The Best Baby Hip Seat Carrier in 2020: Minimize Fatigue and Reduce Strain!

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what we thought was the best baby hip seat carrier in 2020 then the Bebamour Baby Carrier was our recommendation for those on a budget. The Pognae No. 5 was our top pick for those wanting a premium option. 

Hip Seat Carriers are a specialized type of carrier that broadly distributes the weight of your baby. Most will have a removable seat that sits around the hip area and can help the wearer cope with the weight of a larger baby or toddler.

This allows for more weight to be distributed around the waist area, and makes you less top heavy. This removed some pressure from your shoulders and back compared to a standard soft structured baby carrier.

While the frame can be a little bulkier due to the hip seat itself, they remain very user-friendly and are not any more complicated in the design of the straps and buckles.

A basic hip seat usually placed the seat inside the waistband. When you strap this on you can then position the seat where it is most comfortable.

This freedom of movement enables you to move around your baby as you fatigue and moving the pressure of the weight elsewhere.

In this article we will review the following Hipseat Baby Carriers:

hipseat baby carrier reviews

How to Choose Your Hip Seat Carrier

The size of your baby, intended use, and your physical strength will determine which carrier is best suited for your needs.

Just follow the four Cs as your reference point when comparing each carrier.

Carrying Position

The padded and wide waistband can help in proper weight distribution. In hip seat carriers, the weight of your child is distributed across the back and the pelvis region preventing low back pain.

With many carriers including the option to remove most of the carrier and just use the hip seat, this can be a quick and easy way to take some pressure off if you are constantly picking up your baby around the house. So consider lifestyle demands and the positions that you will get the most use out of.

For the Baby

Hip seat carriers should facilitate a proper seating position. While your child is seating on the carrier, the hips are in a neutral position preventing any injuries or deformities in the future.


There is nothing worse than a carrier that just doesn’t feel right. You know that with every passing minute, any level of discomfort that you initially ignored will worsen and could become downright painful.

If you plan to hip carry a toddler, any discomfort will be amplified due to the extra weight in the cargo.

The quality of the padding, and structure of the design are key to a comfortable baby wearing experience. This ensures an evenly distributed weight balance across your frame to minimize fatigue and the risk of injury over time.

Carrier Weight

Your baby will be heavy enough without the added burden of a heavy carrier to go with it.

We have restricted our list to only include carriers in the weight range of 1lb-2.3lbs. Most are well under 2lbs and will feel light as a feather. This is especially important if you expect prolonged use of your carrier, or if you suffer from back problems.

Be mindful that those in the premium category are generally 0.5-1 lb heavier than our budget recommendations.


The carriers that we will look at fall into two camps. The premium quality with the price tag to match, and the regular everyday budget carriers.

Which category matters most to you will depend on your budget, strength and your desire for comfort. There are some great options in both spaces and you don’t need to spend a fortune on a great carrier.

If you have a bad back and ergonomics are a priority then you may be better off going for a higher end carrier. But for most of us, it is not necessary.

Best Budget Hipseat Carriers of 2020

1. Bebamour Hip Seat Carrier

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Often the simplicity of a product is what makes it stand out. The Bebamour has a very intuitive design, and for a carrier with five different carrying positions, you will find it very easy to use.

The material used has excellent ventilation which will help prevent your baby getting too hot. It also keeps the soft structure of the carrier lightweight.

The material is polyester so be wary if your baby’s skin gets irritated easily.

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  • Thin frame with light, breathable material
  • Max weight of 33 pounds
  • Includes hood to protect your baby from the sun and wind.


  • The waistline belt is thin and can dig into your stomach or pelvic bone if not positioned correctly.
  • The thin frame will not provide much coverage if you want to breastfeed while carrying.

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2. Nimnik Baby Hip Carrier

Bebamour Ergonomic

The Nimnik Baby Carrier is a near identical design to the Babi Bambino. This gives you some freedom to shop for the best price between the two brands, and also your favorite color. Both brands offer a few variations here.

