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Getting out of the house with your baby is a challenging task, especially if you’re going for long walks in busy places like the city. Such situations call for the best stroller for city living. Not just any stroller will suit your urban life, so we’re here to show you what to look for.

City strollers need to be lightweight, compact, and easy to push. Many city parents would argue that a large shopping basket and a stylish design are critical factors, too.

There’s no need to spend hours scrolling through options, as we bring to light the best strollers you can lay your hands on for commuting on busy city sidewalks.

Our picks of the best strollers for city living include:

Review of the 10 Best Strollers for City Living

1. Bumbleride Era Eco-Friendly City Stroller—Best Overall

Bumbleride Era Eco-Friendly City Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Reversible seat.
  • All-wheel suspension and air-filled tires.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Compatible with infant car seat and bassinet.
  • Compact fold with auto-lock and standing stow.

Technical Specs

  • Weight limit: 55 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 27 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

The Bumbleride Era City Stroller is a safe and durable full-size stroller for your baby who is ready to face the world. If you’re an environmentally conscious parent, this is one of the best options out there. The stroller’s construction uses 100 percent recycled PET and an innovative dyeing process, which consumes less water than conventional means.

The durability comes from its sturdy construction and PFC-free durable water repellent fabric. With a weight of 27 pounds, you can effortlessly push it around the streets while going about your business. 

The stroller can be used from birth, as the seat reclines flat with the adjustable leg rest.  It’s also compatible with infant car seats—there’s a car seat adapter for Cybex, Nuna, Maxi Cosi, and Clek car seats sold separately—or Bumbleride bassinets. 

The reversible stroller seat is a favorite of mine, as you can have your baby face you when they’re still small or napping. Once they’re interested by the busy streets, you can switch them around to keep them entertained. The five-point harness with shoulder pads keeps them safe and secure no matter which way they face.

A spacious, adjustable UPF 45+ sun canopy protects your child from sun rays and other elements that may disturb them. The fabric is washing machine friendly, which is always a bonus with small children around. When you’re out all day, the easy-stow pockets, large storage basket and sippy cup holder ensure you can carry all your essentials and more.

The 360-degree swiveling front wheels make it easy to maneuver through busy city streets, even with one hand. The Bumbleride Era can support weights of up to 55 pounds, meaning it’ll last you for years if needed. 


  • Built using environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Compact, easy fold.
  • Safety features like the harness, wrist strap, reflective logos, and secure foot brake.


  • The recline strap isn’t smooth. It can disturb little ones if you use it while they’re asleep.

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2. Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Wagon Stroller—Best for Adaptability

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Wagon Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Reversible handle: push or pull.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Can accommodate two children.
  • Two UPF 50+ canopies.
  • Plenty of storage. 

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 100 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 34.7 pounds.
  • Harness type: 3-point.

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain wagon stroller comes in a unique design reminiscent of toy wagons from way back when. If you have multiple young kids and want to stand out, this is the ideal way to do it. out. The Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain stroller’s selling point is its adaptability, which you notice from its many features.

The first hint at its versatility is its all-terrain wheels, which can move perfectly on city surfaces like tarmac, grass, and rough roads, as well as sandy beaches when you go on vacation. 

You can use this stroller for one or two kids, making it a good option if you have twins or a baby and toddler that you want to take out. It also features a flexible mode of motion, where you can either push or pull it as you prefer. You can easily change the direction of motion by flipping its handle.

Besides its versatility, you can appreciate its comfort courtesy of the padded interior, which makes your baby feel at home when you are taking a stroll. The adjustable UPF 50+ canopies will shield your young ones from sunshine and wind. If the air is calm, you can retract the canopies for them to enjoy the outdoors.

The stroller is spacious and sports plenty of storage options within arm’s reach. The table for two in the middle is ideal for sharing snacks, toys, and games.


  • Can accommodate two passengers.
  • Strong all-terrain wheels.
  • The padded interior makes it comfy.
  • Push or pull options.


  • The front wheels may wobble when you walk fast.
  • Only three-point harnesses.

