shoulder pads and waist strap pads, to make sure you are comfortable as you carry your baby.

And as for your little ones, it has a comfortable seat with proper restraint and enough room for them not to feel to constraint as you carry them on long walks and hikes. Your child can now enjoy the 360 degrees view of the surroundings.

It also has a lot of little features such as pockets for personal things and even water bottle holders. Comfort, stability and durability all rolled into one affordable backpack baby carrier.

Crosslinks Baby Backpack Country Carrier

Price and Main Feature list

The Croslinks Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier is an affordable option for those after a serious hiking backpack carrier with the following features:

  • All-Weather. This backpack is proven to last all types of weather. It dries quickly and the fabric can withstand sunlight without any discoloration on the fabric.
  • Organized Storage. It has several pockets that can help you to organize those small personal items. Aside from that, it has accessible storage area for water bottles. There’s also a small pack at the back of the seat for other items for your child such as diapers, wipes, snacks and extra clothing.
  • Metal Kickstand. It has a sturdy metal kickstand that will let you transfer your child in and out of the carrier with ease.
  • Ergonomically Designed. The designer of this carrier kept moms in mind when they designed it. It has thick shoulder paddings so that you can avoid getting shoulder pains from carrying your child for a long time.
  • It has a wide and padded waist straps that helps assure equal weight distribution along the pelvis region. This can help prevent the occurrence of low back pain in the future.
  • Harness/Straps. Harnesses and straps are well-incorporated to the design of this carrier. It has chest straps for added support for your child. It has harness to restraint and secure your child.

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Who is it for?

Outdoorsy-Type Family. Ideal for families who likes outdoor activities and adventure such as hiking, walking along trails and even fishing and camping.

For Explorers. This carrier is a perfect match for kids who just outgrew their strollers and who wants to see more and explore what their surroundings has to offer.

Any child is going to get excited to finally see what the adults are seeing. Listening and even joining in the conversations while doing fun stuffs is an amazing experience for the child.

Not Suited For:

Young Babies. This carrier suits babies from 6-8 months and older. Young babies need constant monitoring and carrying them on your back is not advisable.


  • Adjustable. It can fit adults of almost any size and build. The belts and straps are easily adjustable from one person to the next.
  • Spacious. Your child has enough room to move around while being strapped securely.
  • Comfortable. The ride will be comfy enough for the little one to fall asleep in transit. This can be a huge benefit when out for a long day. A restless baby half way through a trek could ruin the day fast.


  • There’s no designated foot rest for the child. Sometimes, the child’s leg will simply dangle off.
  • Short canopy or sun shade which can be disadvantageous when hiking during sunny days. An additional cover may be needed, or plenty of sunscreen for the little one.
  • The fabric while durable is not that breathable.

Why you should buy it?

The Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier Stand Child Kid Sun Shade Visor is one of the most affordable heavy duty backpack carriers out there that you can buy. It has features that one can find in more expensive carriers.

While there some adjustments to be made when you buy this carrier such as the short canopy for example, it is easy to let those go when you think about the overall performance of the carrier.

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This is a carrier that offers true value for your money. It covers the most important features of a carrier such as durability, stability and comfort. 

It is ergonomically designed which makes it a mom’s best friend –  minimizes the chance of developing lower back pain. The child is comfortable and safe at the same time.

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