Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage: Starter Kit, Bottle Warmer and Kozii Review

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Even the most careful mother can make a mistake that results in her losing the milk she has just worked so hard to pump.

A full bottle can get knocked over, a bag may not be sealed tightly, or there may just be milk that is lost when transferring from bottle to bag or vice versa.

When you are sleep deprived and overwhelmed, even missing a few drops of milk can send you reeling.

Whether you are an exclusively pumping mother or occasional breast feeder, the Kiinde Breast Milk Twist Starter Kit is a great choice for storing and feeding your baby.

It is a universal direct-pump system, which eliminates the risk of losing any milk due to accidents and milk transfer.

Before Buying a Breast Milk Storage Kit

When selecting a breast milk storage system, you need to consider what type of pumper you will be: exclusive or paired with breastfeeding.

If you are pumping and breastfeeding, you also need to consider whether you need to store enough to cover your baby’s childcare needs or simply enough for a backup supply.

If you are an exclusive pumper, you are going to need a considerable number of bags and amount of storage space.

You will also need an efficient feeding system, as you will be going through a lot of bottles and will not have the time or energy to wash them between every feeding.

In addition, you will want to determine if direct-pump is important to you. This means you are able to pump directly into the storage bag, which can save time, eliminate milk loss, and eradicate the need to clean your pump bottles.

If you feed directly from your pump’s bottles, the ability to direct-pump may not matter to you.

The Product

This kit by Kiinde is a great starter kit and introduction to their complete feeding system, which can take your baby right through toddlerhood.

It gives you the ability to pump directly into the storage bags, which can effectively reduce mess and milk loss, and eliminates the need to transfer milk from the bag to a bottle, which cuts down on the amount of air your baby swallows when eating.

Kiinde Storage Twist Starter Set


Pouch Design

These pouches are unique, made of plastic sturdy enough to stand on their own, which reduces the risk of spilling, and feature an airtight screw-on cap.


You can pump directly into the bag, which reduces the loss of milk in transfer from bottle to bag, and cuts down on the amount of air in the bag, which can cause gas and colic in babies.


With several adapters included, virtually any pump can be used as well as your favorite bottle top and nipple.


Takes up a bit of storage space

With the lids and the plastic that expands when frozen, these bags take up a bit more space in the freezer than traditional storage bags.

Tricky pouches

The pouches are advertised as being able to hold up to 6 ounces, many users recommend pumping no more than 4 ounces due to the expansion that happens when freezing.

It can also be difficult to tell exactly how much milk you are pumping into the pouch.

With the design of the pouch, you need to stretch it out to get an accurate reading (what looks like 3 ounces may actually only be 1.5 ounces).


These pouches are not reusable, and extra pouches run a bit on the expensive side, compared to standard breast milk storage bags.

Features and Benefits

This starter kit for the Kiinde Twist breast milk storage system offers several features as well as add-ons that will satisfy your baby’s feeding needs through toddlerhood.

Universal Pump Attachments

This kit comes with several adapters that fit virtually any breast pump.

This gives you the ability to attach the bag directly onto your pump, eliminating milk loss and excess air since there is no need to transfer the pumped milk from bottle to bag.

Sturdy Pouches

The pouches are made of a thick and sturdy plastic (100% recyclable), which allows them to stand on their own, reducing the risk of milk spillage. The pouches are also leak-proof thanks to the use of screw-on caps rather than zipper closures.

Active Latch Nipple with Regulated Milk Flow

The Active Latch nipple is designed to mimic a natural breast and reduce nipple confusion when switching between breast and bottle.

The nipple itself is oval shaped which ensures that your baby does not ingest any air while feeding. It is also soft like a natural breast and textured where the mother’s areola would be.

There are three types of nipples included that regulate milk flow. You have the option of choosing between slow, medium, and fast flow, with the slow flow working more like a natural breast (requiring suction and massage to get milk flowing).

