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The Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling is one of the most unique ring slings in the market today. It is versatile because you can use it in hot and humid climate and more importantly, in any water environment.

This ring sling is safe and positions your baby way above your chest to make sure that they are safe even when you dip in a pool or in the shallow waters of the beach. It is made from 100% polyester jersey mesh that’s very light and dries quickly as well.

The fabric of this ring sling has the two essential characteristics necessary when you want to try bringing your child in any water environment.

Moms can also use Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling when doing short errands or while doing chores inside the house. It is great for nursing your babies. Great for the indoor and great for the outdoor – this ring sling is a great companion when you are on vacation.

Vlokup Water Ring Sling

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Price and Main Feature list

The Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling includes the following features:

  • The fabric of this ring sling is really made for hot weather. It is made from 100% durable polyester mesh that’s allows air circulation.
  • This ring sling works well as a water sling. It works well in water environment such as the beach, swimming pools, water parks and even while you are showering because it dries quickly.
  • It has a built-in pouch which can be used to keep away the ring sling when not in use.

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Who is it for?

This is for families who live near the beach and who love to take their babies while walking along the shores. It is great for frequent, but short trips due to its ease of getting the baby in and out. 

The low entry price is also suitable for those on a budget. It may not stand up to heavy use, but a worthwhile entry level carrier that will handle the basics.


  • Great to use around the house especially during those days when nothing can calm your baby but you carrying them.
  • Handy enough to keep one in the car for those emergency cases that you need to carry your child while on an errand.
  • Can be used for nursing babies. It is easy to adjust to reposition your child and the tail is long enough to provide additional covering.
  • The fabric used is durable and breathable at the same time.


  • Lacks shoulder support especially when compared to padded-type ring slings.
  • It can only support children up to 25-30 lbs.
  • There had been cases where the fabric slips off the rings when the load is too heavy for the ring sling or when not tighten properly. So be careful!

Why you should buy it?

The Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling is a great sling if you and your baby enjoy water activities. It is handy enough to bring on vacations and to keep one in your car for emergencies.

It is affordable and with a little bit of practice, it can support your baby well without any extra support from you. This means that you can do some light household chores and short errands while using this ring sling.

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This ring sling is great if you want something that’s appropriate for any water environment. You can only carry your baby using this sling for short periods of time because it does not spread the weight evenly across your body, and can be painful for the is used for longer periods of time.

This is great if you are living in hot places near the beach. This can be your go-to ring sling. If not, this can be a great “vacation ring sling” but not your primary ring sling.

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