Solly Wrap vs Boba: Detailed Performance Comparison

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When comparing the Solly baby wrap and the Boba there are considerations beyond how the wraps perform.

The Boba wrap will win out on most performance measures. But for the environmentally conscious parent, the environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable materials may be preferred despite the shortcomings.

There are other reasons to buy the Solly of course. We will get into this and more in this detailed comparison of two of the best baby wraps on the market.

Quick Summary

If you wanted to skip the details of the comparison the following points sum up our findings of who would be most suitable for each baby wrap:

  • Buy the Solly – If you will only ever babywear use with an infant, are seeking an environmentally sustainable product, and don’t mind paying a little extra for it.
  • Buy the Boba – If you live in a cooler climate, are budget conscious, and want some stretch in your material.

Solly Baby Wrap Vs Boba Performance Comparison

In this section, we will provide a detailed assessment of 8 different points of comparison.

The overall tally of wins will determine our recommended baby wrap. However, you may not care about each of the criteria used and can instead add up the points on those points that matter most to you.

This will ensure that any subjectivity in the ratings is removed and the result is more likely to suit what you want.

Solly vs Boba Baby Wrap Comparison

Pattern Choice

Speaking of subjectivity, the first item on our list is the appearance of the wrap. It doesn’t get any more subjective than this!

The Boba has 11 different colors of fabric to choose from. Plus one unique pattern. While it is nice to be able to choose your favorite color (or whatever matches your wardrobe) we think that the lack of patterns makes the Boba a bit dull.

The range of patterns and colors of the Solly blows the Boba out of the water. Our favorite is the animal spots pattern which is basically a leopard print style of fabric (pictured further down).

You will also find a range of more subtle colors and patterns if that is more your style.

The broad selection gives Solly a clear edge here.

Verdict Solly


If the price is high on your list you will find that the Boba is usually cheaper. The Boba is one of the best budget carriers that you can find for less than $50 (some patterns and colors will be more than this).

While prices vary depending on the pattern or color you choose, the Solly is usually around 50%-75% more expensive than the Boba.

The extra cost is mostly due to the sustainable material used in the design of the Solly baby. It is one of the most expensive wraps on the market.

Verdict Boba Wrap

Weight Capacity

The Boba can handle a full 10 lbs compared to the Solly:

  • Solly – 25 lbs
  • Boba – 35 lbs

Your baby may outgrow the Solly before they are past their 1st birthday. So if you plan on babywearing into the toddler years then the Boba will be a more suitable option.

Verdict Boba Wrap

Length of Fabric

Both wraps are the same length and are one size fits all:

  • Solly – 16.5ft
  • Boba – 16.5ft

Both are more than adequate for almost all body types and should suit the vast majority of parents in any position.



A stretchy wrap can help create a more snug fit around your body when tying off your wrap.

Whether this is important to you or not is entirely subjective but it is an important differentiator between the Solly and Moby wrap.

The material used in the baby wrap is what will determine the amount of stretch. Below is a comparison of each of the Solly wraps vs the Moby wraps:

  • Solly Wraps- 100% TENCEL modal (wood-based fiber)
  • Boba Colored Wraps – 95% cotton + 5% spandex
  • Boba Pattern Wraps – 25% cotton + 7% spandex + 68% viscose (bamboo)

All of the Boba blended include cotton and spandex which is what gives it a lot of stretch. Whereas the Solly Wraps are made from a natural fiber material that is lighter with minimal stretch.

So if that’s the type of wrap you want this is an easy choice.

Verdict Boba Wrap

Material Breathability

The trade-off for that stretchy blend discussed in the point above is that you end up with a slightly thicker and heavier material.

This means that it will get warmer and the material less breathable.

A lighter natural fiber of the Solly will create a nicer environment when wearing your baby in warmer weather.

This can be a huge factor in keeping your baby comfortable and happy in their baby carrier.

Verdict Solly


Another argument against the blended fabric of the Boba is that the elasticity can wear out over time as your little one grows.

This creates some give in the tightness of the fit that can see your baby move around a bit as your day goes on.

However, the Modal used in the Solly is so thin and light that it is also going to wear out faster.

When you combine this with the lower weight limit the Boba is the clear winner for durability and longevity of use.

