Best Baby Wrap Carriers with Stunning Patterns in 2021

If you are after the quick answer for the best baby wrap pattern, we loved the Boba Baby Wrap with the Stardust Pattern.

The vast majority of baby wraps on the market are plain in color, and well… boring. Black is a popular favorite as it hides the inevitable mess that comes with babywearing over a period of time.

It also matches any outfit.

At the end of the day though it is still dull and doesn’t give you much room to express your personality. We want to bring a bit of life back into your babywearing look!

So we went out there looking for the best baby wrap pattern on the market to brighten things up and get excited to wear your wrap again.

In this article we will be reviewing the following baby wraps with stunning patterns: 

top rated baby wraps with patterns

Best Baby Wraps with Patterns in 2021

1. Boba Baby Wrap (Stardust Pattern)

Boba Wrap Stardust
The Boba brand needs no introduction to baby wearers. Their standard wrap comes in a wide range of colors, but not much in the way of patterns.

The Stardust is their token pattern in the collection, and also happens to be one of their best sellers. The grey fabric is a very safe color and will not look out of place with any outfit.

The star pattern could also be described as safe. Not an amazing eye catcher, but just the right amount of life in the design without losing that conservative undertone.

Plus with Boba you know that you will be getting a quality product.

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2. Baby K’tan Wrap (Dandelion Pattern)

Baby K'tan Wrap - Dandelion Pattern
The Baby K’tan is not an ordinary wrap and provides a great alternative for those who don’t like the process of tying off the wrap knots.

The unique design comes with a pre-made double loop that goes over the shoulders and can be a very user friendly option for those who have not yet mastered the Wrap Technique.

The pouch shape is great for newborns and infants and is a very snug fit that your young one will love!

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3. Moby Wrap UV 50+

Moby Wrap UV 50+Baby Wrap
The Moby UV 50+ has a pattern that is not as loud as the others on this list.

The color of the fabric gives a very elegant complement to your outfit, and the subtle cotton pattern is a nice touch.

You will need to wrap this one yourself, unlike the K’tan. It may also take a couple of practice runs to ensure the picture is perfectly in the middle.

We think that it is worth the trouble for this beautiful, and great quality wrap.

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4. Nuzzle (Fern Pattern) Wrap

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The Nuzzle range certainly has some bizarre patterns in their range. The green fern leaves, and the yellow melon cut in half we really found odd.

The flying pelican pattern was a little more subtle in the colors used and has an eye catching pattern without being over the top.

The grey background keeps a level of sophistication about it…. Even though you are covered in flying pelicans!

This wrap is a cotton & spandex blend. So it will be more suitable for newborns, and you will get that comfortable stretch in the fabric.

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5. Babypeta (Green Pattern)

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For a more stylish look you will love the Babypeta range.

The clever design gives some contrast between the pattern and the plain background of the fabric. Definitely an eye catcher!

This is another spandex blend so you can expect the same stretchiness as the Nuzzle range, and for the weight limit to cap out at 35lbs.

The same pattern is available in purple and blue, and all three options look amazing.

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Final Word

While our top pick was the Stardust pattern of the Boba Wrap, the brand has a long list of colors and patterns to pick from.

Our last count was 18 different styles. So if the Stardust is lacking a bit of color you can get the same great quality wrap with something much brighter if that is more you.

The same could be said about most of the wraps mentioned in this article. The selection of patterns available goes well beyond the ones shown above with multiple designs offered by most brands. 

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