Best Stroller for Tall Parents (with Extendable Handles) in 2024

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Being tall has many advantages, such as reaching things on the top shelves and watching concerts over the rest of the crowd. What it isn’t so great for is pushing a stroller around feeling like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. 

Yet strollers make getting out of the house much easier and allow parents to explore different places with their babies. They provide safety and comfort to kids during family trips, routine jogging or when strolling. 

Enter the best stroller for tall parents. Luckily for you, stroller manufacturers have taken into account parents with extended heights. There are now plenty of strollers with long handles, adjustable handlebars, extendable features, and extensive wheeling systems to meet the needs of taller parents.

In this article, we’re going to review our top 10 best strollers for tall parents updated for 2024:

Best Stroller for Tall Parents

As a parent, you’re probably aware of the different types of strollers available, their features, and specifications. This will help you find the right product to keep your little one comfortable and safe. 

Now you just need to know which strollers are suitable for your height. Check out the best strollers for tall parents in the reviews below: 

1. Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller—Best Overall

Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller

Rating: 5 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Extendable, removable sun canopy.
  • Easy-grip adjustable handle.
  • Auto-positioning wheels.
  • Compatible with all Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats.
  • One-hand fold.

When it comes to versatility, there are few strollers out there that can match Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold. This stroller combines a one-hand, quick-fold mechanism and free-standing fold to make storage quick and easy.

The stroller uses several features to outperform its immediate competitors. Most importantly for you, it has a padded, adjustable handle with three positions to suit taller parents. The stroller also has an extendable, removable canopy to keep your little one protected, safe, and comfortable throughout the ride. 

The removable stroller seat helps you convert the whole unit into a frame for car seats in just a few minutes. It accepts all Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats without adapters to save you time and money, meaning you can use it from birth. The seat’s reclining backrest comes with three positions for your child’s comfort when they want to nap or relax.

A large basket is also included for parents to accommodate snacks, toys, and any other on-the-go essentials. Additionally, the parent tray provides you with more space, a couple of cup holders, and storage for your personal items. 

The bonus seat cushion with reversible fabrics provides all-season comfort for babies aged 6 months and above and weighing up to 50 pounds. Overall, the Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold stroller is built to handle most terrains without straining your back.


  • Removable infant seat for a quick transformation to car seat.
  • Padded and adjustable handle.
  • Easy-accessible storage basket.
  • Multi-position reclining seat.
  • All-wheel suspension for added comfort.
  • Convenient premium parent tray.
  • Self-standing ability.


  • Cupholders are shallow so cups can fall out on bumpy terrain.
  • Low-quality plastic wheels.

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2. Baby Trend EZ Ride-35 Travel System—Best Travel System Stroller

Baby Trend EZ Ride-35 Travel System

Rating: 4.8 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Comes with an infant car seat.
  • Reliable height-adjustable handle.
  • Infant and parent trays.
  • Peek-a-boo window canopy.
  • Swiveling and locking front wheel.

If you’re looking for a reliable stroller with great features, the Baby Trend EZ Ride-35 Travel System has you covered. The stroller can accommodate children weighing up to 50 pounds with a height of 42 inches, so it will last from birth right up to toddlerhood. 

The set includes a new Ally 35 infant car seat that, along with the stroller chair, features a five-point safety harness to enhance the protection and safety of your child. The high and deep side wings on the infant car seat provide optimal side impact protection to ensure that your little one is safe during car and stroller journeys. Install the base in the car, and parents can easily move baby from the car to the stroller in a couple of clicks without disturbing them.

This travel system features a padded sitting area to keep your infant warm and comfortable. The seat has multiple recline positions to enable your baby to travel while in a sitting or lying position.

The stroller comes with a swing-away infant tray and a covered parent tray with two deep cup holders to keep some snacks and drinks for mom, dad, and baby. It also has a height-adjustable handle to suit a wide range of parents of different heights. The peek-a-boo window canopy is included to protect your infant against direct sunlight, dust, and wind and still lets you check on them at the same time.


  • A one-hand folding feature.
  • Height-adjustable handle.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Infant car seat and base included.
  • Peek-a-boo canopy.


  • No lock to keep it closed when folded.
  • Wide when going through narrow doorways.

