Thule Sapling Elite Baby Carrier

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The Thule Sapling Elite Baby Carrier is a very well-built carrier for hiking trails or when traveling to other places that will require you to do a lot of walking.

It can carry a total weight of 48 pounds. This includes everything that you will put in the carrier plus your child.

The mesh fabric along the sides of the carrier allows for the natural air to flow. The back panel is also made from really breathable fabric. The combination of the two means that your child will not get hot inside this carrier.

The materials used for this carrier are high quality. It is durable and adjustable. You can use this carrier alternately between multiple adult users. It will also fit all kids from three months old until three to four years of age.

Thule Sapling

Lists Featuring the Thule Sapling

The Thule Sapling is one of the highest quality hiking carriers on the market, and features on the following lists:

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Price and Main Feature list

The Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier has the following features:

Ergonomic Seat

The seat for your baby is very ergonomic. The seat height is adjustable so it will fit your child perfectly. Compare to seats of other carriers, the seat of the Sapling bends easily along the sides. This will lessen the pressure on your baby’s thigh.


Multiple users can use this carrier because it is highly adjustable. It is easy to adjust the hip belt and the back panel can be adjusted according to the height of the adult wearer.

Ample Storage Space

This is a necessary feature especially if you are going to hike with your little one. It has a zippered compartment on the hip belt area where you can store small essentials such as keys, snacks, smartphones and wallets.

Another great storage area in this carrier is the detachable backpack where you can put extra clothing, snacks, wipes, milk and many more. It also has another large zippered compartment below the back panel.


This carrier is comfortable to wear and use during hikes. The hip belt is wide and padded. The shoulder pads are secured and padded. There’s an additional chest strap for added support.

Who is it for?

This carrier is for families who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. This is also great to bring on vacations when you will be exploring a new town on foot.

If you are taking a day trip in pairs the detachable backpack will allow you to share the load. One can carry the baby, the other can carry lunch. 


  • Comes with a viewing mirror so you can monitor your child without removing the actual carrier.
  • This carrier can hold water bladder because of it hyrdationsleeve but you need to buy the actual water reservoir separately.
  • It comes with a stirrups and inner thigh support to help avoid crotch or leg dangling.
  • It comes with a deployable head cover for your baby for protection against the sun.


  • You cannot use this carrier if you want to carry your child frontal outward or front facing forward.
  • You need to purchase the rain cover separately.

Why you should buy it?

The Sapling Elite Child Carrier has an efficient design. A convenient feature is the positioning of the kickstand. You do not need to fold it away in order to access the storage space below the back panel. All compartments of the carrier are easy to access and are within reach.

A hiking trip will be a fun experience to share with your baby in this carrier. The ergonomic design will limit back pain and shoulder pain because the weight is equally distributed across the back, pelvic region, and the shoulders as well.

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The Thule Sapling Elite is comparable to other backpack carrier such as Deuter and Osprey at a much cheaper cost. It is sturdy and durable – made for the outdoors.

It has everything that you’ll need for a day’s hike with your little one – hydration sleeve, storage, sun shade, kickstand and a daypack.

Keep in mind that this is a backpack carrier and this is the only possible carrying position. It is also too bulky for day to day use. So if you spend enough time in the outdoors to make a purchase like this worthwhile then it is a great option. 


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