Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier Review

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The Tula Baby Carrier is a very popular carrier among many parents. Tula has many added features, some of which come with the carrier and others have to be purchased, I will talk about some of these features in this review.

This carrier is designed for proper ergonomic M positon of the baby as this is important for optimal development of the baby’s body.

The Tula has two different size options; the standard baby carrier and the toddler carrier. The baby size range is different for both of them. The Carrier is made of high quality Öko-Tex certified cotton and is machine washable. This makes the Tula carrier both easy to use and to care for.

Lists Featuring the Tula Ergonomic

When assessed against other baby carriers on the market the Tula has featured regularly on this site. It has performed well in the following categories:

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Product Feature list

  • It comes in two sizes, standard (baby) and toddler; the weights range from 15 to 45 lbs for the standards size and 25-60 lbs for the toddler carrier. This will see you through until your child reaches the average 4 yer old size!
  • Available Tula infant insert to allow for use with a newborn. But this must be purchased separately.
  • Adjustable straps that allow your baby to be closer to you, and for you to maintain a comfortable fit for your frame.
  • Baby sits in a very comfortable M position, which is ideal for supporting proper development of the baby.
  • Detachable hood for baby’s security. Great for nap time, or to keep the sun and wind off when out and about.

Who is it for?

This carrier is for those who want a high end and reliable carrier that can be used long term. The baby size can handle up to 45 lbs, and the toddler 60lbs.

That is well above the standard range for the carriers in the market and the extended use will help you get your money’s worth.

If you are looking for a carrier with some colour or an awesome design you will find 20 different patterns to choose from. Something for every taste. We love the Later Gator pattern. The Gray Zig Zag is one of the more popular designs but is only available in the toddler size.

If you wish to use this for a new born then you will have to buy the Tula Infant Insert separately.

Other carriers on the market such as the Boba 4G has this extra included. But if you have your heart set on the Tula then you do have this option.

Tula Ergonomic

The Tula Baby Carrier has adjustable straps that allow you to bring your baby closer to you, having the baby closer to you will increase the bond between parent and baby.

The adjustable strap also makes nursing easier. The leg openings are adjustable and the baby sits in a nice M-Positon.

The Tula has nice padding all around which will make your baby feel very comfortable.

The toddler model can handle up to 60 lbs! If your frame is up for it you will be able to continue your babywearing journey for years to come with that kind of load capacity. Definitely a reason to stay in shape.

Safety is one of the most important criteria for any Baby Carrier. The Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier has many extra features to keep the baby safe in the carrier.

The back panel height is higher than normal; the back panel height for the toddler carrier is 18” which keeps the baby safe in the carrier.

Using this baby carrier is very easy. The straps are easy and fast to get on and off. The straps are also easy to tighten and loosen.

This particular baby carrier is machine washable, which is nice if you ever get the carrier dirty or just want to give it a clean after extensive use, all you have to do is throw the carrier in the washer and let it dry.


Although the shoulder and waist straps have nice paddings, the adjustments are not the best for petite parents, the smallest size is about a 29.

I really like when the shoulder straps cross on my back, which is not the case for the Tula. Having said this, the weight is still distributed very nicely.

The Tula infant insert is not included and must be purchased separately.

Why you should buy it?

This is a good quality, reliable carrier, and you and your baby will have a comfortable experience using the Tula.

Given that there can be limited options on the market when looking for some color or a design that is a bit more lively, if you want something a bit different then this is the carrier for you.

Of course, there is still the plain color options also with the Urbanista design. But plenty for those who like something more colorful and adventurous.

Tula Ergonomic Pineapple


Overall, the Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier is an awesome carrier all around. It has the price tag to match though and would be best for someone who knows they will get plenty of use out of the carrier.

The included extras like the detachable privacy hood are a big plus, but you need to be mindful of the extras mentioned that require a separate purchase.

This may not suit a warmer climate as there is no mesh area to allow the main seat to breathe, but the material is 100% cotton which does help. Where this carrier does excel is in the safety department.

The material of this carrier is made of high quality. The baby is very safe and comfortable in the Tula, making it a very popular carrier amongst many parents.

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