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3. BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller—Best Outdoor Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

Rating: 4.7 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Air-filled tires.
  • Extra-large UPF canopy.
  • Nine position adjustable handlebar.
  • Compatible with most infant car seats.
  • Swiveling and locking front wheel for easy steering.

The BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 is built to carry babies from birth up until 75 pounds, which means it’s long-lasting. If you want to use it from birth, you’ll need to purchase the car seat adapter and make sure your infant car seat is compatible, though most brands are.

This option of the best stroller for tall parents offers a reliable walking and jogging function. It’s built to stay stable while providing you with speedy stability all the time. The air-filled tires and locking front wheel combine with the mountain-style suspension system to give you a smooth and safe glide along the sidewalk or grass.

The adjustable handlebar offers nine distinctive positions for parents, from 34.5–48.0 inches, to suit different people. This means that your height isn’t a big deal when pushing this jogging stroller. The wrist strap comes in to enhance your grip on the handle when moving and ensures you won’t let go.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outside, the extra-large UPF 50 plus canopy is ideal to protect your child from the sun and other elements. A large storage basket and integrated pockets carry and organize your gear when on the move. Most importantly, the quick-release design enables you to effortlessly install or remove wheels for rapid storage.


  • Adjustable handlebar height and wrist strap.
  • Specialized design with safety features for walking or jogging.
  • Stable and easy to adjust.
  • Large canopy with peek and chat window.
  • Suitable from birth to 75 pounds.


  • Tires don’t stay inflated for long.
  • Slightly heavy.

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4. BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller—Best Stroller With Adjustable Handlebar

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

Rating: 4.5 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Aluminum-alloy steel frame.
  • Strong suspension system.
  • Air inflated tires.
  • Travel system-ready.
  • Hand-activated drum brakes at the rear.
  • Padded adjustable handlebar.

If you’re in need of an outstanding all-terrain stroller, the BOB Revolution PRO jogging stroller is an excellent choice. This product is considered a top jogging stroller for tall parents due to its structure and dimensions. 

It measures 44 x 25.4 x 43 inches to accommodate children aged 8 weeks and up to 75 pounds. The stroller has a five-point harness to enhance safety and comfort for your infant.

The adjustable handlebar height enables parents to push the stroller at an angle of their choice. The BOB Revolution Pro has a swiveling-lock front wheel, which offers a perfect braking mechanism. This feature also enables you to maneuver tight corners easily or lock forward for more stability when jogging.

There’s a well-structured, padded reclining seat to offer multiple seating positions for your baby. The state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system provides up to 3 inches of travel and two stages of weight support for a smooth ride on different terrains. The hand-activated drum brakes, which you don’t find on lots of strollers, give parents the best downhill control.

The BOB Revolution PRO is travel system-ready, which means it’s compatible with most Britax B and BOB car seats to use from birth. Sadly, you have to buy the adapter separately.


  • Adjustable handlebar provides nine different levels.
  • Can be used from birth.
  • Excellent control system.
  • Great performance on all terrains.
  • Lots of storage.
  • Huge canopy.


  • You’ll have to fill the tires often.
  • You have to kneel down to change the front wheel settings.

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5. UPPAbaby G-LUXE 2018 Stroller—Best Umbrella Stroller

UPPAbaby G-LUXE 2018 Stroller

Rating: 4.5 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Lightweight at 16 pounds.
  • Washable materials.
  • All-wheel suspension brake.
  • Five-point harness.

If you’re looking for something lightweight and convenient, the UPPAbaby G-LUXE umbrella stroller for tall parents is ideal. Like other umbrella strollers, this model features separate handles—but these are padded and high up for your comfort. 

The 2018 model features a single-handed, actuated recline to offer different seating positions for your baby. It’s also equipped with an adjustable footrest to ensure that your little one enjoys a comfortable ride. This umbrella stroller is suitable for babies from 3 months old up to 55 pounds.

The stroller is agile and lightweight for easy maneuvering on a variety of surfaces. With its outstanding spin navigation systems, this umbrella stroller glides smoothly at different speeds. Even when parents walk at a fast pace, it moves along exceptionally well without moving your baby around too much.

Its tall design is a plus when it comes to providing ample space for a growing child. Apart from that, the canopy is fitted with two thick layers to protect your child from direct sunlight and dirt while strolling.