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3. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller—Best for Comfort

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Safety features.
  • Comfortable reversible seat and bassinet.
  • Compatible with infant car seats.
  • Extra-large shopping basket.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 50 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 35 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

Safety and comfort are top priorities for your baby and the best strollers need to have high-quality features for their well-being. The UPPAbaby Vista stroller heeds these essential elements and has many features that guarantee your child’s protection when you take them on a walk.

When they’re small, the long bassinet mattress pad features ventilation for breathability.

As they grow, the reversible seat is comfortable and won’t hurt your little one’s back. The Vista also sports a five-point harness strap to prevent accidental slips and falls. The expandable, height-adjustable sun canopy with SPF 50+ visor combines rain and bug shields to keep your baby safe. 

The UPPAbaby Vista stroller is infant car seat compatible, so you can easily move your baby from stroller to car without disturbing them. The extra-large storage basket is easily accessible and can hold a whopping 30 pounds, so it’s ideal for long days out or shopping trips.

This compact stroller can even stay with you as your family grows. There’s the option to add another seat, and even a glider board for a third child. There are endless configurations to the UPPAbaby Vista.

The Vista offers robust suspension in the wheels and frame, to make it easy to maneuver with one hand or two.


  • Extra-large storage basket to store your items for the road.
  • Compatible with infant car seats.
  • Lots of seat configurations. 
  • High-quality sun canopy, harness, and other features.
  • Easy to use and fold.


  • Hard to steer with two heavy passengers.
  • It’s awkward to carry when folded. 

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4. Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System—Best Travel System

Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System

Highlighted Features

  • Easily convertible to seat or car seat.
  • All-wheel suspension.
  • Easy-grip, adjustable handle.
  • Padded reclining seat and a retractable canopy.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 50 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 23 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

The Chicco Bravo Trio travel system is an excellent choice for city parents who want the whole kit and caboodle. In this set you get the Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip infant car seat with base along with the full-size stroller. You can easily attach the infant car seat to the stroller seat or empty frame with no adaptors required. 

The stroller’s standout feature is its comfort, courtesy of its padded seat, all-wheel suspension, and retractable canopy. The seat cushion is reversible, and the fabrics featured on either side provide all-season comfort. The reclining seat can be set in three positions to get maximum support.

Parents won’t miss out on comfort either with this stroller. The easy-grip handle can be adjusted to your preference, the wheels are auto-positioning, and the rear brake is easy to use. You’ll find two convenient cup holders and storage with a zippered compartment on the handle, plus a huge storage basket to carry more essentials. 

With a one-hand fold, the unit is compact and will stand up straight once folded. Another great thing about this stroller is that it’s durable, so it’ll last you for many years.


  • Comfortable for both parents and children.
  • Easy to convert from stroller to car seat carrier.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Durable.


  • You will need to remove the parent tray to fold the unit.
  • Included infant car seat is heavier compared to others.

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5. Thule Urban Glide Stroller—Best for Durability

Thule Urban Glide Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Durable due to its aluminum build.
  • Large 16-inch wheels enhance maneuverability.
  • Safe and comfortable for jogging.
  • Big storage basket with zip-top cover.

Technical Specs

  • Weight limit: 75 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 25.3 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

A durable stroller will serve you for years without any sign of wear and tear—plus, you can use it for your other children if you have any. The Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller derives its durability from the robust aluminum and well-strung robust fabric with strong connection points used in its construction. The European brand is well-known for its active and outdoor equipment, and this full-size stroller is yet another high-performance product added to their merchandise.

The material makes it relatively lightweight and easy to push. A noticeable feature of this stroller is its large wheels—the front of which can swivel or lock—which can classify it as a jogger stroller. This means you can use it for working out in your child’s company, which can build your morale during your exercising sessions.

The large wheels also promote maneuverability, and they are flexible in moving across different kinds of terrain in the city; from pavements and over sidewalks, to parks and tarmac. The wheels feature a sturdy suspension, which contributes to a smooth ride.

