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Breastfeeding in public can be tricky. You don’t want to feel exposed and you don’t want others to feel uncomfortable. You try to keep yourself covered, but those nursing covers can be a pain, not covering everything and so easy for your baby to kick off.

Thankfully, there are several types of baby carriers for breastfeeding that make things a lot easier. They keep your baby close to your body and allow for discreet nursing without all the fuss. The right baby carrier can really be a lifesaver for breastfeeding moms.

In this article we will review the following baby carriers for breastfeeding:

Best Baby Carriers For Nursing In 2020

1. Baby K’Tan Original Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan Organic Baby Carrier

If you like the feel and versatility of a baby wrap carrier but get frustrated with trying to figure out how to tie it, the Baby K’Tan carrier is a great choice.

The double loop design makes it easy to put this carrier on and get it situated just right for your baby. You still have the option to wear your baby several ways just like you would with a wrap carrier, including facing in, out, and wearing on your hip.

This carrier is very easy to use as long as you can figure out the size you need. The only downside is that you have to purchase the carrier in a specific size for your body. This doesn’t always take into account baby size, weight fluctuations, and breast size.

However, the style of this carrier, including its soft, stretchy material, and the flexibility in carrying positions makes it one of the best baby carriers for breastfeeding.

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  • Feels like a wrap without the struggle
  • Natural and chemical free fabric
  • Multiple ways to wear
  • No buckles or rings to scratch baby
  • Small enough to fit into a diaper bag


  • Need to purchase a specific size
  • Does not “grow” with your baby
  • Sizing can be difficult to figure out

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2. Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Carrier

Another ideal carrier for breastfeeding is the ring sling carrier, also known by some as a breastfeeding sling. They are like a carrier and breastfeeding cover all in one. And the Sakura Bloom is one of the best baby carriers for breastfeeding.

This ring sling baby carrier is super easy to use. From infancy, you can carry your little one in a cradle hold position, which is perfect for breastfeeding discreetly. As your child grows, their neck strengthens, and can hold their head up on their own, you carry them in an upright position.

The thing that sets the Sakura Bloom apart from other ring slings is the quality. There are several material types to choose from as well as patterns and colors. They are built to last.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • High quality and safe materials
  • One size fits most body types
  • Provides plenty of nursing coverage
  • Versatile carry positions


  • Fairly expensive
  • Cannot be machine washed
  • Not the most comfortable for heavy older babies and toddlers

3. Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby is probably the best soft-structured baby carrier for breastfeeding. Not only is it comfortable for both mom and baby, but it offers easy privacy and protection for nursing moms.

Some soft-structured baby carriers aren’t the best for babies, particularly for their hips. The seat is too narrow which puts unwanted pressure on their hips. However, the Ergobaby carrier for breastfeeding has been acknowledged hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute thanks to its nice, wide seat.

Nursing mothers can enjoy privacy with this baby carrier for breastfeeding by using the built-in sun hood. There is also plenty of coverage around your baby’s back to allow for discreet nursing.

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  • Acknowledged hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Made with machine washable cotton
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist strap
  • Multiple carrying positions
  • Zippered pouch for storing small essentials


  • Needs an extra insert for newborn/infant use
  • Difficult to buckle in the back by yourself
  • Fairly expensive

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4. Infantino Sash Wrap

Infantino Sash Wrap

The Mei Tai is like a baby wrap combined with a soft-structured carrier. You have the structured body piece that holds your baby secure against your body, but instead of buckles that fasted, there are tie wraps that keep the baby close to mom.

This wrap-style baby carrier eliminates those hard, rough buckles that can scratch your little one. It also adapts to different moms’ sizes since you aren’t limited to the amount you can tighten or loosen the straps.

This Mei Tai wrap style baby carrier also allows you to carry your child in a variety of positions. These include on the front facing in, on the hip, and on the back, all in an upright position. It’s also machine washable, which is a great bonus!

There isn’t as much cushion as there would be on a regular soft-structured baby carrier, but there is still plenty of comfort to be had by both mother and child.

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  • Fits most body sizes
  • Very inexpensive
  • No uncomfortable buckles
  • Includes sun hood for discreet nursing
  • Versatile Mei Tai wrap carrier


  • No the best for heavy, older babies and toddlers
  • Does not offer support for the back of baby’s head and neck
  • Not very much support or cushion for mom’s waist

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5. Boba Wrap

Boba Wrap

Another type of baby carrier for breastfeeding that moms love is the baby wrap carrier. And the most popular and best wrap baby carrier by far is the Boba baby wrap.

Baby wraps can be a bit tricky to use for a beginner, but once mama gets the hang of how to tie it, it really is one of the best baby carriers for nursing your baby.

A baby wrap is versatile and easy to travel with. There is quite a variety of ways you can tie the long piece of fabric so that your baby can be held in different positions, including legs in froggy style, legs out, cradle hold like a sling, facing in and facing out in an upright position. It’s not recommended for baby wearing on your back, however.

The Boba wrap baby carrier can comes with its own little travel bag which can easily be thrown into a diaper bag for moms to take on the go.

This long piece of fabric is a great choice for nursing on the go as well. Moms can either have their baby in the carrier while breastfeeding hands free, or they can use the wrap itself as a nursing cover. It is also machine washable, so no need to worry if there are spills and messes on your baby carrier.


