Snuggle Me vs Dock-A-Tot: Detailed Baby Lounger Comparison

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SnuggleMe and DockaTot offer two of the most popular baby loungers on the market. Both are premium products with a price tag to match, but offer value to their users in very different ways.

Before you buy either of them you should carefully read our side-by-side comparison that details every point where one outperforms the other.

This will enable you to choose the one that outperforms in the areas you care about the most!

Quick Summary

If you don’t want to read the full reviews then we have summarized your buying decision into the following points:

  • Buy the SnuggleMe – If you want a snug baby nest made from organic and socially responsible material.
  • Buy the DockaTot – If you want a multi-use and sturdy base with a bit more room, that looks amazing!

We have also provided a basic comparison of features in the table below. Read on for some more detailed discussion on how they compare on a range of features with a full scoring tally provided.

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Important Baby Safety Considerations

Before we jump into the reviews we wanted to be clear on the correct use for both of these products. The SnuggleMe and DockaTot are both designed to be baby loungers and not for baby sleep.

The intended use is for a baby to lay down in a supervised environment, use as a changing pad, or a comfortable place for their tummy time.

However, some parents do use them as a co-sleeper to provide some separation from their baby in bed.

They can also be a convenient portable sleep solution for parents who are often on the move.

It is important to note that there is a significant risk involved in doing this with small babies and they are not recommended as a co-sleeping tool by either manufacturer. If used for overnight sleep there is a risk bigger babies could accidentally roll over and block their airways.

But for tired parents, it can be a small move closer to safe co-sleeping which is better than nothing.

As always, we encourage you to read all of the safety guidelines that come with your baby lounger before using it.

Detailed Performance Comparison

In this section, we will provide a detailed assessment of 7 different points to compare the performance of the Dock-a-Tot vs the Snuggleme Organic baby lounger.

The overall tally of wins will determine our recommended co-sleeper. However, you may not care about each of the criteria used and can instead add up the points on those points that matter most to you.

This will ensure that any subjectivity in the ratings is removed and the result is more likely to suit what you want.

Note: We will using the SnuggleMe Organic Infant lounger for the comparison. They do sell a larger toddler version that is very similar but intended for use with older babies (9+ months).

Dock-a-Tot vs Snuggle Me Comparison

Range of Designs

The Carrara Marble DockaTot design is very classy and a real eye-catcher!

Whether this matters to you considering given your baby is likely to vomit on it at some point is entirely up to you. But with this and 20+ other designs (including animal print!) it is hard not to get carried away with the DockaTot selection.

SnuggleMe has a range of plain colored covers to choose from but no patterns.

While appearance is one of the more subjective criteria in our comparison the DockaTot is in a different universe to the SnuggleMe.

Verdict DockaTot


Both of the covers are made from 100% cotton with one key difference between the two.

The SnuggleMe uses GOTS certified organic fabrics in all of their covers. This essentially means that the material used satisfies sustainable environmental and social standards that are accepted globally.

Whether this is important to you is entirely up to the individual. Your baby will not be able to tell the difference. Both have breathable fabric that is wonderfully soft to touch.

DockaTot meets all required safety standards and are a high quality. But being the good socially responsible folk we are here we have given the point to the SnuggleMe for the use of organic cotton.

Verdict SnuggleMe


A baby lounger can be very useful when traveling with a baby, and also a handy place for a (supervised) nap if you are anywhere outside your own home.

We have based our portability comparison on size and weight – with the lower of the two being advantageous for this purpose.

The overall size of each baby lounger is below:

The SnuggleMe is 30% lighter than the DockaTot and is one inch narrower. However, when you consider whether this will affect your ability to carry it with you the difference is fairly negligible.

Verdict SnuggleMe

Longevity of Use

Potentially more important is how long your baby lounger will be useful for. Your baby will grow fast and the longer they fit inside it the better value for money you will receive over time.

In the previous point we looked at overall size and weight. For this point we take a different approach and look at the size of the inner space where your baby will be positioned.

There is more to this story than just the raw measurements of the space. The DockaTot (while already larger) has a buckle at the base near your baby’s feet that opens up to create even more room.

The open-ended base also makes it easy to use it as a diaper pad.

Verdict DockaTot

Recommended Age Range

Both loungers are suitable for use with a newborn, but the SnuggleMe has an edge on the maximum recommended age:

While this one is fairly black and white the obvious point to make is that babies will develop at a different rate and that your baby may outgrow your lounger in a different timeframe.

Considering how close the guidelines are we don’t see this as a huge differentiator in your buying decision.

