How to Treat Baby Acne at Home

treat baby acne

If you thought you would not have to deal with your child’s acne until they hit puberty, think again. Just when your baby’s face is starting to look normal after birth – with her head rounding out and facial features becoming more prominent – you may begin to see tiny little bumps that look like the pimples you would see […]

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Baby Tantrums: 10 Top Tips to Calm Your Baby

baby tantrums

The meltdown… The highlight of any parent’s day! Until your child learns to live with disappointment regular tantrums will just be part of your life. While loud and annoying, they can also be very cute. From an adult’s perspective the disproportionate blow up over a seemingly minor issue can bring a smile to your face – or maybe there is […]

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Best Food Blenders for Babies

best food blenders for babies

Many mothers are starting to make their own baby food, rather than buy premade options. The freshness of the ingredients, and the control over what goes into your baby can be a source of confidence that the parents are doing what is best. There are great benefits to you and your baby if you decide to go this route, and […]

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How to Create an Effective Reward System for Your Child

reward system for child copy

An effective reward system will encourage your child to actively participate in developing good behaviors.  They will learn the consequences of their actions in an environment that promotes affirmation, rather than being told no or stop all the time. This could be a refreshing change for both you and your child. Especially if the toddler years have worn you down. […]

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Unspoil Your Child: 9 Tips to Break Old Habits

unspoil your child

As parents, we are all trying to do our best to provide for our children the best start in life. There is a lot to balance, and it is a constant worry whether you are giving too much or too little of everything. The last thing you want to do is spoil your child too much, but a lot of moms will […]

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Letters to the Tooth Fairy – Tips and Templates

letters from tooth fairy

It is an exciting time for children when one of their teeth finally comes loose.  They are expecting that the Tooth Fairy is going to pay them a visit and it means they are going to get something in exchange for the tooth they’ve lost. More than the reward itself, the idea of the Tooth Fairy does play with their […]

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