Different adjustable modes on this equipment allow babies to sit, lie, or lean whenever they want to enjoy a comfortable ride. The seat orientation allows your baby to face forward and enjoy the amazing scenery ahead.

The UPPAbaby G-LUXE stroller has a removable cup holder that you can easily attach to the stroller frame when on the move. This feature holds your drink or your baby’s sippy cup to keep both of you hydrated. The easy-access basket has ample storage space to hold up to 10 pounds of on-the-go essentials.

The convenient carry strap enables you to lift the stroller over your shoulder when not in use. For this reason, this product is a favorite travel accessory for many parents. 


  • Large storage basket.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Comfortable and adjustable infant seat.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Great folding features.
  • Popular stroller brand with outstanding post-sale support


  • Foot brake isn’t easy to use.
  • Likely to tip if you hang anything on the handles.

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6. Baby Jogger City Mini 3W Single Stroller—Best for Lightweight

Baby Jogger City Mini 3W Single Stroller

Rating: 4.5 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Patented quick-fold technology.
  • 8-inch EVA tire tread.
  • Extendable UPF 50+ canopy.
  • Two peek-a-boo windows.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and nimble stroller to use around the city, the Baby Jogger City Mini 3W is a great choice. 

It features a patented quick-fold technology from Baby Jogger to allow for easy folding in one simple step, and it’s compact to fit in the trunk of any car. It also comprises a seat with multiple recline positions to provide your baby with more comfort in different situations. With a 50-pound weight capacity, this Baby Jogger stroller for tall parents can accommodate your infant as they grow. 

This Baby Jogger stroller comes with a UB 50+ adjustable sun canopy to offer differing head heights. The same canopy features two peek-a-boo windows so you can check up on your little one without disturbing them.

This three-wheel stroller uses a lockable swivel front wheel for easy maneuvering and braking. Each wheel is 8 inches in diameter with an EVA tire tread to enhance grip and traction during the ride. Aside from that, the front wheel suspension keeps your child comfortable on different terrains.

The Baby Jogger stroller handlebar is high, but it’s not adjustable. This means it’s ideal for taller parents, but perhaps not the best for short parents. If you plan to share it between users of different heights, it’s better to go for a model with an adjustable handle. Even though this unit lacks basic accessories, you’ll still find it useful due to its excellent maneuverability and simple folding steps. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple recline positions.
  • Adjustable canopy for different head heights.
  • Simple design with a tall handle height.
  • Front-wheel suspension.


  • Wheels are small.
  • Stroller handlebar height isn’t adjustable, so it’s not ideal for short parents.

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7. Summer 3-D Lite Black Convenience Stroller—Best for Travel

Summer 3-D Lite Black Convenience Stroller

Rating: 4.5 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Easy 3-step folding.
  • Four-position recline.
  • Extra-large storage area at the bottom and rear.
  • Anti-shock front wheels.
  • Lockable rear wheels.
  • Adjustable and removable canopy.

Make your outings enjoyable and easier using the Summer 3-D Lite Black Convenience Stroller. This affordable umbrella stroller comes with a five-point harness to enhance safety around your infant. Unlike many other umbrella strollers, its four-position recline plays a crucial role in keeping your little one safe and comfortable at all times. 

The handle height on this unit is exceptionally high, making it a perfect choice for tall parents. The handles are also padded and ergonomically placed for comfort, even on long days. A considerable storage area at the bottom of the stroller allows you to take your essentials for your baby and you while going out for a stroll or day trip. 

In addition, there are storage pockets located at the rear side of the stroller to provide extra space for your valuables. Remember not to overload the storage basket, given that it can only take up to a maximum of 10 pounds at once.

The adjustable and removable canopy makes it easy for you to clean the entire stroller. Most importantly, the canopy shields your child from direct sunlight or rain during your routine strolling. 

Don’t forget that this stroller accommodates kids weighing up to 50 pounds with a height of 43 inches. With its three-step folding, this stroller is easy to carry and store. The lockable rear wheels combine with anti-shock front wheels to enhance safety and comfort for your baby. 


  • Easy compact fold.
  • Lightweight.
  • Spacious storage areas.
  • Four reclining positions for the seat.
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Adjustable carry strap.


  • Bottom basket is impossible to reach when the seat is fully reclined.
  • The cup holder is narrow.

