The Best Ring Sling Baby Carrier in 2021 and How to Use it

If you are just after the quick answer for the best ring sling baby carrier, we loved the Mamaway Ring Sling.

Ring Slings or RS simply put is a piece of long, sturdy fabric with two rings on the end. Moms enjoy using ring sling for babywearing and child rearing because it is easy and fun. Moms can do chores, run short errands, and even nurse their babies using ring slings. 

Ring Slings are not bulky. It can actually fit your bag or your baby’s diaper bag. You can bring a ring sling practically anywhere. Wrapping your child using ring slings can be challenging but through practice, you can wrap your baby safely and securely in a ring sling.

In this post we will be reviewing the best ring slings for newborns and toddlers in 2021:

Ring Sling Designs

Open Ring Slings

These are ring slings that have two rings at the end of the fabric. The end that doesn’t have any rings are called “tails.”

The tail needs to go through the rings in order to create a pouch that will carry and support your baby.

Closed Ring Slings

This type of ring sling is easier to use. The edge of the fabric is usually padded and has one end in a fixed position. There’s no need to adjust and readjust the fabric to fit perfectly.

Standard Sizes for Ring Slings

Ring Sling sizes vary from brand to brand but here’s the standard guidelines for ring slings:


Best Ring Sling Baby Carrier of 2021

1. Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

The Mamaway Ring Sling can fit babies and adults of different body built and sizes. You can use this ring sling from the time your baby is born until toddler age. This ring sling has its own pocket sewn into the fabric which makes it easy to keep the ring sling away when not in use. It also makes it handy to bring anywhere.

The rings are made from nylon that durable and sturdy while making it easier for moms to adjust and readjust the fabric of the ring sling. The rings has been tested to carry loads heavier than your toddler-age child.

The fabric is made from 100% breathable cotton combed fabric. This ring sling is machine washable and dries quickly.

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2. Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

The Maya Ring Sling is great for moms who are just starting to learn how to use a ring sling. You can use this to inward frontal carry or outward frontal carry your child. Since this ring sling is lightly padded, it is quite comfortable for moms.

This ring sling offers a lot of convenience for all the mothers out there. It fits inside a diaper bag so you can bring it with you anywhere. It also features a zippered pocket where you can put extra diapers and wipes.

Moms can use the tail end of this ring sling as a cover while nursing newborns. Babies will love Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling because the fabric is cool and breathable.

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3. Vlokup Water Ring Sling

Vlokup Water Ring Sling

This Vlokup ring sling is best if you want to carry your child to the beach or pool and even when shower. It is made from 100% polyester mesh that makes it breathable and very light in the water. It dries quickly which makes it perfect for those outdoor water activities.

This carrier puts your child close to your upper chest which is important in any water activity.But this carrier is not only for carrying your child in water environment, many moms finds this carrier very suitable for hot and humid weather. Thanks to the breathable mesh that was used to made this ring sling.

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Benefits of using a Ring Sling


  • It helps facilitate breastfeeding. The tail of the ring sling can function as coverage when you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • It is handy and easy to bring anywhere.
  • You can use ring slings to carry your child in a number of different positions.


  • The weight of the child is being concentrated on one shoulder only.
  • Moms need to frequently monitor that the position of the baby is maintained properly.

Materials Used in a Ring Sling

Ring Materials

Rings being used in ring slings can be made from aluminum or nylon. It needs to be lead and nickel free as well.

Rings needs to pass certain standards set by Consumer Product Safety Commission.Each ring needs to undergo the following tests:

  • Impact Testing.This test is done to determine the capacity of the rings when subjected loading.
  • Pull Testing.Used to make sure that the rings will that break or separate when subjected to loading or heavy weight.
  • Extreme Temperature Testing. Freezing and heating of rings followed by impact and pull testing.

There are three common ring sizes used to assemble the final design: 

  • Small – The inner diameter is about 2 inches and the outer diameter is about 2.5 inches. These rings are used for light and very soft fabrics. Using small rings can make ring slings more secure and tight. Ring slings with small rings can be more difficult.
  • Medium – With an inner diameter of 2.5 inches and outer diameter of 3 inches, medium sized rings are best for thicker fabrics. It is secure and it is easier to adjust than the small-sized rings.
  • Large – For heavier fabrics, use the large rings that have an inner diameter of 3 inches and outer diameter of 3.5 inches. It is also advisable to use large rings for wider fabrics.

Type of Fabrics For Ring Sling

Remember to check for the quality of the fabric of the ring sling that you are buying. It needs to be able to stand the wear and tear of babywearing.

