MiaMily Hipster Plus Baby Carrier Review

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The Hipster Plus by MiaMily is a very innovative carrier. The design is so thorough with its features you can only think that it was an avid baby wearer who was in charge of developing this product. 

You will love that this carrier can adapt to different weather conditions. It has double layer fabric that can keep your baby warm during cold weather. It is a very stylish carrier and very versatile. You can even go hands-free when you hip carry your baby because it comes with its own back support system.

This carrier comes in six colors – Black, Charcoal Gray, Gray, Denim, Ruby Red and Sand Beige. You can start using The Hipster at 3 months old until your baby is about three years olds or at least 40 pounds.

This is a Swiss brand that passed all the test and has all the necessary certification for safety so you can put your mind at ease when you are using The Hipster Plus.

MiaMily Hipster Plus Baby Carrier

Lists Featuring the Mia Milly

The Mia Milly is a strong and well-built carrier with neutral colors that Dads will also love. 

So, this baby carrier made it onto our list of Baby Carriers for Dads here.

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Price and Main Feature list

The MiaMily Hipster Plus Baby Carrier has the following features:


The materials used for this carrier are of premium quality. The zippers are self-locking and the buckles are wide and easy to lock.

Easy-to-remove straps

This carrier comes with two sets of straps/main body– an alternate one shoulder strap and the main body with two shoulder straps.

The main body of the carrier is attached to the seat with a zipper. You just need to unzip it if you want to change the main body of the carrier.


You can use this carrier to carry your baby in a number of different positions – frontal outward, frontal inward, hip carry on both sides and front.

It also has two main carrier body which you can use alternately. The main body with one shoulder strap can be use when you hip carry your baby. It gives additional back support and you can be hands-free allowing you to do errands and chores.

Storage space

This carrier has plenty of storage spaces. It has a big space underneath the seat where you can put wipes, snacks and diapers. On the side of the waist band, there’s a space there for your smartphone.

On the front of the carrier, there’s a detachable storage bag which you can remove if the weather is hot and you need air circulation to keep your baby cool.

Ergonomic Design

This carrier is designed to make you and your baby comfortable. The seat allows the baby’s leg to be positioned properly to avoid hip dysplasia. The baby’s leg doesn’t dangle and it is not too wide as well.

The waist band is wide enough for the weight of the baby to be properly distributed. The shoulder straps are padded and it has an extra strap that you can buckle to make sure that it doesn’t slip off your shoulders.

Who is it for?

This carrier is for those who really value quality, and the Swiss have a reputation for exactly this. If you expect your carrier to stand up to heavy use then you should be investing in the best carrier you can for you budget. If your price point allows, you will be hard pressed finding a better hipseat carrier.


  • Breathable and extendable head cover so that you can protect your baby’s face from the sun while they sleep. 
  • Comes with a extra security strap on the waist band that will ensure the carrier remains firmly in place
  • Firm and soft seat for your baby which gives good support, while remaining comfortable for your baby. 
  • Removable and washable teething pads. These are great for your baby to chew on so that they do not gnaw at the fabric of the carrier’s straps.


  • It doesn’t come with an infant insert. You need to buy it separately.
  • This carrier may not fit adult wearer size 0-2.

Why you should buy it?

The Hipster from MiaMily has taken the versatility of a carrier to a whole new level. The only draw back is that the add ons that are available need to be purchased separately. So the cost can creep up if you need them. I have not seen another carrier on the market with such diversity though and you can be sure the quality will be excellent. 

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Made by a Swiss company, you can be confident that the MiaMily is a top quality carrier. Premium material and buckles have been used every step of the way.

The design is intelligent with every feature of the carrier serving a specific

purpose, and  Every space vacant space was utilized as a storage area. It is one of the most functional carriers that I’ve seen.

It can be heavy compared to other soft-structured carrier but I think the makers of this carrier prioritized function and comfort both for you and your baby. This is not something that you can fit in a diaper bag but it does have its own bag to make storing it easy. Besides, when you use this carrier, you’ll hardly need a diaper bag because you can put everything in the carrier itself.


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