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8. Joovy Zoom-360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller—Best for Jogging and Hiking

Joovy Zoom-360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Rating: 4.4 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Trunk-friendly fold with auto-lock feature.
  • Shock-absorbing suspension.
  • Includes a tire pump, parent organizer, and running leash.
  • Multi-position reclining seat.

Even though the Joovy Zoom-360 Ultralight is lighter than most jogging strollers, it has everything you need to keep your baby safe. This stroller also comes with several features that will help you achieve your fitness goals when jogging or running.

This model has a three-wheel drive system to make it stable on different surfaces. It includes quick-release 16-inch rear wheels and a 12.5-inch swivel front wheel that locks straight to keep the entire stroller in a straight motion.

Its seat is extra-wide to accommodate babies aged up to 36 months and weighing up to 75 pounds. The same seat is elevated to lift your child a little higher when jogging. Bear in mind that the stroller elevation design does not have adjustable handles, but at 42 inches from the ground, it’s ideal for tall parents.

A well-structured canopy gives extra security to your infant while you’re moving outdoors. Its peek-a-boo window adjustable positions provide your baby with great visibility. Plus, the aluminum frame of the jogging stroller has an absorbing suspension for added safety and comfort.

It includes a parent organizer, a tire pump, and a running leash. All these accessories make your strolling and jogging enjoyable and fulfilling. The easy compact fold is an added advantage to this jogging stroller because it promotes portability and easy storage.


  • Lightweight jogging stroller.
  • Large canopy.
  • Extra-large air-filled tires.
  • Extra-wide and high seat.
  • Easy compact fold.


  • A bar across the storage basket prevents you from placing a diaper bag or anything bulky.
  • Not the easiest to fold and open. 

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9. Chicco Liteway Stroller—Best Compact Stroller

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Rating: 4.3 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Hand washable fabric.
  • Adjustable, removable canopy with a peek-a-boo window.
  • Four-position backrest.
  • Padded handles.
  • Toe-tap brake.

One thing we love about the Chicco Liteway umbrella stroller is its hand washable seat cover. This unit is made of high-quality aluminum material that makes it not only lightweight but also easy to maintain. 

The compact fold is an added advantage to handling this affordable umbrella stroller for tall parents. This feature works in conjunction with the automatic storage latch for convenient storage. The carry handle enables you to lift it easily when you’re putting it in the car or taking it down the stairs.

A one-hand adjustment lets you set the four-position backrest to suit your baby’s needs. The feature combines with an adjustable, removable canopy to protect your baby from harmful sunlight and other elements in the air. There’s also a peek-a-boo window on the canopy so you can keep an eye on your little one.

Tall, padded handles allow you to stroll comfortably while pushing the stroller over long distances. The parent cup holder provides an ideal location to carry your favorite drink when on the go.


  • Innovative design to provide more comfort.
  • Lightweight and affordable stroller.
  • Easy to operate and store.


  • The hood is likely to come off when folding the stroller.
  • The harnesses are difficult to close, especially with a wriggling toddler.

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10. BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller—Best for Budget

BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller

Rating: 4.2 stars.

Outstanding Features

  • Lightweight at 12.5 pounds.
  • Available in four bright colors.
  • Lockable, 360-degree swivel wheels.
  • Adjustable canopy.
  • Cup/bottle holder.

The BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller is easy to maneuver, fold, and transport, thanks to the ultra-lightweight material it’s made of. Parents can use the strap to carry it on their shoulder after use. 

This model is available in four distinctive colors, namely orange, pink, black, and green.  The entire frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum material for durability and ease of use.

The wheeling system gives this stroller an edge over other umbrella strollers. This is because it comprises a set of lockable rear wheels for safe and controlled riding in a straight line. 

Its 360-degree swivel front wheels combine with the five-point safety harness to ensure that you and your child are safe when walking. At the same time, these two front wheels offer incredibly amazing maneuverability to make your ride more adventurous and enjoyable. 

It also comes with an adjustable canopy, footrest, backrest, and adjustable handlebar for added comfort when traveling. All these features combine to keep your baby relaxed in addition to making the pushing work easier for you.