The Thule stroller has standout safety features that ensure your baby is safe in the seat. These features include a five-point harness and a twist brake on the handlebars. The seat is comfy, and you can recline it to provide more comfort to your little one during your city strolls. The multi-position canopy offers side ventilation windows as well as a magnetic peek-a-boo window to check on your little one.

When not in use, you can fold it with one hand for easy storage and transportation. It has a large cargo basket with a zip-top cover where you can store your baby’s necessities, as well as a rear mesh pocket and two mesh compartments.


  • Sturdy and durable and will serve you for a long time.
  • Comfortable for both the parent and the baby.
  • Impressive weight support limit of 75 pounds.
  • Adjustable handlebar with twist brake.
  • Storage basket with zip-top cover.


  • Bulky when in tight areas such as restaurants or shops.
  • Children can’t sit fully upright in the seat.

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6. Zoey Twin+ Luxe (Zoe XL2) Stroller—Best for Twins

Zoey Twin+ Luxe (Zoe XL2) Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Double stroller.
  • The revamped wheels are maneuverable, providing a smooth ride.
  • Independent canopies.
  • Ultra-luxury fabric build.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 45 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 19.5 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

When looking for the best double stroller for fulfilling moments outdoors with your two bundles of joy, the Zoey Twin+ Luxe is a great pick.

The amazing thing about it is that it’s lightweight for its large build, weighing only 19.5 pounds. While it’s designed to grow with your children, it’s advised to use it for babies that can sit up unaided, and for toddlers up to 2 years old, as it can handle a maximum weight of 45 pounds.

The double stroller comes with multiple high-end features, including an ultra-luxury fabric build, comfy leatherette handles, and ball bearing wheels. 

Something that may catch you by surprise is its expandable nature. If you have older toddlers, you can expand it to accommodate them through an extra seat sold separately.

The revamped wheels are maneuverable to ensure smooth movement, especially on hard city pavements. The UPF 50+ moisture-wicking canopies are independent, which will prevent arguments over who wants it up or down. The stroller’s fabric is washing machine friendly, meaning you can keep it clean without a fuss.

The final deal-sealer for this double stroller is its smart design; the tall handle and extra kick space makes the stroller seamless to push.


  • Suitable for multiple kids.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable interior.
  • Durable.
  • You can expand it to accommodate an extra child.


  • The light weight makes it relatively unstable, especially on poor roads or in harsh weather.

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7. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller—Best for Heavy Toddlers

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for older and heavier children, with a 65-pound weight limit.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Plush padded seats and large canopy.
  • Removable and washing machine-friendly fabric.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 55 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 22.5 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

If you have a heavier or older child, or you merely want it to last longer, you should look for a stroller with a higher weight limit. The stroller should also be robust to support their weight. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller is highly recommended, as it has a high weight capacity of 65 pounds, making it possible to use for children up to 6 years of age.

The City Mini GT is a three-wheel stroller, which closely resembles a jogging stroller. The 8.5-inch all-terrain non-flat tires along with the front wheel suspension provide a smooth, comfortable ride for your little one. 

If you want to use it with an infant car seat, it’s very much possible, provided you purchase the car seat adaptors. 

The City Mini stroller is comfortable and the best way to introduce your child to the great outdoors. It sports a plush padded seat, which you can recline to an almost flat position. This model has a large canopy, which you can retract to protect your baby from sunlight or other things that can cause discomfort. The peek-a-boo window means you can check up on them without disturbing them. 

You can see the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller’s parent-friendliness through its adjustable handlebar that suits users of all heights. The fabric is removable and washing machine-friendly. 


  • Excellent weight limit of 65 pounds.
  • Sturdy all-terrain wheels.
  • Fabric can go into the washing machine.
  • Comfortable and durable.


  • Folding and unfolding are quite challenging.
  • Storage basket isn’t easy to access.

