Best STEM Subscription Box for Kids in 2024

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f you are in a hurry and just want to know the best subscription box for kids, we loved the range of Kiwi Crates STEM kits.

When your child shows an interest in something it can be difficult to know how to encourage and nurture that interest to give them the best opportunities to learn and grow.

STEM subscription boxes can take the legwork out of this and are becoming a popular way to guide a child through a subject of interest while providing a broad range of opportunities to learn.

You can now find STEM boxes that cater to every interest under the sun, from robotics to biology. All delivering hands-on learning opportunities that are a lot of fun!

While this site mostly focussed on learning activities for kids in the 0-5 year old range, there are some fantastic STEM subscription boxes for kids that are aimed at the high end of this range and continue well up into the teens that we have included in this post.

The benefit of this is that you can engage your kids in hands-on STEM projects from a young age. As they grow and become more advanced, the projects also grow in complexity for many years to come.

In this post we will review the following subscription boxes for kids:

Best Monthly STEM Subscription Box in 2024

Best Overall: Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate offers a wide variety of options for kids of all age groups, making it our top pick for the best STEM subscription box.

There are eight options available, from the Panda Box for kids under two years old to the Maker Crate and Eureka Crate, both designed for teens 14 and up.

We are most interested in the subscription boxes aimed at toddlers and preschoolers and have summarized these levels below:

  • Panda Crate (0-24 months): Given the rapid development of your baby in this time the contents of your subscription box evolve every couple of months. Each change moves to a different theme in line with the next developmental stage; early bonding, sensory, exploration, counting, and discovery.
  • Koala Crate (2-4 years): The contents is very interactive and hands on. The themes of each box change between situational pretend play, like a doctors visit or ocean theme. Or has more crafty projects like exploring rainbow colors and creating.
  • Kiwi Crate (5-8 years): This introduces more complex tasks that have multiple stages of learning, and cover multiple STEM activities. These are more like STEM kits where you will first have to build your toy, and then learn how to use it. This combines science, technology, engineering and math all together in the one subscription box.

Each box contains a hands-on and age-appropriate STEM activity for kids to work on. There are also lesson plans in each crate to help kids understand the concepts that they’re learning.

Most projects focus on building, covering different areas of science and engineering. Kids can broaden their knowledge base and improve their critical thinking skills.

  • Eight different subscription box options to choose from
  • Multiple age groups: 0 to 14 year old
  • Each box contains one hands-on STEM projects and additional learning resources
  • Covers topics ranging from engineering to the sciences
  • Focuses on building and creating

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Science Projects

Best Science Subscription Box: Spangler Science Club

Kids interested in the sciences will love the real-world STEM activities in each monthly subscription sent from the Spangler Club.

All monthly science subscription boxes contain projects that cover topics ranging from chemistry to astronomy. Activities are designed to help kids learn about the scientific method and how it’s used in practice.

The idea of a science subscription may sound boring to kids at first, but once they start conducting experiments you may find that it sparks a natural curiosity that will be a huge benefit to them throughout their education.

To join the science club there are two different subscription levels. You just choose if you want to receive 5 (Spangler Science STEM lab box) or 10 (STEM deluxe box) hands-on science experiments every month.

All monthly science kits include a special parents’ guide so you can get involved and help your child learn.

  • Two boxes and four subscription options to choose from
  • Geared towards ages 5 to 12
  • Contains up to 5 or 10 projects
  • Covers scientific themes
  • Focuses on following the scientific method

Art Projects

Best For Art Lovers: Green Kids Crafts

The Green Kids Crafts subscription box blends STEM subjects across lessons through art, and environmental science focussed projects. While promoting eco-friendly ideas and sustainability.

Each box includes between four and six STEM-centric projects and a 12-page booklet with instructions and additional information. All materials used are sustainable and carbon-neutral.

Boxes are available for various ages, including options for kids age 2 to 4, kids age 5 to 10, and kids over 10. There are four subscription options to choose from based on how much you want to spend and how long you’d like a subscription.

Each month, there’s a new theme for kids to explore to keep them excited about learning. Some examples of past themes (which are sometimes revisited) include rainforest science, soaring into flight, transportation, and arctic science.

As you can see from the example themes, there is strong grounding in science, technology, engineering and math. but delivered through a nature-themed and artistic vehicle that your kids will really look forward to every month.

  • Three age ranges and four subscription options available
  • Options for kids ranging from age 2 to 10+
  • Contains between 4 and 6 projects per box
  • Combines STEM lessons with artistic and eco-friendly themes
  • Sustainable, carbon-neutral materials

Best for Young Engineers: Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box

We liked the Groovy Lab in a Box system as you get multiple inclusions in addition to your kid’s subscription box.

On top of your delivery every month you also get access to an online learning platform called Beyond…. in a Box. This includes videos and interactive online activities that go into more depth on the monthly topic.

There are also design challenges that are available to be completed without the aid of instructions, or prepared materials.

We loved this idea because it further challenges your child to use what they have learned and practiced in more of a real world setting.

While the premise of an engineering themed subscription box sounds advanced, the youngest recommended age is just four years old if you go with the Young Creator Series option.

So older toddlers can start to learn the guiding principles of scientific inquiry and the engineering design process through hands-on activities that help build critical thinking and problem-solving skills that include the following steps:

  • Investigate
  • Brainstorm
  • Plan
  • Build
  • Test
  • Redesign

If this is a subject that your child is interested in there is a more advanced option that is available for 8+ year olds.