When comparing the fabric you may find the Nimnik to be more suitable for a baby with sensitive skin. The cotton fabric is preferable to many over polyester based designs.

This is a very versatile design and a reliable carrier, for a very reasonable price.

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  • User-friendly design and is machine washable.
  • Four positions available, including back carry.
  • Good weight distribution.


  • The zippers can be stubborn and prone to breaking
  • No Chew pad, this means a faster wearing strap when your baby’s teeth get hold of it.

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3. Bundle Tumble Hip Seat Carrier

Bundle Tumble Baby Carrier

This hip seat carrier is sturdy and really versatile because you can use this in a number of different positions – frontal inward, frontal outward, backpack carry and hip carry.

Just like most hip carriers, you can start using this carrier from three months old onward. The maximum weight that it can carry is forty pounds. It has adjustable straps and superior back support.

You can also separate the hip seat to use as a way to prop up your baby, without the full carrier frame. Useful for around the house when your baby just wants to be carried.


  • Unique denim and cotton material with great ventilation. Great for warmer weather.
  • Option to wear this as a backpack! One of four positions this carrier can accommodate.
  • You can use the full carrier apparatus or just the hip seat.


  • Not all available designs come with the hip seat, so make sure you double check this prior to purchasing.

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Best Premium Hipseat Carriers of 2020

1. Pognae No. 5

Pognae No 5 Organic Hip Seat

It is made from 100% organic materials so it is safe for you and your baby. Your baby can start using this carrier from three months up to toddler age. It can carry the weight of up to 20 kilograms.

This carrier is lightweight. On its own, it weighs around 800 grams only. It is functional and durable as well. You can use this as a hip seat carrier on its own or attached and zip the body for added support and coverage.


  • High-quality fabric and very comfortable straps.
  • Convenient pocket on the side of the hip seat.
  • The removable chew pad is a fabric saver, and easy to wash.


  • Not for the budget conscious.

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2. Abiie HUGGS Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Abiie HUGGS Carrier Seat

The ergonomic design and high weight capacity will allow you to use your Abiie HUGGS carrier for as long as your body can stand up to the weight of your little one.

The high-quality material will ensure you get years of use from your investment. If you are planning on having multiple kids then this longevity of use is important so you are not having to replace your carrier in the future.

You also have the option of crisscrossing the back straps if you are using the carrier for a longer period of time, or if you have a smaller frame and require a tighter fit.


  • Clever design with the center panel able to be folded, to increase the air flow if needed.
  • Six carrier positions available if you include the criss-cross carry.
  • Max load of 45 lbs
  • Two teething pads included that are a generous size.


  • Only the price point

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How to Wear a Hipseat Carrier

Keep Your Baby Upright

If your baby is at a slanting position, you are forced to bend forward. This may give rise to further complications. It is always advised to keep your baby at an upright sitting position for ensuring that your back is also straight.

Harness Back Straps

Make sure that the baby is in a stable position and harness the straps. This ensures the stability of your hip and does not strain your back.

Your baby should be reasonably secure and not be able to move around too much. This will cause additional physical strain if they can move around.


The baby should be carried in the side position to avoid overburdening at the back. The side carriers ensure that you have wrapped your back properly. A carrier that uses wraps instead of straps ensures ample coverage and support to the body of parents.

Be sure to mix up the position also. Prolonged use in the same position over time could lead to an imbalance in your muscles, RSI, or generally poor posture. By changing positions you will engage different muscles and keep things balanced.

Final Word

The most important thing that you should look in the carrier is versatility in the available carrying positions. This will ensure that you get good value out of your carrier and will be able to use it for years to come.

As your baby grows they will be strong enough to try all positions that the variety will be good for their curious minds. As discussed it will also minimize any physical wear and tear you may experience over time.

Even though the Pognae No. 5 is a more expensive option, we think this is the best hip seat carrier on the market and still offers great value for money due to the comfortable experience you will have.

This will ensure that you stick with babywearing for longer, and with the high-quality fabric, this carrier will go the distance.

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