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8. Cybex Balios S Stroller—Best for Simplicity

Cybex Balios S Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Simple design.
  • Its 3-in-1 design makes it versatile, where you can also use it as a car seat or cot.
  • A parent-friendly craft for your comfort when operating it.
  • The all-wheel suspension system allows for effortless movement, even in rough terrain.
  • High-quality safety attributes like the 5 point harness system.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 55 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 24.7 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

The Cybex Balios stroller is one of the best city strollers if you want a touch of simplicity. This makes it an ideal stroller if you don’t want to draw much attention to yourself. Plus, the seat is reversible, so your baby can face you or the world. 

The parent-friendly full-size stroller uses an extendable handle, which you can use in four different positions. There’s also a one-hand operated recliner that you can adjust for your child’s comfort no matter where you are.

This model, despite its simple looks, can surprise you with its touch of versatility. Its three-in-one system gives you the option of using a stroller seat, a bassinet, or an infant car seat, depending on your preferences and the age of your little one.

The all-wheel suspension system enhances its user-friendliness as it ensures smooth movement when you push it, even in rough terrain. The stroller has top-quality safety attributes, like a five-point harness system and an adjustable UPF 50+ sun canopy to protect your young one from excess sunshine and wind.

The Cybex Balios stroller can support up to 55 pounds in weight, which is plenty to last until your child is old enough to walk without tiring.


  • Sleek design.
  • Decent maximum weight support limit of 55 pounds.
  • Assured safety due to retractable canopy and five-point harness.
  • All-wheel suspension system.
  • Infant car seat and bassinet compatible.


  • Lacks a parent console.
  • Storage basket is small and hard to access.

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9. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller—Best for Portability

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Works as both a city stroller and travel stroller.
  • Car seat and carry cot compatible.
  • Padded seat and calf support.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 45 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 14 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a clever fusion between a city stroller and travel stroller—so if you’re city parents who travel a lot, this may be the one for you. 

The stroller is lightweight, meaning it’s great to zip around the shops, carry up the stairs, and place in and out of the car. It weighs just 14 pounds, with a decent weight support limit of 45 pounds.

The selling point of the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is its portability, a key factor to look at when looking for the best strollers for city living. When not in use, you can fold it using one hand and carry it like a bag. The stroller’s small stature means it can fit in minute spaces, such as your car trunk or inside your closet. 

If you want more versatility for your small baby, this compact stroller is compatible with infant car seats, and the Baby Jogger carry cot.

This Baby Jogger City select model doesn’t spare any effort when it comes to comfort. Some of the supporting attributes include padded seats and an adjustable leg rest, which provides calf support for growing legs. The UV 50+ canopy is both a comfort and safety add-on, shielding the baby from direct sun rays and wind and allowing you to see them through the large peek-a-boo window.

Moving this stroller is effortless due to the lightweight rubber wheels with front lockable swiveling wheels. It has a basket located under the seat, which you can easily access from the back and sides. You can use it to store your kid’s diaper bag, toys, and snacks.


  • Easy to fold.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • The calf support and padded seat make it comfy.
  • Lightweight rubber wheels provide trouble-free movement.


  • The brakes may not always offer a firm hold on the wheels.
  • Not ideal for rough terrain.

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10. Bugaboo Fox Complete City Stroller—Best in Style

Bugaboo Fox Complete City Stroller

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish look.
  • All-terrain wheels and advanced suspension.
  • Car seat compatible.
  • Included bassinet.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight limit: 48.5 pounds.
  • Stroller weight: 21.8 pounds.
  • Harness type: 5-point.

The Bugaboo Fox Complete city stroller is a nice selection if you’re conscious of how your stroller looks. As a stylish parent, the stroller is a fashion accessory that must show off your tastes.

Beyond its sleek design, the stroller boasts other standout add-ons. One of them is its seamless maneuverability, where its durable all-terrain wheels play a key role, boosted by the advanced suspension. The ergonomic seat cradles your little and sits them higher up, so you can interact as you stroll.

The stroller’s one-piece fold system will have you bid goodbye to fumbling with strollers, particularly when you want to store them. It’s easy to fold, something that you can do with one hand. It has a self-standing option, making movement and storage much more seamless.