Verdict SnuggleMe


There are two elements to consider here; your starting cost for the base and an included cover, and the cost of additional covers.

Chances are you will want a spare when the inevitable messy situation comes around.

The starting price of the SnuggleMe is about 40% cheaper than the DockaTot, which is a big difference! However, there are frequent sales if buying direct from DockaTot which narrows the price gap significantly.

For the sake of this comparison, we have to put the sales price aside and base our decision on the retail price. SnuggleMe comes out well ahead on this measure.

The difference is even greater for the additional covers. SnuggleMe is 60%-80% cheaper in most circumstances.

Verdict SnuggleMe

Purpose Built Accessories

Baby loungers can be used with any number of toys and accessories to keep your baby engaged and stimulated while they spend time in this baby nest.

However, DockaTot also offers a range of accessories that are intended to be add-ons for their range of infant loungers.

All are extra purchases so you will have to factor in that additional cost but if you are looking to really upgrade your baby’s experience then the following items can be really helpful:

  • Clip on toy arch – includes cute animal prints that hang down over your baby.
  • Cabana kit – a sunshade that a canopy to protect from the light when using outside.
  • Tote carry bag – for easy transport of your baby lounger.

Most of these can be bought either individually or in packages.

Verdict DockaTot

Other Differences

In this section, we wanted to cover some aspects of their performance that are important but not key points where we could declare one is better.

Both are manufactured to high standards and are premium baby loungers.

In terms of quality, there is not much to separate the two beyond what we have already discussed. However, the following two points are just a case of preference and worth considering.

Snugness of Fit

How your baby rests within the structure of the lounger varies between these two models.

The SnuggleMe hugs in on your baby when they are placed on the surface. This is due to the center sling design.

This snugness helps keep your baby securely in place a minimizes the risk of them rolling over. It is a comfortable and safe environment.

Compared to the DockaTot where the elevated side barriers are what keeps your baby contained while providing more of a flat and firm surface for your baby.

This is a matter of individual preference and not something that can be judged.


Both have an outer cover that you can easily remove and throw in the washing machine.

For more extreme scenarios or the occasional thorough clean, the SnuggleMe has the advantage of the whole unit being capable of also being thrown on the washing machine.

Again, this comes down to personal preference and not something we would consider an advantage (some may prefer the lower maintenance base of the DockaTot).

It is more a reflection of the all-organic materials that require thorough cleaning from time to time.

Snuggle Me Organic vs DockaTot Buying Decision

There are some nuances for each design that we have not covered yet so we also wanted to provide a more general review of each lounger below to summarize our thoughts for you.

Dock-a-Tot Deluxe Review

Deluxe+ DockaTot

The DockATot offers a more feature-rich experience with a number of small but important additions that help you get better value for money despite the higher purchase price.

The structure of the lounger is flat with the side walls there to minimize the risk of your baby accidentally rolling over. The raised sides are also perfect for propping your baby up for tummy time during the day once they develop more neck control.

It is a multi-use design with a clip that opens up at the base of the lounger extending the length from 29″ to 34″. This makes it suitable for use as a changing pad for as long as they will fit!

The covers are made from hypoallergenic materials, with a machine washable 100% cotton cover, and polyester tubing and mattress.

As we covered earlier, the extra accessories can be really helpful for making the DockaTot a stimulating and engaging environment with the toy arch too.

The travel bag also makes it that little bit easier to bring it on a family vacation.

SnuggleMe Organic Review

No products found.

The big selling point is the 100% organic cotton material used to make the SnuggleMe, and the unique design of the inner area of the lounger that creates that snug fit.

The organic materials can help prevent allergic reactions and is sourced from socially responsible channels.

This bed is uniquely designed to “snuggle” (hence, Snuggle Me) As your baby lays lays in the center sling the bed is designed to snuggle around them to create a comfortable and snug environment.

It also prevents them from rolling out of the bed area.

The center sling keeps your baby’s head elevated and her spine in a neutral position, both of which promote proper growth and posture.

It is also a cheaper alternative to the Dock-a-Tot as we saw in our earlier comparison.

Final Word

The SnuggleMe Organic won our performance comparison on points and is an excellent baby lounger. But I personally like the DockaTot more.

With the prospect of longer use, the stunning designs available, and the accessories available I think it is more practical overall and the perfect solution to keep younger babies happy, safe, and engaged.

Anything you can do to make your parenting journey easier for both you and your baby is a huge win!

Sometimes that means paying a little extra to help get you through everyday life.

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