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NimNik Baby Carrier is the carrier for you if you want maximum versatility without the maximum price tag. Your baby will be comfortable in both the frontal inward and frontal outward position.

This budget-friendly carrier can also be used if you are going on a hike and want to backpack carry your child. On a relax day, you can also simply use it as a “seat” for your toddler.

It features a hipseat that prevents legs from dangling freely without any support. Babies love this carrier because it’s comfortable and it gives proper support. It is well-ventilated and it keeps babies cool at all times.

For moms, using this carrier is just a delight. You can carry your babies for hours without feeling tired. No more noodle arms as you help your baby go to sleep. This carrier is good when you need to bring your baby to get some errands done or just do things around the house.

Say goodbye to low back pain because this carrier offers great lumbar support. The shoulder straps are adequately padded to prevent any shoulder pains. The weight of your baby is equally distributed and is not concentrated on any specific area thereby releasing stress.

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Lists Featuring the NimNik Baby Carrier

The NimNik Carrier offers solid performance and an affordable price point. It has been assessed as a good value product that performs well in the following categories:

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Price and Main Feature list

Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you use NimNik Hipseat carrier:

  • It offers great lumbar support to moms. Carrying babies for hours will become an easy task.
  • Reduced risk of shoulder pains The wide and padded shoulder straps make it easy on your body to carry the load.
  • Suitable for hot climate. The fabric used is breathable enough that babies will not be chaffed or get skin irritation.
  • Convenient and easy to use. There are no complicated strap adjustments making or easy interchange between users.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack. You can bring this carrier during vacation and enjoy carrying your little ones stress-free.
  • Safe and can help prevent hip dysplasia. This carrier feature a “seat” that can properly support the baby’s proper sitting position.
  • Easy to put on without any assistance from another person.
  • It has little pouches that can be used to store personal items such as keys, smartphones and credit cards.

Who is it for?

This carrier is best for those who are looking for a functional carrier that is suited to a variety of situations, and are not fussy with the type of fabric used. The cotton material does the job though.

It is designed to detach various features that are not required for the current use. If you just want a hipseat, you can remove the frame. If you are heading out for the day then you can re-connect this in a few seconds.

It is best for babies three months and above and it can accommodate children weighing up to 45 pounds. It is actually best suited for bigger babies who’s neck is strong enough to assume the sitting position.


  • This carrier is great for infant with acid reflux. You can use the seat of the carrier to keep your baby in an upright position.
  • The legs of the younger babies will not dangle by the crotch thus preventing hip dysplasia.
  • Ergonomically designed. The weight of the baby is not concentrated in just your back. It is actually being distributed all around the waist.
  • The carrier outperforms on function relative to its size. Many of the higher end carriers have a lot of fabric and are a bit more heavy duty. This is has only the basics and you may be surprised at how many options you have.


  • This is carrier is best used for frontal baby carrying, especially for small babies. Sometimes, small babies can scoot out from the side when they are being carried on backpack position.
  • It is best suited for taller people. Petite moms might find the straps to be longer that what they need or anticipated.
  • The hipseat can dig into the pelvic area if not placed correctly, or if too much weight is in the carrier.

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Why you should buy it?

This carrier is great for those who prefer the frontal carrying position. Not all carriers do this well. You also have the option for backpack carrying, but this is only advisable for larger babies. It offers sufficient support for the baby and the parents as well.


This carrier offers excellent value for money. It is a very similar design to the Bebamour, but is made from cotton instead of polyester. This is a big step up for a comparable price.

The Nimnik matches many of the features you will find on the more expensive carriers, and does a reasonable job in comparison. Just do not expect to find some luxuries such as organic fabrics or designer materials.

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