Best Postpartum Abdominal Binder to Fast Track Your Pre-Pregnancy Body!

Following the birth of your child, nothing seems to have gone back the way it was before your pregnancy. At least not yet anyway! 

It will take time for your body to get back to normal, and you will likely feel a desire to speed up the process for both medical and cosmetic reasons. 

Bridging the gap between your body's recovery pace, and your desired recovery pace is the postpartum abdominal binder. It will hold everything exactly where it should be - including your organs - which helps your insides recover faster while looking great on the outside. 

Street Language/Slang... Whatever!

So we are all on the same page here, this neat little contraption is the recovery aid of a thousand names. You will also hear the following terms that all essentially mean the same thing: 

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    Postpartum Girdle
  • arrow-circle-right
    Belly Wrap
  • arrow-circle-right
    Belly Binder
  • arrow-circle-right
    Belly Band
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    Postpartum Belt

... And of course the abdominal binder. I'm sure you get the idea. 

What is an Abdominal Binder?

Ever seen someone working in a warehouse that has that odd looking strap around their waste?

The concept is essentially the same and it is typically used for those with back pain, or doing heavy lifting. The extra support around that lower back and abdomen region can provide relief and  prevent injury.  

Heavy lifting and back pain - sounds a lot like being pregnant right? 

Well, people figured this out hundreds of years ago. Belly binding is an ancient tradition and in many cultures, it is even considered a ritual and an art.

Pregnancy does turn a woman’s body inside and out. Organs are rearranged, muscles and skin are stretched out. 

The postpartum binder wraps around your waist area, and helps your body pull everything back into place.  The compression moves everything closer to their pre-pregnancy position and your body can then focus on the internal repair.  

It is by no means a quick fix. But, consistent use over a number of weeks will accelerate your progress towards your pre-pregnancy body. 

Benefits of the Belly Wrap

Speeds up Healing

This is one of the main benefit that a you can reap from using postpartum abdominal wraps – it can help your body to recover faster after giving birth.

A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. To give way to the new life that you are carrying, the different organs of your body need to relocate in order to make some space. Your stomach is almost at your chest in the ninth months of your pregnancy.

Your organs will of course return to their original position on their own but it may take weeks, even months. Your uterus alone needs at least six weeks to return to its original size. Postpartum abdominal wraps and binders can help speed up this process by providing gentle compression.

Enhanced Muscular Support

After giving birth, most women suffer from a condition known as diastasis recti.  Diastasis recti simply mean that the space between your abdominal muscles has widened. This is evident by having some “pooch” on your abdomen.

The gentle compression from postpartum abdominal wraps gently pushes you right and left abdominal muscles closer towards the midline into their original position. It can also remind your abdominal muscles to contract and support your body.

Postpartum Back Support

When you’re pregnant, the muscles on your back adapt with the postural changes of the body. As your baby gets bigger inside you, the center of gravity of body shifts and to compensate for it, the spine changes in curvature.

This affects the muscles as well.

After giving birth, the body doesn’t bounce back right away to its original shape. The ligaments are still relaxed and still cannot fully support our body.

Postpartum wraps can give the right support that you need and it can also remind us that we need to be in the proper posture to aid our body back to its original state.

Disadvantages of the Belly Wrap

It Can be Uncomfortable

Remember that this is a corrective device to help move your organs back in place. If you are expecting this to be comfortable then you will be disappointed. 

You will feel a squeeze when you wear this, and this will be amplified if you do not get the sizing right when you purchase. So take the time to choose correctly and have realistic expectations going in. 

You Must be Consistent

If you do not build this into your daily routine it is not the kind of thing that you will just get around to.

So when you order your belly belt you should plan for a time of day when you know you can routinely strap this on. The more you can use it the better, but if you are only comfortable around then house thats fine.

Just make sure you have your schedule locked in. 

Top Rated Postpartum Girdles

This a great abdominal wrap for mothers who had just undergone Caesarian section delivery. It is seamless and since this is designed for mothers who are still waiting for their wound to heal, the three-layer hook and eye closure mechanism is on the side.

The closure mechanism is secure and adjustable so it stays in place. You can go two sizes smaller because of the three layer hook and eye closure mechanism. You can use day any time of the day because bathroom breaks are easy with this abdominal binder because even the crotch area has a hook and eyes mechanism that’s easy to open and to close.  This postpartum abdominal binder can really help you recover faster after giving birth.

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This abdominal wrap is most suitable for petite mothers due to the limited sizing options. 

The material is made from stretchy cotton material and will fit snugly around the natural curves of your body. It is also a breathable that should be comfortable to wear. 

It comes in a white color, and will be a snug fit. This will will minimize visibility when sitting underneath clothes. A nice little confidence booster when you are out and about. 

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  • All cotton material provides a breathable and comfortable fabric, if you get the right fit.
  • The fabric will not stretch as much as a spandex blend and suits those who want firmer compression. 


  • Be warned that the sizes are based on the Asian size scale, not the American scale. 
  • If you do not want that stronger compression you will be better off with a spandex blend material belly wrap. 

This is a versatile belt with multiple pieces that allows you use which elements are most suitable to the stage of recovery you are up to.

You will receive one belly belt, one waist belly, and one pelvis belt. 

It is made up of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. It has adjustable straps that can fit you comfortably. The fabric is light and breathable.

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  • Three separate pieces gives you flexibility with the compression you can apply to different parts of your body, at different stages of your recovery.  
  • You can get the benefit of the belt in six hours per day of use. So you don't necessarily have to wear it for all of your waking hours, although more hours will improve results. 


  • It  is bulky and does not sit under tight fitting clothes well. Better for use around the house, or with a looser fitting dress.
  • The multiple pieces, and multiple sizes can make it difficult to find the correct fit. 

DIY Belly Wrap Alternative

As mentioned earlier, belly wrapping is a practice that is hundreds of years old. If a manufactured abdominal binder is not for you, then you can also consider using some old fashioned techniques to achieve the same result. 

All you will need is a baby wrap, or a shawl. 

For anyone who has used a baby wrap before you will know that getting the tie right will take a few practice goes. But you will become a pro in no time. 

The technique is best demonstrated step by step. Check out the video below to walk you through the process. 

Final Word

No pain, no gain! 

Ok, thats an exaggeration. But if you want to speed up the healing process you are going to have to grit your teeth to get past any initial feelings of discomfort. As you learn what life situations are compatible with wearing your binder then it will get easier. 

If you find the devices too inflexible, then the DIY route using a comfy fabric will get you the same result. More comfortable, but more effort to stay consistent.