The Fox is compatible with a range of car seats, and a bassinet is included in the set. For your convenience, the Bugaboo Fox Complete city stroller comes with a rain cover, and you can remove and wash its fabric in a washing machine. 

Under the seat is an extra-large 22-pound basket where you can store your stuff, which is ideal for long days out.


  • Lightweight and easy to fold.
  • High-quality build.
  • All-terrain wheels and suspension system make movement easy.
  • Includes bassinet.


  • Assembling this stroller may be quite challenging.
  • The basket is so big that things may fall out.

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How to Choose the Best Stroller for City Living

With so many shapes, sizes, and brands on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a stroller.

In your search for the best stroller for the city, there are certain factors that you should look at to lead you to the right product. 


The stroller you choose must be safe for the type of use and age of your baby to prevent mishaps like accidental falls and slips.

Focusing on this crucial factor, look at features like the harness (five-point is best), making sure that it’s secure and firm. A large sun canopy is necessary to protect your baby from the elements. The entire stroller should be stable to curb accidental breakage, too.


Durability is another factor to pay attention to, especially if you want value for your spending. A durable stroller will serve you for a long time without breaking. If you land on the right item, it can serve your whole household, where all your kids will use it and pass it to their younger siblings.

A durable stroller can survive various obstacles in the city like going up and down sidewalks and dodging other pedestrians, as well as being relatively resistant to physical impact.

If you want a durable product, look at the material used in its construction, the suspension system, and the wheels. All-terrain wheels are a nice feature, as they’ll ensure you a smooth ride no matter the surface.


Weight is the foundation of two critical elements of a stroller: weight capacity and portability. For the passenger limit, ensure it’s sturdy enough to accommodate your child’s weight. Most strollers have a weight limit of around 50 pounds, which is plenty to last a few years. If you have an older or heavier child, you may want to look for a utility that will support their mass.

For city strollers, this critical factor is a huge determinant in portability. A lightweight stroller is easy to carry, with most offering a compact fold to save on space. The best strollers weigh around 20 to 25 pounds, though you may find a quality lightweight stroller that’s less. Umbrella strollers are lighter, but they can be delicate.


When maneuvering the city streets, you don’t want something too bulky that doesn’t fit through passageways, shops, and on buses. Look for something compact that’s sleek and slim when open and folded. 

Number of Occupants

The standard stroller will comfortably accommodate one child. If you have twins or multiple small children, you’ll need a double stroller or extra items, such as a stroller board. Some strollers give you the option to add additional seats later, should your family expand.

Available Accessories

Most strollers come with plenty of accessories that make them user-friendly. Some of these include a cup holder, which can hold your mug of coffee or your water. A large shopping basket can hold some of your utilities like a diaper bag, toys, and extra clothes. With these accessories, you can move around the city streets conveniently.

Some strollers include a bassinet or car seat, which is ideal if you’re buying it for a newborn. 


A stroller should be user-friendly for us city parents. This means it should be easy to maneuver, fold up, store, clean, adjust, and generally just use day to day. Extras such as an adjustable handlebar are useful, as you can tweak the height to your preference.


When shopping for something big, you must have a budget that guides you. 

With your eyes on the price, the typical move is to go for the cheaper option, right? This is not advised as you may land on a substandard product. 

Instead, look at value. That is, whatever you spend on should have the maximum benefits.

Try and establish a balance between a stroller with excellent features and a fair price for what you’re getting. The pricier strollers offer the best value, where you will enjoy their attributes like user-friendliness, safety, comfort, and many more.

Other factors to look at in addition to the highlighted ones include style and design, warranty, and fabric quality.


As a city dweller seeking to spend more time with your child outdoors, a stroller will come in handy. Getting the best stroller for city living is a difficult task, but we came to your aid with this review to narrow down your search to the very best.

Based on our review, we see the Bumbleride Era Eco-Friendly City Stroller as the best overall. It leans on features like durability and user-friendliness.

The second runner-up is the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Wagon Stroller, which leans on spaciousness and versatility. Pick your favorite from the highlighted models for an excellent time strolling with your young one.


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