Best Baby Carrier For Dads in 2020 – Shades of Manliness

If you are just after the fast answer for the best baby carrier for Dad, our favorite was the Baby Tula Ergonomic With Navy Camouflage.

Baby carriers have no gender limitations, but social norms could imply that babywearing is the domain of the Mother. But what you will find is that most Dad’s love babywearing too!

Making the most of that stronger frame makes sense and it is a great chance for your baby to bond with the Dad in much the same way he has bonded with you.

Dad will get to experience the nurturing closeness that Mom gets all the time, and as long as you have not bought a hot pink baby carrier then Dad will most likely be happy to help out.

We have done the legwork to find the baby carriers on the market today that have been designed with Dad in mind. This means dark colors, and masculine looking prints.

Anything that will not jump out as girlie is generally ok.

You can probably forget about ring slings too.

A ring sling has the appearance of a carrier designed for breastfeeding and carrying on a hip that the guys may not have. The extra cloth draped over him is probably not a winner for him.

So we have stuck mostly to the soft structured carriers.

In this article we will review the following baby carriers for Dads:

What Makes A Dad Carrier?

As mentioned above, appearance is the first hurdle. If it looks girly, he will not want to wear it. We have stuck to very conservative colors and stay away from anything resembling a floral print! 

Color is unlikely to be something that Dad is seeking out – except maybe the army patterns we have found – but it can definitely be a turn off for him if there are bright patterns covering the carrier.

Dad’s don’t want to muck around with a baby wrap, or anything more complicated than the equivalent of throwing on a backpack – or front pack in this case based on the baby’s position. Simple, easy to use and adjust will be the winner here. 

Some cool features will also get Dad excited. Any kind of unique functionality will be a winner. Even the old key ring or water bottle attached to the waistband… Coz you know, Dads like to look cool like that.

With Dad in charge of the baby transport, you can most likely sustain longer days out. Robust material with lots of storage will allow you to go further, for longer. If you are an outdoor family keep this in mind as you read through this article. 

Why Dads Should Use Carriers

I don’t want to recount all of the general benefits of babywearing. Chances are if you are here you know them already. If not check out this post here. 

Instead, let’s look at why Dad specifically should be getting involved. 

Traveling Everywhere Is Easier

Have you ever tried navigating public transport, or worse, an airport with a stroller? It sux! 

If you have a toddler they may be reaching a size where you are struggling to hold the weight for any length of time. Bring in the Dad muscles! It solves this issue and you are again an agile and mobile family. 

Plus you know they are always safe, and cannot run off anywhere. 

A lifesaver when anywhere crowded. 

Venture Further

Want to go off the beaten track? The physical demands of baby wearing an be a real limitation on your own and as a result, you never get too far away from your car. 

Want to go for a trek, Dad is the man! 

Need to carry a baby, a picnic, a couple of fold-out chairs? How are you going to do this without Dad? 

Get him involved, and open some new doors!

Promotes Bonding

In the early years of a child’s life, Dad misses out on a lot of stuff. He is biologically cast aside from so many activities and is often the support person in the background. 

Being able to strap them into a position that resembles something associated with that motherly bond just feels good. It is a closeness that Dad’s do not often get to experience. 

You may find that once he experiences this, he is likely to jump at the chance to have this close time with the little one. 


Best Baby Carriers For Dad

1. Baby Tula Ergonomic With Navy Camouflage

Baby Tula Ergonomic With Navy Camouflage

The ultimate man baby carrier! The navy camouflage pattern just says it all.

Aside from that you will find a well built and functional baby carrier. If you purchase one of the larger designs then you can push the weight limit right up to 60lbs!

That is an insanely heavy load that would (mostly) be the domain of the Dads. 

This could see the same carrier last you right up until late toddler years and still not be near the weight limit. The longevity of use can put the price point into some perspective and offer value. 


  • Awesome camouflage pattern Dad will love
  • Can be purchased in a range of sizes that can accommodate up to a 60lb load
  • Longer use = Value for money


  • A higher price point
  • The buckle will be hard to reach for less flexible man

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2. Mission Critical Cayote Baby Carrier

Mission Critical Cayote Baby Carrier

Sticking with the military color theme we have another testosterone fueled design that Dad will be frothing to show off when out and about! 