These umbrella strollers have a high-quality finish for beauty and elegance. There’s also enough space in the large storage basket located under the infant seat to keep your essentials while on the move. A cup/bottle holder is also part of this stroller’s design for added convenience.

Everything on the BABY JOY Lightweight Stroller is tailored to help you travel with your baby comfortably and conveniently. Bear in mind that this unit is designed to accommodate babies from 6 months old and up to 50 pounds.


  • Easy to fold for transportation.
  • Lightweight stroller.
  • High-quality finish.
  • Five-point safety harness.
  • Flexible wheels.
  • Extra-high handles.


  • A small baby seat.
  • Limited storage space.

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What To Consider When Buying the Best Stroller for Tall Parents

Strollers come in different designs, models, brands, and prices. They also have features and specifications that make them unique and functional. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for a stroller that will suit your height, especially if you’re a tall parent. 

Below are essential considerations when shopping for the best stroller for tall parents.

Handle Height

If you’re taller than average parents, the handle height of the stroller is the most important consideration. On long days out, hunching over a stroller handlebar will lead to poor posture and back pain.

Look for an adjustable handlebar or handles that are tall to ensure you can push while standing up straight. A tall handle height will also help if you have a long stride, to ensure you don’t kick the stroller with every step you take.

Your Infant’s Age

Most strollers are designed to cater to the needs of two groups of babies. The first category is for infants under 6 months while the second one is for those older than 6 months that can support themselves sitting up.

If your baby is less than 6 months old, consider buying a stroller that has multiple seat positions and can recline, or is car seat compatible. If your child is over 6 months old, any stroller with a seat should be comfortable for them.

Special Features

Some strollers have special features that make them better choices for specific parents. Always pay attention to key features such as the adjustable backrest, firm chassis, airy cushions, adjustable canopy, large storage basket, tray, cupholder, and full-front wheel brake system to be sure of what you are buying for your child.


With many brands available on the market today, the best strollers for tall parents are likely to be reasonably priced. If you want a good-quality unit, you will have to pay a little more due to extra features that make these products superior to others. 

These unique features may include the following:

  • Included infant car seat.
  • Swiveling locking wheels.
  • Padded handlebars.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Adjustable, protective canopies. 

Also, specifications may play a role in determining the price of a particular baby stroller. 

They may include:

  • The weight of the product.
  • The weight capacity a stroller can accommodate.
  • Product dimensions.

Your Family Habits

The stroller of your choice should be convenient to your family members’ needs, habits, and priorities. If parents are fond of traveling, ultra-lightweight baby strollers should be the ultimate choice.

If mom and dad prefer walking, strolling, or jogging across all types of terrain, they should choose strollers designed for these activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Some Strollers Suitable for Tall Parents?

For a stroller to suit tall parents, it must have the right features to suit their purpose. The features may include adjustable handlebars, high handles, and larger wheels designed to make the stroller fit for taller people.

Where Should I Purchase the Best Strollers for Tall Parents?

You can easily find strollers designed for taller parents in most retail stores or by searching online to find what suits you and your baby. All you need is the right specifications, key features, and brand to make your search easy.

Which Features Should I Consider the Most Appropriate When Shopping for the Best Stroller for Tall Parents?

The features to look out for when shopping for a baby stroller that tall parents should include:

  • Adjustable handlebars for walking comfortably.
  • Spacious storage basket for carrying important things. 
  • Size of the seat for your child’s comfort.
  • Swivel front wheels for maneuverability. 
  • Harness points for safety.
  • Type of canopy for protection.
  • Braking system for safety.

The Verdict

Now we have come to the moment of truth regarding the best baby strollers for tall parents. Before you head out to look for the right stroller, there are factors that will guide you to landing the most appropriate product, such as the type of stroller, the handle options, and more. 

Having said that, our best overall stroller among the 10 reviewed above is the Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller. This unit is loved by tall parents and displays superior features that make it more appealing and functional. 

Furthermore, the simple design comes with high-technology applications and safety features to protect your baby. The remaining strollers are also unique and functional when it comes to meeting the needs of different parents. After all, everyone has their taste for specific products.

Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller, Coal
  • Removable seat for easy transformation into a stylish frame carrier for the...
  • Large basket easily accessed from front or rear and for children up to 50...
  • Multi-position reclining seat and all-wheel suspension for baby's comfort

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