Best Postpartum Underwear for a Comfortable Birth Recovery

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Welcoming a new baby in the family can be really exciting. As a mother, you are busy preparing for the “big day”, but it is also important to prepare the things that you’ll need after giving birth.

Giving birth can be messy and painful, and the aftermath is likely to leave you in a very delicate state. Fresh stitching, bleeding, and swelling can make moving around quite difficult in the early stages of recovery.

No one wants to sit around naked underneath a hospital robe, but is there any other option?

Luckily there is a range of postpartum underwear specially designed for this recovery period and will help you feel more comfortable after giving birth.

In this article we will review the following disposable underwear:

best post pregnancy underwear

What Is Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear is specially designed panties that can support and protect mothers who had just given birth. Wearing postpartum underwear has the following benefits:


It can provide support in the sensitive regions of your body specifically the abdominal and vaginal area.

The materials commonly used are light, breathable and soft on the skin. You also will not have any tight fitting elastics to cause further irritation.


Postpartum underwear is designed to protect the stitches either in the abdomen or in the perineal region. You just need to match the design of underwear with the birthing method.

This will help avoid any aggravation of the area. Or worse, opening up the wound again.

This level of protection will help your wounds heal faster.


It can also provide mild compression to your belly, hips, and waist which can make moving around easier. This is a lighter alternative to an abdominal binder, which would be worn separately over the top of your underwear.

This can also help you recover faster.

Prevents Infection

The material used to manufacture postpartum underwear is very breathable and promotes air circulation in the parts of the body that are still healing.

After birth, you are likely to have excess moisture from sweat and more frequent urination, which can create an environment that breeds bacteria and is vulnerable to infection.

Keeping the vaginal area dry is critical, and can promote faster healing and prevent unwanted complications.

Why Use Postpartum Underwear

Regular underwear or panties are unlikely to be adequate or gentle enough to support your body post delivery.

After giving birth, there is will be bleeding and discharge, or stitches to nurse back to health.

You need something that will be capable of holding maternity pads or postpartum pads firmly in place. This can prevent unwanted leaks, while still supporting the surrounding areas in a gentle fashion.

For Caesarian Moms, regular panties can irritate your wounds with the elastic sitting around the area of your new stitches. It is critical that no undue pressure is placed on this area in the early stages of recovery.

Especially designed postpartum underwear is soft, breathable and comfortable. This will minimize and irritation to your wounds and sensitive areas.

Design Variations

Materials Used

  • Mesh Fabric: Commonly used for disposable underwear. The fabric is light, breathable and comfortable. It will just not have the strength of a woven fabric.
  • Cotton: Skin-friendly and breathable. It does stain easily though.
  • Spandex: Most suited to the compression style underwear due to the stretchy nature of the fabric. It feels very supportive and is also moisture resistant.
  • Microfiber: A strong material that is both absorbent and supportive.

Styles And Designs

Mesh Disposable Underwear

After birth, there is going to be blood. You will need to use postpartum pads which are bigger than regular sanitary pads.

The mesh underwear can comfortably hold the pads in place and can be thrown out after use so you do not have to worry about stains.

Simply throw them out and grab a fresh pair.

Low-Rise Underwear

You cannot wear mesh underwear forever and low-rise underwear is a good alternative after the heavy bleeding is over.

It can support pads and provide the coverage that you’ll need.

This may not be suited to those who have undergone a c-section if the banding sits near your stitches.

Full Brief Underwear

This is the best option for mothers who have just delivered their baby through C-section.

The banding sits high enough to cover and protect your wound, which will limit the irritation to your wound while giving full support to the abdominal area.

Compression-Type Underwear

This is similar to girdles, or binders, used by moms after giving birth. But not as heavy or bulky to wear.

The light compression is suitable for use a couple of weeks after giving birth, and will hold everything in place when you feel ready to get back into your regular clothes… Perhaps that little black dress you have been dreaming of the last few months!

Best Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Best Underwear Immediately Following Birth

Woman’s Seamless Knit Postpartum Underwear

Woman's Seamless Knit

This postpartum underwear is made from Polyester Spandex making it stretchable and comfortable. It is also breathable and lightweight that’s why it will not irritate your wounds.

Another thing that’s great with this product is it can hold postpartum pads effectively. It has elastic band that helps a lot in keeping the pads in place.

It is soft and fits you snuggly giving you that feeling of “support” and removing that fear that your pads might fall off anytime.

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Best High Waist Underwear

Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear

Kindred Bravely High Waist

Regular panties are not enough for mothers who just had a Caesarian section delivery. It is uncomfortable and can be irritating.

Maternity underwear will not cut is as well. It lacks the support that you need and most are ill-fitting.

This product can give everything that you’ll need to heal and recover after a C-section. It is made from 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex making it soft and stretchable. It doesn’t dig into your skin. It doesn’t ride or folds. It fits you perfectly.

It can hold pads in place just in case you still need to use one, provides proper support and coverage and of course, the design is really, really cute.

Another great feature of this postpartum underwear is the smooth, elastic band rest higher than the Caesarian section line.

It covers your postpartum belly without irritating your wound. After the hospital mesh underwear, this is the next best thing to use.

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Best Postpartum Underwear For C-Section

UpSpring C-Panty Incision Care Underwear

UpSpring C-Panty Incision Care

This is the best high waist postpartum underwear that’s best for moms who wants to recover fast after giving birth. It is made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex which makes it stretchable.

Using this postpartum underwear is the first step towards recovery.

It features medical grade silicon that goes directly over the incision site for Caesarian section delivery. This helps keep the surrounding area sanitized. It can also help prevent itching and scarring.

It also provides a gentle compression that can help reduce swelling which means you’re going to heal faster. It can help the muscles of the abdomen regain its strength. Moving around is also easier.

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Best Disposable Mesh Underwear

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear

Always Discreet Incontinence

While this is not designed specifically for postpartum use, they are perfect for the job! They will provide a comfortable and lightweight fit that is gentle on the body.

The material is scented, which is not for everyone. But having the freedom to discard after use can be a real lifesaver!

You have enough to worry about when in the hospital. Eliminating the need to store and wash your underwear may seem minor now, but when you are there it is one less hassle.

Despite being light and made of disposable material, the fabric is strong enough to at least hold an ice pack in place.

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Final Word

No doubt the pain of birth was worth it, but the sooner you put that pain behind you the better you will feel.

Minimizing discomfort will enable you to enjoy the early bonding time with your new baby as much as possible.

By matching the correct type of postpartum underwear you can promote this comfort, and remove a number of stresses that are part of the recovery process.

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