Convenient Feeding Bottles with Adapters

The Kiinde Squeeze “bottles” are designed to work with the storage bags. The bag locks into place and the nipple is attached directly to the bag, which again eliminates milk loss due to transfer.

If your baby does not like the Active Latch nipple or you find the Squeeze bottle too cumbersome, the kit also comes with bottle adapters. These work like the breast pump adapters. They allow you to screw another bottle top and nipple directly onto the bag, using it in place of the Squeeze bottle.

The entire Kiinde Twist feeding system is designed to drastically reduce the need for extensive cleanup. With the combination of the bag, Squeeze bottle, and Active Latch nipple, you will (ideally) only have the nipple to clean, which is made much easier thanks to the included nipple brushes.

In addition to the items included in this starter kit, Kiinde also offers a couple of other compatible products, which can help make feeding your baby easier.

Optional Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

The Kiinde Kozii is their bottle and pouch warmer, which helps to thaw milk evenly and safely using a warm water bath. It includes an auto-shutoff feature, which is great for the busy and forgetful mother. It is also able to warm virtually any bottle, pouch (frozen or thawed), formula or breast milk, or baby food jar.

Kiinde Foodii Add-On Feeding System

Kiinde Foodii Starter Kit

Kiinde also offers the Foodii Starter Kit, which can come in handy when your baby starts solid foods. This system uses the same Twist bags for purees, applesauce, yogurt, and the like, but allows you to screw on feeding attachments, such as the Squeeze Spoon or Snack Spout.

Product Demo

We love this feeding system, but we wanted to find others who felt the same way. If you were to do a quick Google search for reviews, you will find that the majority of them are from ecstatic parents who have found this system to be extremely helpful and convenient, as well as successful with babies who are picky with their bottle nipples.

Check out this review from a mother who tried several bottles, which her baby did not take to, and finally found success with the Kiinde system.


The Kiinde breast milk storage system is not the first of its kind, and may not be suitable for all pumping mothers.

Below are some alternatives to consider if you are looking for a different bottle to try, higher storage capacity, or lower cost.

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Starter Set

Tommee Tippy Pump Starter Set

This system is the most comparable to the Kiinde system. You still have the ability to pump directly into the bag using your current breast pump, and the pouches are made of BPA-free plastic and have screw-on caps. It also includes the bottle and pouch warmer, which heats your milk to just the right temperature.

What is Included: pouch and bottle warmer, breast milk storage case, breast pump adapter kit, baby bottle, 2 breast milk pouch bottles, 3 slow flow nipples, 2 extra slow flow nipples, 20 storage bags

NUK Pump N Store Breast Milk Storage Kit

Nuk Pump n Store Kit

This system by NUK also gives you the ability to pump directly into your storage bags with your current breast pump. A double zipper closure rather than screw-on caps seal the storage bags, which cuts down on storage space in the freezer. You also have the freedom to use your baby’s preferred bottle and nipple.

What is Included: breast shield connector, 2 adapters, 2 storage bags (additional bags are relatively inexpensive)

Lanisoh Breastmilk Storage Starter Set

Lanisoh Storage set

A trusted brand known for over 30 years, this kit by Lanisoh is great for the mother who is looking to lower her out-of-pocket cost and is breastfeeding in addition to pumping.

Lanisoh mOmma bottles are fitted with NaturalWave nipples, which have been proven to reduce nipple confusion when breastfeeding. There is no option to pump directly into the bag, but this kit does offer what you need to safely store your milk and feed your baby.

What is Included: 2- 5 ounce bottles, 2- 8 ounce bottles, 2 slow flow nipples, 2 medium flow nipples, 30 storage bags

Final Word

The Kiinde Breast Milk storage system reduces the risk of milk loss due to transfer and accidents.

You have the ability to pump your milk directly into the storage bag using your existing pump, thanks to the multiple adapters included with the kit.

Your baby can be fed directly from the storage bag, either with the Kiinde Squeeze bottle or any other you prefer (when used with the included adapters).

With all of the effort put into the design of this system, it is well loved by mothers and babies alike. Be sure to check it out!

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