How To Ensure Twins Are Comfortable When Tandem Babywearing

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Tandem babywearing with twins is a lot of fun. The only downside is the lengthy process of getting your children in and out of the carrier.

It is therefore important to ensure are comfortable and correctly placed right from the start!

In this article, we have shared five tips that will help you keep your twins comfortable when tandem babywearing and avoid the inconvenience of making adjustments once you are on your way.

How To Ensure Twins Are Comfortable When Tandem Babywearing

5 Tips To Keep Twins Comfortable When Tandem Babywearing

1. Ensure Your Baby Carrier Is Appropriate for Twins

The comfort of your babies starts with having a suitable baby carrier that will safely support both kids and keep them comfortable.

Generally speaking, we recommend the following baby carrier designs for tandem babywearing:

  • Twin baby carriers – designed specifically for carrying twins (most recommended!)
  • Baby Wrap – long fabric can be tied off to accommodate two.
  • Two Structured Baby Carriers – One at the front, one at the back!
  • Two Ring Slings – One on each side.

2. Only Use Quality Baby Carriers

There is a strong correlation between the amount you spend on your carrier and the comfort levels your babies will experience. However, this does not mean you have to spend a lot.

Baby wraps and ring slings are very affordable with high-end brands costing less than $80.

As your twins grow you may want the extra capacity and flexibility that a soft structured carrier offers. The high-end carriers are very comfortable and have great features but are also much more expensive at $150+.

Baby Carrier DesignLowMidHigh
Soft Structured Carrier$20-$80$80-$150$150-$220
Baby Wrap$15-$30$30-$50$50-$80
Ring Sling$20-$30$30-$50$50-$80
Hip Seat Carrier$35-$60$60-$150$150-$250
Hiking Carrier$100-$200$200-$300$300-$500
Waterproof Carrier$20-$30$30-$40$40-$60
Mei Tai$40-$60$60-$100$100-$220

3. Progress Through Carrier Positions When Ready

If you plan on wearing one child at the front and one at the back you will have to wait until at least one has strong enough head and neck control and will be comfortable not seeing your face while in the carrier.

If you want to tandem babywear with newborns then they will be small enough to both be in the front inward carry position if you are using a wrap or sling.

You can work your way through these carrier positions as they develop so that they are always comfortable.

4. Ensure Correct Seating Position in Carrier

If both babies are not seated correctly then it is only a matter of time until they start fussing. Incorrect position can lead to blood circulation being restricted, irritation, and extra movement while in the carrier.

It is important to get the seating position correct when getting them in the carrier initially by checking the following:

  • They should be positioned in the center of the seat.
  • Their bum should fill the seat and be hard up against the back of the carrier. This will minimize any uncomfortable movement as you walk.
  • Legs fall in a natural position and do not visibly alter the carrier shape (this can indicate additional pressure).

5. Don’t Force Them In

There will be days when one of your twins just isn’t in the mood for a baby carrier. If this happens you may be able to soothe them by placing this baby in the front carry position and playing with them until they settle.

If this doesn’t work then you are fighting a losing battle. If one is upset it is only a matter of time until the second twin also becomes unsettled.

It may just not be a day for babywearing.

More on Baby Carrier Comfort

Check out this article for more detail on baby carrier comfort where we discuss each of the points below that effect both the wearer and child’s level of comfort.

How to make a baby carrier more comfortable for mom and baby

Final Word

Your twins will outgrow your ability to carry them very quickly! So take the opportunity to tandem babywear as often as you can.

Apply these tips and you should have comfortable and happy twins that are eager for some outdoor adventures.

If you would like to learn more about all things babywearing then check out our baby carrier info hub here.

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