  • Broadcloth Cotton/Polyester – The composition of broadcloth” is usually 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Make sure that it is not that thin or slippery. Choose the thicker kind for durability. Thinner fabric tends to be short-lived and uncomfortable. Thin and slippery fabric will slide through the rings which means that your baby is not going to be safe. Another disadvantage of thin broadcloth is it is not ergonomic and can be painful, especially around the neck and shoulder area.
  • Silk – Silk is a wonderful fabric. It is durable and of course, beautiful. Just make sure that you don’t get the thin variety. Check if you can see the light or if the light passes through when you hold it up to. Choose thicker silk fabric which means that there’s minimal light that passing through.
  • Cotton – Cotton fabric is one of the best choices for ring slings. It is durable, easy to maintain, breathable and soft.
  • Linen/ Linen-Rayon Combination – Linen is probably one of the strongest fabric used in ring slings. When combined with rayon, it becomes softer, making it easier for you to wrap your baby. It is best to choose a fabric that has a greater percentage of linen than rayon. If rayon has a greater percentage, it will make the fabric slippery.

Fabrics Not Recommended For Ring Sling

  • Muslin – This fabric is not advisable for ring slings. It is not that durable and lacks any diagonal weave. This means that it is quite difficult to break-in and to mold. It also has the tendency to pull or grab your clothes while you are carrying your baby. This can be quite uncomfortable and can sometimes put you in compromising situations.
  • Flannel – Flannel is a cotton fabric that has been significantly processed or frayed. This means that the fabric, although soft, is weaker and is not ideal for ring slings.
  • Polyester – Pure 100% polyester is not suitable for ring slings because it is not that airy and breathable. It can get really hot and that can be quite uncomfortable for you and your baby.

Components of a Ring Sling

Before trying to learn how to use a ring sling, it is best to educate yourself with the parts or

  1. Shoulder. This is the part where the rings are attached to the fabric.
  2. Pouch. This is the area where you will put baby. It has two parts:
    • Top Rail – This is the upper portion of the pouch.
    • Bottom Rail – This is the lower portion of the pouch.
  3. Tail. This is the other end of the fabric – the free end where there’s no ring attached.
  4. Rings. It comes in different sizes and is made from aluminum or nylon.

How To Use a Ring Sling

There are a number of positions that you can carry your baby using a ring sling.But before you can do that, here are some tips and guidelines that you can follow:


This are the most important steps that you can do – practice, practice and more practice. Do this in front of a mirror to check the proper position of the fabric and how it will drape and support your baby in the future.

It is advisable to use a doll first before trying to practice on your baby. Some babies might get impatient and cranky if you will try the same procedure over and over again. Try to perfect it first with a doll in front of a mirror.

Here’s the procedure for the different carrying position that you can do when you use a ring sling.

Types of Ring Sling Carrier Positions

Frontal Carry

This is the basic carrying position that you need to learn if you want to use a ring sling in carrying your child.

  1. Start by putting the shoulder part of the ring sling over our shoulder. Put it on the opposite side where you want to carry your child.
  2. Bring the fabric around your back and grab the fabric around the middle. You are now actually forming the pouch of the ring sling.
  3. After that, insert the fabric into the rings. Then insert it again thorough the second ring to secure the fabric. Arrange the fabric and make sure that there are no lumps or knots on the rings and properly spread out the fabric around your body.
  4. Get your baby and put him or her inside the pouch. Pull the top portion of the fabric to help support the back and then pull the bottom part of the fabric towards your tummy to form a seat. Readjust the fabric if necessary.

You can watch the video here:

Hip Carry

  1. Thread the fabric of your ring sling through the rings. 
  2. After threading it, wear the ring sling on you shoulder. Keep in mind that if you want to carry your child on the right hip, you need to put the shoulder part (where you can find the rings) of the ring sling on the left side.
  3. Put your baby over your shoulder and gently slide the baby into the pouch of the ring sling.
  4. Pull the top rail to support the back of your baby.
  5. Grab the bottom rail of the fabric up to the middle part of the pouch. Then gently pull the bottom rail in between your baby’s legs. Make sure that you have enough fabric to fully support your child in a sitting position.
  6. Adjust to tighten the fabric.

Check the full video:

Piggy Back/ Backpack Carry

  1. Prepare your ring sling. Grab the top rail of the fabric and depending your body size, leave a portion of the fabric near the shoulder part of the ring sling. Some leave at least a foot but it can be more than that.
  2. With the fabric on your hand, grab your baby and toss him or her over your back.
  3. Create a seat by pulling the bottom rail of the fabric in between the legs of your baby.
  4. Pull the shoulder part of the ring sling tight. After that, grab the other side of the fabric and pull it as well toward the back. Continue by putting the tail garment under your baby.
  5. Thread the tail part of the garment through the rings and adjust the fabric accordingly.

Watch the full video:

Final Word

Now that you have a full understanding of what ring sling options are out there for you you can buy with confidence. 

Our top-rated ring sling was the Mamaway, but all three options included in our list performed well under our assessment. 

Of course, if you are looking to take your ring sling into water then the Vlok will be a great addition to your summer toolkit with your baby. 

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