Best All-Terrain Double Strollers for Infants and Toddlers in 2024

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Baby carriers are a tough option once you have two kids! But you have to stay mobile somehow right?

So how can we still enjoy heading off the beaten (and perfectly flat) path?

There are double strollers that are designed to handle a range of different terrains and make it easier for your to still enjoy some light hiking, running, or beach activities with the children in tow.

In this article we will review the following All-Terrain Double Strollers:

best all terrain double stroller

What is an All-Terrain Stroller?

All-terrain strollers are typically designed with only three wheels (kind of like a tricycle).

Having three wheels, with the front typically being a swivel wheel, instead of four, you have better control and stability when navigating over uneven terrain.

These wheels are typically fitted with bicycle-type tires, made of rubber and filled with either air or foam.

By not using plastic for the wheels the tires have more give when rolling over rocks on trails and cracks in the road.

All-terrain strollers typically have suspension designed to act similar to that of a car.

This helps to create a nice, smooth ride for your little one with little to no jostling when running or walking over rough terrain.

You will find this type of stroller to be much bulkier than say an umbrella stroller (especially when you add in a second seat), which can make them heavier and harder to store in the trunk of a car or in your home.

However, they are also typically more comfortable for children than smaller umbrella strollers thanks to their room seats and smooth ride.All-Terrain Double Strollers for Infants and Toddlers

Selection Criteria


Double strollers are huge, and the additional features that come with an all-terrain stroller – namely the over-sized bicycle-type tires – make these strollers very heavy.

This can make them difficult to store in the trunk of a car or fit through doorways.

There is only so much wiggle room when it comes to the size (particularly width) of a double stroller, but there is a little bit of variation in size and weight between brands and models.

Measure your trunk space and know your limitations with the amount of weight you can lift when looking for the right double all-terrain stroller for you.

Children Capacity

You do not want your child to outgrow her stroller before you are ready, and you do not want to put your little one at risk by putting her in a stroller that she is too young for.

We have put together our recommendations with height and weight limitations in mind and have listed these for you against each item.


You want your baby to be safe, whether she is riding in the car or just in her stroller.

Thankfully, most strollers come equipped with five-point harnesses, with lap band and shoulder straps, which keep your baby secure.

Additional safety features that are ideal with all-terrain strollers include full-coverage canopies that keep your baby protected from the sun, one-touch brakes (either operated by hand or foot), and reflectors that will come in handy when you are walking or running at night.

Ease of Use

All-terrain strollers are cumbersome enough as it is. With the additional seat attached, a double stroller is that much more difficult to maneuver and store.

We have included options that are relatively easy to maneuver, despite their size.

Opt for one that is easy to fold, preferably in one or two steps, to make things easier on yourself.

Storage Options

Traveling with two kids means packing a lot of stuff. Babies need formula and diapers; toddlers need toys and snacks.

Your stroller will need to have space to store them all.

Ideally, parent and child trays, cup holders, mesh pockets, and a large storage basket under the stroller are great features to have.

Seat Adjustments

With a double stroller, you will be carrying two children.

Whether they are twins that are the same size, older children sitting in the seats, or a combination of infant (in car seat) and toddler, you will be thankful for independent seat control.

This includes separate canopies for both children, individual seat recline, and removable lap bar/tray.

These features will keep each of your children comfortable and safe, allowing you to cater to their personal seating needs.

Best Double All-Terrain Strollers of 2024

Lightweight Stroller

Valco Baby Neo Twin Double Lightweight 

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Double all-terrain strollers are very heavy. After all, you have those heavy-duty tires, rugged frames, and dual seats to account for.

For some, the biggest selling factor for a double stroller is finding one that is on the lighter side when it comes to weight, and this one from Valco Baby is sure to satisfy that parent.

Weighing in at only 27 pounds, this double stroller is one of a kind. It also folds up nice and compact so that it can even fit into a compact car’s trunk.

Everything about the seats on this stroller are independently adjustable, including individual lap bars, seat recline, footrest level, and canopy use.

This stroller is simple to fold, and has a unique auto lock feature when folded. Unlike most jogging or all-terrain strollers that come with an attached band to latch it closed when folded.