Army style camouflage by look, but also military grade in design and quality. 

The durable fabric will stand up to just about anything that you could conceive doing with a baby strapped into the seat… Which for the safety conscious is probably not all that much, but the quality element would ensure longevity of use and value for money. 


  • The wide and adjustable waits strap should see it fit guys of all builds. 
  • Can be purchased in a range of sizes that can accommodate up to a 60lb load
  • The camouflage design is awesome!


  • For a well built carrier we expected a higher weight capacity than the 35lbs specified. 
  • The material could be too rough for sensitive baby skin
  • Larger babies have trouble getting comfortable in the seat

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3. Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

As we back away from the macho, masculinity saving army colors we now look to simple black and a well functioning design.

Sleek and compact – this carrier is an easy choice for Dads.

It is simple yet functional. It is easy to put on and off. It comes in solid colors that can match any type of clothes or outfit.

The baby’s seat is roomy and it has a sturdy and high back panel that can efficiently support your baby’s back.

You can use this carrying in a number of different positions – frontal inward, frontal outward, hip carry and backpack carry.

The pockets on the waist belt area are also great for easy access with a full load.

Read full review here


  • Detachable hood and bag make for easy storage
  • The 45lbs capacity should get you plenty of runway to maximise use
  • The waist pockets, key ring and toy clip are convenient extras 


  • For a well built carrier we expected a higher weight capacity than the 35lbs specified. 
  • The material could be too rough for sensitive baby skin
  • Larger babies have trouble getting comfortable in the seat

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4. Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

The Thule Sapling is a top of the range carrier built for the outdoors. It is great for Dads who love camping and hiking

The adjustable back panel provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby. The seat is ergonomically designed for full support and can be adjusted as well.

Rarely will you find a Dad who is excited at the prospect of carrying around a diaper bag. This carrier comes with plenty of storage space and should fit all you need for your day out…. including lunch!

It has a detachable backpack for a snack, feeding bottles, diapers, and extra clothes.

You will also find handy zippered pockets just about everywhere so you can carry and access items like smartphones and keys easily.

Read full review here…


  • Storage pockets everywhere! 
  • Ultimate comfort for you and your baby
  • Durable material that is built to stand up to long hikes and outdoor trips


  • A much higher price point, but it is built for heavy duty use
  • Rain cover is to be purchased separately

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5. MiaMily Hipster Plus

MiaMily Hipster Plus

This Swiss-designed carrier met all the criteria of a Dad carrier. It has no complicated buckles or straps, comes in a solid color, simple in design and of course, functional.

It is lined with a mesh fabric that’s great for the summer and if the weather is cold, it has a dual layer option that can keep your baby warm.

This carrier has tons of storage areas which is great for dads on the go. There’s a place where you can put your smartphone, car keys, and wallet.

Read full review here…


  • Swiss built premium quality
  • Designed according to the ​Hip Dysplasia Institutes guidelines
  • Comfortable and breathable design


  • Drool pad to be bought separately
  • The stitching around the hip seat can tear if placed under too much stress

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6. Onya Baby Outback Carrier

Onya Baby Outback Carrier

We had to throw this one on the list due to some good old ingenuity that Dads would really appreciate. 

This clever design allows you to transform this from a carrier into a seat that you can attach to a chair to hold your child securely in place. A much better option than using your belt to keep your child from falling off a chair on a day out! 

You will find a stack of other useful features such as a key clip, chew fabric, lots of pockets for storage and a hood to snuggle your baby in at nap time. 

The waistband is wide and quite supportive, with great ergonomics and suitable for the solid build of a man. The shoulder straps are also well-padded to reduce fatigue and even out the weight distribution.


  • Clever multifunctional design
  • ​Lots of convenient features
  • 45lbs weight limit so this will last you well into the toddler years


  • More suited to users with a larger frame
  • As with any buckle carrier you need to get your settings right to be comfortable

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Final Word

Dad will no longer have any excuses if you go with any of the above carriers. Dangling a carrot like the navy print in front could get him going, but once he does start he will be hooked!

Plus, ladies still look great in camo colors anyway… So our pick for the top baby carrier for Dad is the Baby Tula.

You can enjoy the rest that comes with offloading that (portable) baby weight on to the man. But don’t get too comfortable, they will be clamoring for you in no time. 

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