  • Very stretchy and soft material
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to travel with
  • Comfortable for hands free carrying
  • Machine washable


  • Can be difficult to tie for beginners
  • A lot of fabric for short moms
  • Somewhat overpriced for its simplicity

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6. Maya Wrap Ring Sling

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If the Sakura Bloom ring sling baby carrier is a bit too expensive for your liking, but you like the idea of a ring sling, try the Maya wrap sling instead. It is a fraction of the price but still offers all of the same benefits for mother and child.

The baby sling is great for moms who are breastfeeding hands free on the go. The ring sling allows you to hold your baby in an upright or cradle position for easier breastfeeding while the large piece of fabric keeps them covered and gives mom privacy.

The shoulder strap is slightly padded and made with moisture wicking material to make it a little more comfortable for mom to carry her child. The padding is pretty thick though, and with the majority of your baby’s weight being carried on one shoulder, it can be tiresome to carry heavier babies.


  • Made with 100% breathable cotton
  • Slightly padded moisture wicking shoulder pad
  • Easy to use and travel with
  • Versatile with multiple carrying positions
  • Extra fabric for discreet nursing


  • Padded shoulder is thick and can be uncomfortable
  • Difficult to adjust due to thick fabric
  • Carrying heavy babies can put strain on one shoulder

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7. Lillebaby Six Position Baby Carrier

Lillebaby Six Position Baby Carrier

The final baby carrier for breastfeeding on our list is the Lillebaby soft-structured carrier. This one is great for moms who want a lot of support while baby wearing and more structure than wrap or sling carriers.

This baby carrier is one of the best when it comes to versatility. It allows you to hold your baby in 6 different positions: fetal (with legs tucked in), infant, face out, toddler, hip, and back carry positions. There is also a lot of cushion in the shoulder straps and waist band as well as additional support in the lumber region and between the shoulder blades.

The Lillebaby is one of the best baby carriers when it comes to babies’ hip health. It grows with your little one, with an adjustable seat width and extendable torso. It has been acknowledged hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This baby carrier is also machine washable, which can be a real lifesaver for moms with messy babies.

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  • Acknowledged hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Allows for 6 carry positions
  • Extra padding and support in the lumbar area
  • Extendable torso and sleeping hood included
  • Seat width is adjustable


  • Bulky on a smaller framed mom
  • Difficult to buckle in the back on your own
  • Darker colors show so much lint

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How Do You Nurse a Baby in a Carrier?

Nursing while baby wearing can be a bit tricky and confusing if you haven’t tried it before. You want it to be as easy and comfortable for you and your baby as possible. So, we have a few tips and tricks for you to get started with very little fuss and frustration.

Dress accordingly: You don’t want to be fussing with your clothes when you are trying to breastfeed your baby in a carrier. When you are all tied, wrapped, and buckled up, it’s difficult to adjust your clothes for breastfeeding.

Your best option is to choose a top that has buttons, or something with a neckline that can be pulled down or moved aside in order for your baby to gain access. It won’t be easy for your to pull your shirt up from the waist when you have a baby carrier attached to you.

Another option is to look into actual breastfeeding tops. These are specifically made with hidden flaps that can be moved aside to make breastfeeding easier without completely exposing yourself.

Loosen up: Baby carriers are supposed to be worn somewhat snug so that your baby has support. However, having your baby snug close to your chest isn’t the most convenient for breastfeeding.

You will need to loosen up the straps of your carrier a bit in order to keep your baby’s head and chin at a good level with enough room to breathe and move as needed.

Best baby carrier for nursing

Find what works best for your baby carrier type: Different baby carriers will need different adjustments in order for moms to breastfeed their babies.

A sling carrier will need very little adjustment, especially during the infancy stage. You may just need to adjust your little one into a cradle position and pull the extra fabric up to cover them up a bit and give you some privacy.

Baby wrap and Mei Tai baby carriers need to be untied a little, and soft-structured carriers need to have the straps loosened a little around your baby’s head and neck area. You will most likely be feeding your baby in an upright position in these types of carriers.

Realize that it may not be truly hands free: While the idea of breastfeeding in a baby carrier seems like it should be hands free, this is not necessarily the case. Yes, it can take some of the strain off your neck and back since you will not need to bend over, but realistically, breastfeeding in a baby carrier will likely require your hands to a certain degree.

After you’ve loosened up your baby carrier to prepare for breastfeeding, you will probably still need to support your little one’s head and neck to keep them in the right position for feeding.

Use it as a cover: If breastfeeding your baby while they are in their carrier is too difficult or inconvenient, you can always use the carrier itself as a nursing cover. Of course, this really works best when you are using a ring sling or wrap baby carrier.

You can breastfeed your baby like normal, but just drape the carrier over you to maintain some privacy. It doesn’t necessarily help with the strain on your neck and back, but it can be convenient when you are out and about and don’t need to take an extra nursing cover.

Final Word

A baby carrier can be one of your best strategies for calming down an upset baby. Being able to also take advantage of the calming effects of breastfeeding and you will be able to tame any tantrum that may come up.

It never fails!

So having a baby carrier that is suitable for this, and creates that comfortable, nurturing, and safe environment will make your life so much easier.

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