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It is an exciting time for children when one of their teeth finally comes loose. They are expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy, which poses an interesting question for you as a parent.

Will you just place a coin there in place of the tooth? Or will you go the extra mile to make this a memorable milestone for your child?

By adding in a colorful and creative tooth fairy letter you can spark their imagination. It is fun and very entertaining to imagine a fairy visiting you while you were sleeping – the mystery, the magic and of course, the reward.

All of these elements are quite attractive to the child and it turns an uncomfortable event – losing a tooth, into a more joyous and magical one.

letter to the tooth fairy

Why Write Tooth Fairy Letters

For busy moms, it might appear that a letter for the tooth fairy is an additional task. But when you think about it, you are actually helping your child celebrate an important event.

A child losing a tooth signifies maturity because in exchange for the tooth that they are losing, it, they are going to receive a permanent and stronger replacement. Aside from that, it keeps the mystery and fun alive.

There are also times when children write to the tooth fairy themselves. There are a number of reasons why a child might do this – lost tooth, price negotiation, swallowed tooth, deformed tooth and many, many more. When a child writes to the tooth fairy, a reply is in order.

tooth fairy letter

5 Free Printable Letters from the Tooth Fairy

Check out the sample letters from the tooth fairy below that have been written for five different occasions.

We tried to cover every scenario where your child could lose their baby teeth so you never have to worry about what to write in a tooth fairy letter again.

You can either re-write the letter by hand using the text below or just download one of the free printable tooth fairy letter templates and add in your child’s name.

No email address required, just click on the image and you will be taken to a downloadable PDF with both the boy and girl versions of the tooth fairy letter to choose from. 

1. First Tooth Fairy Letter Template

Well, _______

I’ve heard the exciting news! You lost your very first tooth. I and all of the workers in my castle are preparing for the arrival of your tooth.

There’s a special room in my castle that’s exclusive to the first tooth of all the children all around the world and there’s a special spot for tooth because I know it is very special.

You are a very brave boy. I heard that you’ve been very brave when your tooth finally came out. Because your tooth is special, I left something special for you as well. I am looking forward to visiting you again.

Continue brushing your teeth daily. Until next time!

Tooth Fairy Letter - First Tooth

The Tooth Fairy

2. Standard Lost Tooth Fairy Letter

Dear _______

I heard that you’ve lost your tooth and I have come to collect it. There’s a special place in my castle for your tooth and I will make sure I look after it from now on.

A new tooth is on the way to replace the one that you just lost. I know that you will take care of it by brushing it every day.

I hope you like what I left for you last night under your pillow. I will visit you again the next time you lose a tooth.

Tooth Fairy Letter

The Tooth Fairy

3. Misplaced Tooth Fairy Letter

Dear _______

My network of fairy friends told me that you can’t find your lost tooth. I visited you last night and thought I might help you find it.

I flew around your house last night and with the help of a little magic and a lot of fairy dust, I found it!

I know that this tooth is very special to you that’s why I left something special for you under your pillow. I hope that you like it.

I will take care of your tooth and I am looking forward to visiting you again.

Tooth Fairy Letter - Lost Tooth

The Tooth Fairy

4. Tooth Fairy Letter when Keeping The Tooth

Dear _______

Yesterday, your name appeared on my list. I know that you’ve lost a tooth and that you also want to keep it because it is a special tooth.

I know how you feel – I am a tooth fairy after all.

Because you have done such a great job looking after your teeth, you can definitely keep your special tooth.

I left something special for you under your pillow anyway, and I will be back again when you lose your next tooth.

Tooth Fairy Letter - Keep Tooth

The Tooth Fairy

5. Dentist Visit – Tooth Fairy Letter for Pulled Teeth

Dear _______

First, let me tell you how brave you are. My fellow fairies told me that you’ve lost a tooth after your visit to the dentist.

I know it must hurt and you did a very, very good job.

For being a very brave and good boy/girl, I left a very, very special treat for you. Go reward yourself with a _________, but just be sure to brush your teeth after eating it.

You deserve it for being such a brave boy/girl.

Tooth Fairy Letter - Dentist

The Tooth Fairy

How To Write Your Own Tooth Fairy Letters?

If you would prefer to DIY your own letters then we have a few tips for you below.

Prepare Your Materials

You cannot write a letter from the tooth fairy using a plain bond paper. Remember, the keyword here is “fairy.”

There has to be some flair in the letter that you are writing – from the paper that you are using down to the ink that you are using.

Choose papers that are pastel in colors – light blue, lilac, powder blue, and of course, pink – in every shade. As for the ink, try a number of combinations with the paper – lilac paper with pink ink, blue paper pink ink, or pink paper with blue ink.

Don’t forget that fairies “bedazzle” their letters.

Add some more colors and razzle-dazzle. You can sprinkle glitters or even put some drawings on the sides of the letters. You can use markers, colored pens, and even stickers.

Creativity is key (or you can just use one of our printable tooth fairy letters with the nice blue and pink colors).


In composing the letter, you need to release your inner fairy. This usually means the letter needs to be in a friendly and fun tone while exaggerating the emotion your child may be experiencing.

If you don’t have a flair for writing but still want to be creative, just copy the text from one of our tooth fairy letters above and modify to suit your style and personality.

Make It Personal

It is best to make the letter more relatable for your child.

Include their experience losing the tooth – an experience on the dentist chair, or having to pull out their own teeth.

You can also use the letter to remind your child about how to properly take care of their teeth and reinforce positive hygiene habits.

Just don’t let your tooth fairy letter become another nagging voice – it is meant to be fun and exciting remember!

first lost tooth

Final Word

A child losing their teeth is another important milestone that is worth celebrating.

Your child is growing fast and their body is changing. Every tooth lost is a milestone and you need to support your child as he undergoes all of these changes.

A tooth fairy letter can make this event a little bit more fun. It triggers your child’s imagination and it turns a potentially gruesome event into a rewarding one.

We hope that having a printable tooth fairy letter on hand makes things easier for you. So bookmark this page and come back every time one of your kids loses a tooth for your free printable.

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