Verdict Boba Wrap

Environmental Sustainability

We had to include this as the final criteria as it is the main selling point of the Solly Baby wrap that is unique in the market.

It is a no contest vs the Boba which uses a blended fabric that would require heavier processing to manufacture and will not break down the same way as the modal material once it is past its useful life.

Whether this matters to you is a personal question – but for the sake of this comparison, Solly gets the point.

Verdict Solly

Individual Baby Wrap Reviews

On our like-for-like comparison, the Boba wrap beat the Solly 4 points to 3 (with one being a tie and no points awarded).

However, given that your own scorecard may have a different result we also wanted to provide a more detailed review of the Solly and the Boba wrap in this section.

We have not commented on all of the performance points that are the same.

  • Same fabric length (16.5 ft)
  • Both can be used entirely hands free
  • Both are machine washable
  • Same carrier positions (front inward carry, hip carry, newborn hold)
  • Both support healthy hip development is positioned correctly

As you can see, the general function is similar, but there are a few key differences that will help you get the best out of your wrap.

Solly Wrap Review

Solly Baby Wrap

You have the choice of some stunning patterns (including eye-popping animal prints!). But the main selling point of the Solly is that the wrap is made from lenzing modal (a material produced from Austrian beechwood tree pulp).

So if you are environmentally conscious then you may be willing to sacrifice some performance elements in support of these values.

Where the Solly baby wrap comes up short is the maximum capacity is just 25 lbs. This may not matter if you only plan on using it in that first year but beyond that, you may need to upgrade to a more durable soft structured carrier.

As with most environmentally sustainable products, there is a higher price tag.

Outperforms vs Boba Wraps

  • Lightweight wrap
  • Better pattern selection
  • Comfortable material (made from the underwear fabric)
  • More breathable material
  • Environmentally sustainable


  • More expensive
  • Less stretch in the material

Boba Wrap Review


Aside from the cheaper purchase price for most Boba variations, the main attraction of this wrap is the stretchy fabric.

While it is slightly thicker and heavier than the Solly, it is amazingly soft and silky and great for the sensitive skin of a newborn baby.

The extra stretchy material also allows you to get a slightly more snug fit.

You need a good strong knot and quality tie to ensure the wrap stays tight and supportive with babies up to 35 pounds (more than the Solly at 25 pounds). But all new parents can learn how to do this in no time.

As your baby’s weight increases the strength of the fabric will be tested due to the extra stretch. This can lead to deterioration over time. But you will still get years of use before this can happen.

The Boba wrap measures 16.5ft in length. The shorter fabric makes it more suitable for a petite person but is still long enough to suit most people.

Outperforms vs Solly Wraps

  • Higher weight capacity
  • More stretchy material
  • Very soft wraps
  • Cheaper price


  • Heavier and thicker fabric
  • Not as breathable

Alternative Baby Wraps And Carriers

If you wanted to stick to baby wraps then the Moby Baby Wrap is another high-quality alternative.

The 18ft of length gives you 1.5ft of extra fabric to accommodate all baby sizes when compared to the Solly and the Boba. This can be useful if you plan on using your baby wrap with a toddler.

Even for plus-size parents, you will be fine with this wrap as they grow.

The material is also 100% cotton which is more breathable than the Boba blend and is more suitable for hot weather. Check out the full moby vs boba comparison here.

For those not sure if they wanted a baby wrap carrier or a different type of baby carrier then we have lots of content that can help you out and recommend you check out the following guides:

Final Word

When comparing the Solly baby wrap to the Boba wrap there are essentially three questions to answer:

  • Will you use it past the first year?
  • Is it important to you to be as environmentally friendly as possible?
  • Are you willing to pay extra for the privilege?

Both wraps will do a great job in that first year, but beyond that, the Boba has much more runway and you will get far more value for money.

When you factor in the much lower price the only way you can make an argument to buy the Solly is the natural material, or if you just love the prints and colors on offer.

To ensure you have the best experience possible it is worth opting for quality when buying your wrap. You know that Boba and Solly are both high-quality brands that offer their wraps at reasonable prices.

This article has hopefully helped you settle that Solly vs Boba wrap decision and you can now decide which one is most suitable for you.

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