Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier Review

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The floral pattern on the Moby Wrap UV 50+ baby carrier catches the eye immediately. But the soft and strong material is what makes it a pleasure to use.

As with all cloth baby wraps you will need a bit of practice to be able to tie it off properly. Centering the flower branch illustration makes that slightly more challenging, but after a couple of goes you will be a pro. 

Here is our full review where we take you through all the features of the Moby wrap. A classy pattern on a high quality product. 

Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier

Lists Featuring Moby UV 50+

Due to its subtle and elegant the Moby wrap featured in our list of the best baby wraps with beautiful patterns

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Key Features of the Moby UV 50+

  • The Carrier is designed using a wide piece of fabric which ensures the baby is comfortably covered as you carry it.
  • The piece of fabric covers both shoulders therefore the baby’s weight is properly distributed.
  • It is designed with no fasteners; not even buckles or snaps.
  • It is made of pure cotton and is treated with RayosanTM.
  • A beautiful cotton branch pattern on the front of the wrap.
  • It is versatile in that it can also serve as a blanket or a pillow; it is possible to use it for lots of other purposes that you can find suitable for it.

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Assessment Criteria

Baby Safety

The Carrier ensures your baby is safe and secure. It has three sections of fabric which triple-wrap the baby while you carry it.

Its material and design ensure that the baby is protected from ultra-violet rays that can cause damage to its skin.

The baby’s skin can therefore keep its flawless state till the skin is mature enough to comfortably accommodate sunscreen. 

Baby Comfort

The Carrier ensures comfort for the baby. The baby is as close to you as possible so it can enjoy the warmth of your body.

The baby can face its preferred direction as you carry it due to the baby carrier’s design which provides for such a luxury.

The cotton fabric also ensures further that the baby is kept warm even on the side that is away from your body.

Parent’s Comfort

Your comfort is completely ensured as you carry your baby using the Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier due to the fact that its huge fabric ensures that your entire back and shoulders bear the baby’s weight.

This distribution of the baby’s weight makes you feel less stressed as you carry it. The close and tight wrapping provided by the carrier also ensures comfort for you.

Ease of Use

The baby carrier is very easy to use as it comes along with a booklet containing clear instructions on how to use it. Cleaning it up is also made easy since its design allows for machine-washing.

It has no buckles or snaps which require some time and attention to fasten. 

Final Word

The Moby Wrap’s unique features, the comfort it offers to both the baby and its carrier, the security it provides for the baby, and the ease with which it can be used, all make it far more valuable considering the modest capital required to acquire it.

It is an amazing choice that offers you a great chance to bond with your baby!

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