Boba Baby Carrier 4G Review

Boba Baby Carrier 4GThe Boba Baby Carrier 4G is as versatile as they come. This award- winning soft- structured carrier has been designed to adapt to the baby and to the wearer. This makes it possible for the both of you to enjoy the adventure that comes with parenthood.

From infancy to toddlerhood, you can be sure that this carrier will move with your baby and you. It is packed with a number of thoughtful features, including multiple adjustments that you can use to achieve the perfect fit. It also has back and front carry options, convenient storage pockets, infant conversion with head support and removable foot straps and a sleeping hood. Wherever you go, the Boba will grow with your baby.

While this is at a higher price point than many other options in the market, you really are paying for a high quality item here. This carrier is often compared to the Ergobaby range. Both are great options if yoru are looking at the top end of the market.

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Price and Main Feature list

  • While this carrier is best for babies from 7-45 pounds, the included infant insert will support your newborn too. This is a new feature that the Boba 3G did not have.
  • The carrier features removable foot straps and a removable sleeping hood that allows you to customize the accessories on the carrier to suit the purpose, and adapt to the size and weight of your baby.
  • We loved the purse strap holder. A real life saver!! There are a few extra pockets built in also for the credit card, phones and keys.
  • The adjustable straps allows you to easily fit the carrier to your baby and ensure they are well supported at all times. The snugness also makes for a more comfortable wearing experience as the weight is well distributed across your frame at all times.
  • Front and back carry options so that you can position your baby to suit.

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Who is it for?

You would be hard pressed to find a task that the Boba 4G carrier could not do amazingly well! With so many features and the versatile design, this carrier will see you all the way through from newborn to when your toddler gets over that 45lb recommended weight limitation.

The newborn insert comes with two sizes to the interior can really grow with your baby. The straps and support mechanisms will ensure that it is a comfortable experience for both of you, and over the years you would have a very hard time outgrowing it.


The material is 100% organic cotton and is gentle on your baby’s skin. The snugness of the main seat is snug and very safe for your baby. The option for the foot straps will give that option for extra support if your baby gets irritated by the dangling legs over time.

As a neat bonus, Boba offer free extensions for both the waist and chest straps. This is a huge plus if you have hesitations as to whether you can get the straps around Dad’s beer belly. You don’t want to be stuck doing all of the carrying yourself, this is your insurance that it will not come to that.

The straps loosen easily which makes the carrier suitable for breastfeeding. Both you and your baby will be able to do this comfortably.

The high quality material is not only strong, but the color is very durable and cleans easily when washed. We all know how much of a beating these carriers will get in their life time, and we find that the Dusk color will stand up to this best. If you are looking for something with a bit more character there are seven other designs to choose from. Our favorite is the Kangaroo pattern.


With all the features this carrier is a little more bulky than others on the market. The material is not heavy, but it could get a little hot for you and your baby on a really hot day. If you are a small person you may find the maneuverability a bit tricky too. But hey, if you are over five feet tall this should be a breeze.

The other limitation is that your baby cannot face outwards on this carrier. This is common with Boba carriers. The sensory overload that comes with outwards facing carrying does not suit all babies. A curious baby will see al they need to out to the sides of the carrier though.

Why you should buy it?

You will never have to compromise on features or comfort with this carrier. While the price is a little higher you cannot question the value that it offers you, and the customer support offered is excellent. The free extensions for the plus size individual ensures that no one would be left out and not satisfied with this purchase.


You can go through a lot of trial and error finding the right baby carrier for you. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you find that option that is a little better than what you have. If you buy a Boba 4G you may never find that superior option.

If you are new to the baby wearing game then you can be confident that you will get it right the first time with this carrier.

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