Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier Review

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The Moby Original is a reliable baby carrier made with strong, yet delicate material, that is great for smaller babies right from when they are newborns.

We loved the color selection available. This gives you the freedom to pick a design that suits your personality while also getting a great quality product.

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Baby wraps by Moby have featured in a number of lists on the blog that discusses the most suitable baby carriers for different criteria.

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Moby Wrap

Product Features

Like earlier stated, Moby Wrap baby carrier comes forth with features that fully complement its purpose.

Here are some of the core features that this carrier has:

  • It is made of 100% cotton
  • Comes with a piece of fabric designed to cover both the shoulders and the back.
  • It is wide and adjustable
  • It can be worn at different positions hence it is for the mother to opt for the best.
  • It is completely strong such that it can support up to 35 pounds.
  • Different colors for parents to choose their favorite.

With the above features, you can be assured that this carrier is ideal for your baby for at least the first 18 months.

You may find that a fast growing bub will push the limits of the 35lbs weight range after that time, but for smaller kids it will last you a long time.

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Baby Safety – 5/5

One good thing about this baby carrier is that it provides utmost safety for your baby. To begin with, the carrier is strong enough such that it can carry a child of up to 35 pounds without breaking.

In addition, the carrier is made of 100% cotton to ensure that your baby remains warm.

Your baby’s health will therefore remain in the right condition. A justified rating for baby safety feature stands at 5 stars.

Baby Comfort – 4.8/5

It is important to note that you can choose different sizes of Moby Wrap Original Solid Baby Carrier. With a variety of sizes, it is possible to select a carrier that matches the size of your baby.

In addition, the cotton used to make this carrier ensures that it is not so hard on your baby. It is completely soft hence ideal on your baby’s tender skin.

Based on the baby comfort this carrier provides, a fair rating falls at 4.8 stars.

Parent’s Comfort – 4.6/5

One of the best features that ensure parents comfort is the back and shoulder wraps. The wraps are designed to completely cover your shoulders for utmost comfort.

You can therefore walk with your baby for long distance without tiring. A fair rating with regard to parent’s comfort falls at 4.6 stars.

Ease To Use – 4.2/5

Baby wraps require some practice before you get the hang of them. So do not expect it to be a smooth out of the box experience.

Take your time learning the steps below so that you can tie off your wrap safely. And after you do this a few times you will be able to throw it on in no time!!

Overall Verdict – 4.8/5

This wrap performs on par with other reputable baby wraps on the market. The top brands all have a very similar cloth material blend and strength and the main driver of your choice may be price.

The Moby represents excellent value and will ensure you get all the benefits of babywearing and the early opportunity to bond with your newborn in a comfortable and safe environment.

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