A limitation is the available storage. You only have a small storage basket underneath which will struggle to fit a purse or diaper bag.

Due to the storage space, you may need to hook bags onto the stroller frame or handle bar, but with the lightweight frame, this can cause the stroller to tip backwards.

Especially if your child is still small (not heavy enough to counter the weight put on the stroller).


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Fully independent adjustable seats
  • Automatic lock with easy fold


  • Minimal storage
  • Vulnerable to tipping

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Travel System Stroller

Baby Trend Navigator Double 

Baby Trend Navigator

Travel systems – an interlocking car seat carrier and stroller combination – are very popular with parents. It makes it easy for you to transition your baby from the car to her stroller.

It can be relatively easy to find a system that works for you with a single stroller, but sometimes with a double stroller, it can be a bit more difficult.

Especially if you have children of different ages!

When looking for a double stroller travel system, you will need to find one that fits your car seat or at least has an adapter available for purchase that will work.

You will also need to look into what is required to transition to a car seat carrier and if it is possible to only attach one car seat (if you have an older child in addition to an infant).

This stroller from Baby Trend is a great choice. It can take one or two Baby Trend car seat carriers at once and does not need an additional adapter in order to install them.

There is no adapter that you need to purchase in order to use this stroller as a car seat carrier. The carriers simply fit into the seat/tray area(s) of the stroller.

You can use this stroller with a single infant and older child or with newborn twins.

As an added bonus (not a necessity), this stroller comes equipped with MP3 plug-in and built-in speakers.

You can play soothing music for your baby or something to keep you motivated on your morning run.

You will of course need a Baby Trend car seat to remain compatible with the stroller.

This is the heaviest stroller on our list, weighing in at a whopping 43 pounds, which does not include the car seats.

The weight and size of this stroller can be difficult to maneuver and pack if you are a smaller-framed individual.


  • No car seat adapter necessary
  • Accepts one or two car seats
  • MP3 plug-in and speakers


  • Only compatible with Baby Trend car seats
  • Very heavy and bulky

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For Use at the Beach

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie

It is hard enough to walk on sand sometimes, so can a stroller really manage a trip to the beach?

The answer is very few!

We went on a search for something ventilated, with plastic wheel housing and plenty of storage for toys, food, and towels and landed on the BOB Revolution.

It is a premium option, but you get excellent value for your money, and it is built to last.

The wheel housing is made of plastic, which will reduce the chances of rust or corrosion, but the plastic does not cut down on the quality of this stroller.

When the seats are reclined, mesh netted is exposed to allow airflow to keep your child from overheating at the beach.

This stroller also has large canopies that will protect your babies’ delicate skin from the harsh sun.

With an undercarriage basket and seat back pockets, you have a decent amount of space to carry buckets, shovels, snacks, and towels on your beach outing.

The only thing included with your purchase is the stroller itself. Any additional storage, covering, trays, or cup holders are only available for separate purchase.


  • Mesh ventilation and large canopy
  • High-quality plastic wheel housing
  • Decent storage options


  • Pricey
  • Accessories sold separately

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Best For Jogging

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

Baby Jogger Summit X3

Your fitness training should not have to stop, even with two kids. That is why there are tandem jogging strollers, but what does a decent one look like?

Just like with any jogging stroller, you want to have a hand brake to help regulate your speed downhill (especially when you have double the weight pulling the stroller).

The locking front wheel is critical, as is good ventilation, and comfortable seats for your children.

In addition, a double jogging stroller must have optimum steering in order to control a doublewide load.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is fitted with 5-point harnesses for safety, a hand and foot brake, mesh ventilation, and center support bar (to keep your children from falling into each other).

A hand brake is essential with a jogging stroller; it helps to regulate your speed when running downhill, ensuring your children do not get away from you in a runaway stroller.

This stroller not only comes with this necessary safety feature, but also includes a foot brake, which can be more convenient when you need to park the stroller.

Several areas of the stroller are fitted with breathable mesh. This allows for optimum airflow, especially when you are running outside with your children in their stroller.

You do not want to lose control of the stroller due to fighting children, and you do not want them jostling into each other as you are running.

The center support bar between the seats helps to keep your children separate in their own seats.