Each box contains around five projects per month, along with a 20-page lab notebook. Kids can follow along themselves, or get help from parents.

Crates are themed around a different STEM theme, often revolving around physics and engineering, though they also cover science, math, and other important subjects.

  • Four subscription options
  • Geared towards kids eight and older
  • Each box includes around five projects and a 20-page lab notebook
  • Focuses on engineering design
  • Changing STEM themes each month

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Best for STEM Box for Coders: BitzBox

This is another subscription box that is aimed at slightly older children, with the recommended age starting from six years old. It is also a topic that is likely to scare the heck out of most parents!!

And this is exactly why a subscription box, like BitzBox, is so important if you have children that are interested in computers. They can bridge that gap by delivering basic coding projects every month… and you will learn a thing or two also if you wanted to.

Because coding is a learned skill there is a sequence of subscription boxes that start out by teaching the basics, and moving through a different area of computer science each month.

There are interactive projects that are completed online where your child build and modify apps. Yes, you heard me, your kid will be building an app!

With coding becoming more of a mainstream skill, developing a foundation of knowledge early on opens up a lot of doors for your kids.

Developing problem solving skills through creating, testing, and troubleshooting is another discipline that will serve them well over the years.

  • Three subscription options (including digital-only – no deliveries!)
  • Progressive coding skill development
  • New coding projects every month
  • Unlimited email support

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Engineering Projects

The Basics Of STEM Subscription Boxes

With so many different STEM subscription boxes to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the right one for the little one in your life.

Here, we’re going to go over the basics of the best STEM subscription box options to help you find the right mix of exciting and educational.

What Is A STEM Subscription Box?

Most of us are familiar with the idea of a subscription box. Each month, you receive a themed box filled with brand new goodies, whether that means a fresh supply of makeup, a seasonal wardrobe, or access to the latest names on bestseller lists.

STEM subscription boxes are centered around education, with themes that follow major areas in science, technology, engineering, and math (or STEAM if you include art). In general, they’re geared towards school-age children around the first-grade level and up.

When you order a STEM subscription box, each month you receive a box in the mail containing fun exercises and activities, experiments to try, booklets to read, and much more.

Each box aims to teach children something new about the way things work.

Who Are STEM Subscription Boxes Made For?

Bright Young Minds

First and foremost, STEM boxes are made for school-age students who are looking to expand their horizons.

They help supplement what kids learn in school, teaching them through hands-on activities instead of dry books and lectures.

Most STEM boxes are designed by grade level, covering concepts that kids are currently learning in school. They make a great gift for children of all ages and keep giving month after month.

School kids will never get bored with something new and exciting to look forward to each month.

Family Fun

Monthly STEM activities don’t necessarily need to be limited to the age range listed. STEM subscription boxes make a great activity for the whole family.

Parents and kids can gather around each month to try out new experiments, crafts, and projects together. Kids who learn alongside their parents perform better and learn faster than other students.

Many STEM boxes are constructed with the family in mind. They often include detailed instruction booklets to help parents help their kids set up projects and experiments.

Each box also supplies everything necessary for each activity, so parents aren’t depleting household supplies or scrambling for the store.

Tutors And Teachers

STEM subscription boxes are ideal for educators looking to pique their students’ interest in a particular subject through hands-on learning.

Though most only contain the materials needed for a single project or experiment, they offer plenty of inspiration for those looking for a fun way to reach math, science, and engineering students.

STEM Learning for Kids

The Benefits Of STEM Subscription Boxes


It’s no secret that science projects can get pricey. Between the vinegar and baking soda and paper mache, it’s easy to see the bills start racking up for what you thought would be a simple household experiment.

STEM subscription boxes aim to cut costs for parents and kids looking to learn. They assemble all of the things you need for an experiment, generally at a lower price than you could find individually.

What’s more, you save on gas when the box is delivered straight to your front door.


While STEM activities are undoubtedly helpful for growing minds, it’s not always easy for parents to plan regular activities.

It takes research, time, and no small degree of effort to put together an experiment that will be exciting enough to capture a child’s attention.

The best STEM subscription box options take all of the stress out of planning educational activities for kids in your household.

They offer all of the materials and information that you need to make STEM projects and science experiments a success. You won’t have to worry about any unplanned trips to the arts and crafts section, and you’re just about guaranteed that activities will go smoothly every time.


Above all, the main benefit of these subscription boxes for kids is that they can help get children interested in the creative process through science and technology.

While school might seem dry to some kids, exciting experiments and hands-on learning can make lessons come to life.

STEM boxes offer new and exciting activities each month that are designed to help kids learn through doing.

Not only will STEM projects improve their general knowledge base, but they may even help improve performance in the classroom… Science experiments are fun! I wish someone told me this as a kid!

If students are interested in what they’re learning, they’re bound to put in more effort at school.
Coding Projects

Final Word

A STEM box can help mold young minds and foster a growing interest in science, technology, math, engineering, and more. There are endless options to choose from that offer a hands-on approach to education for kids, families, and teachers alike.

Our top pick for the best STEM subscription box is the Kiwi Crate. It’s more affordable than options such as Groovy Lab in a Box.

If you wanted something more artistic, and with STEAM projects then the Green Kids Craft incorporate more of the crafty side of things.

The most important thing is to be guided by your child’s interests, and not what you think they should be learning. You will have a much easier time maintaining that engagement every month.

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