ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Review

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The ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier is the ultimate in terms of comfort. Thanks to its ergonomically- correct design, you can use it to carry your baby from birth to the age when they hit 45 pounds.

This versatile carrier can also be worn at the hip, on the back and in front. It will balance your baby’s weight between your hips and shoulders for optimum comfort.

Additionally, it features high density straps and padding that you can adjust for the ideal fit between yourself and the baby. Secure reinforcements and buckles at critical intersections also allow for a comfortable ride and a safe fit.

Lists Featuring the Ergobaby Original

This is one of our more popular baby carriers on the market. We have conducted a number of baby carrier comparisons to identify the types of baby carriers fit for different purposes and the Ergobaby has featured on the following lists: 

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

Key Features

Some of the exceptional features that come with the ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier include:

  • It is made of 100 percent cotton; the canvas carrier is more comfortable than its predecessors
  • The hood, poplin lining and canvas body construction are ideal to the tender skin of the baby
  • You can machine wash the ERGObaby carrier with mild detergent (on gentle cycle); then, dry it on the delicate cycle before removing it while the seams are damp and hang it out to dry
  • The padded shoulder straps can be extended between 24 to 45 inches

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Baby Safety – 4.9/5

The ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier can be used from birth, what with the infant Insert. Although this insert is sold separately, it is vital to the safety and security of your newborn.

It will support your baby’s spine and neck to ensure added safety and health. Once your baby has sufficient neck and spine strength, you can use the carrier without the Insert.

Baby Comfort – 5/5

This carrier also features 100- percent cotton construction on the poplin and canvas. This improves the carrier’s durability and the comfort of your baby.

The carrier will also cradle and hug your baby in the right position (the M position). Your baby will be supported, keeping him/ her in a spread- squat position with the knees above or at the belly button of the wearer.

Parent’s Comfort – 4.8/5

This amazing baby carrier also balances the comfort of the baby and the wearer. It is ultra- comfortable thanks to the ergonomically- correct design.

The waist belt and padded shoulder straps will distribute the baby’s weight evenly between your hips and shoulders for long term wear. Additionally, it reduces the pressure off your back and is easy on the body.

Ease of Use – 4.9/5

The instruction manual makes it easy to use this carrier. If you are looking for the safest and most- comfortable wearing option, then you need look no further than the ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier.

This is actually the reason why the carrier has been nicknamed ‘baby’s second womb’. You get multiple carry positions, making it easy for you wear and carry this innovative design around the home and beyond.

Overall Rating & Verdict – 4.9/5

With the ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, you will get the comfort and mobility that eludes so many parents. The product will also maintain a natural and close bond with your baby.

With time, it will help you adopt the instinctive, flexible and evolving response parents need to cultivate to enjoy the time when their babies are still at the infancy period.

The ergonomic design will support and encourage you to always keep your baby with you, even when you are on the move.

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