Like the BOB Flex, this stroller only comes with the stroller itself. Any cup holders, trays, storage compartments, or rain covers need to be purchased separately.

You will not be able to fit much into the storage basket, perhaps not even a diaper bag according to some parents.

This may not be that much of an issue if you are only using the stroller for jogging, but if you want this for an everyday stroller, you may need to consider purchasing extra storage or bag hooks.


  • Hand and foot brake
  • Increased ventilation
  • Center support bar


  • Accessories sold separately
  • Storage basket is small

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Most Compact Stroller

Mountain Duet Buggy V3

Mountain Duet Buggy V3

Double stroller are generally very bulky. The Mountain Duet really stands out on this measure with a very clever design that limits the width to 25 inches – the same as the single seat model!

This removes a lot of the inconvenience that comes with using a double stroller…. Like fitting through a door!

The seats are still full-sized and so the comfort of your kids will be uncompromised.

It can be adapted for newborn by simply utilizing the recline, which will go into a fully horizontal position.

This stroller is easy to fold and collapses in seconds with the use of only one hand.

The superior design and high quality does put this one at the higher price range.

In our opinion, the only down side with this model is the tricky process of removing the seat liners when converting this stroller into a bassinet or car seat carrier. It is difficult, confusing, and time consuming.


  • Same width as single stroller
  • Newborn ready
  • One-handed fold


  • Pricey
  • Tricky to convert to bassinet/car seat carrier

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Best Budget Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Trend Expedition

The words “all-terrain” and “double” usually means a steep increase in the price range.

The Baby Trend Expedition offers impressive value for those who want this category of stroller without breaking the bank. Great for the budget-conscious family!

You will find an abundance of storage with the undercarriage basket, covered compartment on the parent tray as well as cup holders, and mesh pockets next to the kids’ seats (great for storing a cup, toy, or snack).

You can safely park this stroller with one step rather than two separate wheel brakes.

It is a bulkier stroller and does not fold up to a compact shape as well as others.

This makes it difficult to fit into the trunk of a car (more suited for a van or SUV).

The single canopy is quite narrow and also offers limited protection from the sun. It also cannot be controlled individually per seat.


  • Inexpensive
  • Decent storage space
  • Single-step foot brake


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Single canopy

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Safety Tips

Without taking proper precautions, strollers – especially when used off-road or jogging – can be nearly as dangerous as riding in a car.

Make sure you always follow these safety tips to keep your baby safe while you both enjoy your adventures with your stroller.

  • Never allow your child to ride in the stroller without buckling up with the five-point harness, whether it is in the car seat or the stroller itself.
  • Always use the correct car seat or adapter intended for your stroller model. Using one that does not fit properly can lead to serious injury.
  • Ensure that the car seat completely clicks into place to prevent it from falling off the stroller and causing injury to your baby.
  • When jogging, always lock the front swivel wheel (if you have a stroller without a fixed wheel); leaving it in swivel mode can cause your stroller to make unpredictable turns.
  • Use the hand brake when jogging downhill to prevent your stroller from rolling away with your children.
  • Follow the age and weight guidelines for your stroller.
  • Never go jogging with an infant; the jostling can cause serious injury.
  • Keep tires inflated to the appropriate level to maintain proper steering control.
  • Do not load down your stroller; overloading the undercarriage basket can lead to tears in the fabric and put strain on the frame, and placing heavy bags on the handle bar can cause the stroller to tip with your child in it.
  • Use the parking brake whenever you stop your stroller. This will keep it from accidentally rolling somewhere dangerous, such as into the street or off a mountain.
  • Always lock or latch your stroller when it is folded. Failing to do so can cause it to open unexpectedly when taking it out of your car’s trunk, possibly damaging your car or injuring yourself.

Final Word

A double all-terrain stroller is impractical for everyday use, and can be a significant investment.

So it will only fit the lifestyles of those who are already very active and want to share outdoor activities with their kids on places that are less friendly to your average stroller.

We love the Valco Twin Lightweight as it is just the easiest model to manage. But hope that this article has been helpful in enabling you to find what best suits your needs.

Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below, and share this list with other outdoorsy parents who may be looking for a way to share their hobbies with their babies.

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