The Best Waterproof Baby Carriers (Updated) for Summer 2024

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Baby’s can get very slippery when wet! Are you really going to enjoy your time in the water with your little one if you are constantly anxious about your grip?

Using a waterproof baby carrier solves this and allows you to relax and improve the bonding experience with your baby.

Yes, you can use your regular baby carrier. But, they will not be as comfortable and will take far longer to dry. A baby carrier specifically designed for water use is made from light and airy fabric, are lightweight, and also low cost compared to the best baby carriers on the market.

We will have spent many hours researching which waterproof baby carriers perform best in the water, and dry the quickest out of the water so you can buy well first time around.

In this article we will review the following waterproof baby carriers: 

Waterproof Baby Carrier Designs

Before we jump into reviewing the best water baby carriers here is a quick rundown on the styles of baby carriers that are water-friendly and have been included in our list:

  • Soft structure baby carrier – Easy to put on, and safest to use. Stick to lighter designs made from nylon and breathable polyester mesh. Avoid cotton or thick polyester carriers as these get heavy or uncomfortable when wet.
  • Ring sling – Handy if you still want the carrier open with more freedom of movement. You will need one arm to hold your baby in place though. Again, opt for lighter polyester designs and avoid cotton. Stick to plastic rings to avoid rust problems.
  • Baby wrap – You have total freedom for how your tie your baby wrap so your main consideration is the type of fabric. See the above two points!

Best Water Baby Carriers of 2024

1. Boba Air Baby Carrier

Boba Air Baby Carrier

The Boba Air is the only baby carrier on our list that is genuinely suitable for everyday use as well as performing strongly in water environments. We think this offers amazing value which is why it is our pick for the best water baby carrier.

The carrier is made from ultra-light nylon and mesh fabric that weighs just over 14 ounces.

This is important to ensure that it retains that quick drying quality needed in a water friendly carrier. However, you also have a max capacity of 40 lbs! This is on par with some of the best baby carriers available on the market.

An advantage of a structured carrier is they are easy to use straight out of the box. You also have the safety advantages of an enclosed baby seat area. So you can relax and enjoy the water knowing that your baby cannot slip out – unlike a ring sling where you still need to hold them in.

The other big plus of the seating area is that it maintains the same position for your baby which keeps the weight distribution consistent. This makes it easier on your back when the full weight is not supported by the water.

You also get the sleeping hood included, which is also made from light nylon. An inclusion you will not get with anything else on the list and makes sure you only ever have to take one baby carrier to the beach.


  • Easy to use and dries quickly
  • Enclosed baby seat
  • High weight limit (40 lbs)
  • Unchanging weight distribution


  • Not suitable for newborns (15lbs+)

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2. Beachfront Baby Wrap Water Carrier

Beachfront Baby Water Carrier
The Beachfront Baby Wraps are specially designed beach and water use. The light mesh fabric makes this carrier very comfortable for you and the perfect quick dry material for pool or beachside fun.

With a recommended weight range of 8lbs to 30lbs, you will find this suitable from just a few weeks old to toddler age.

The carrier comes in three sizes, so make sure you match up your t-shirt size with the recommended carrier size at purchase. While this ensures a good fit it does make it hard for both Moms and Dads to use this as a swimming baby carrier.

The beachfront baby carriers are made to carry your child in the optimal position for water conditions, this is very important for the baby’s safety.

The carrier is made of a breathable mesh consisting of 100 percent polyester jersey, this is optimal for quick drying once out of the water.

The material is firm and doesn’t have the same stretchiness that regular baby wraps have. So you have to get your wrapping technique just right with the amount of tension you apply. This can take some practice.


  • Serged edges to minimize any skin irritation from wet material
  • Fast drying light material
  • Also suitable for everyday use


  • Need to ensure the size you order is correct for your build
  • Material not as stretchy as a regular baby wrap material

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3. Biubee Water Sling Carrier

Biubee Water Sling
This baby sling is made from 100% polyester mesh fabric that is non-absorbent and quick drying. This makes it another great carrier to use around water.

The ring sling style requires a different babywearing technique and is an easy one to master for those without much experience. There are no wrapping procedures required. You just hook it over your shoulder and your baby will sit in the pouch.

It is one of the more affordable water ring sling options, which makes it a very low-risk option. It also will not break the bank to just have it as an extra for those beach days, while buying a higher quality baby carrier for your everyday use.

The small carry bag is a neat addition and allows you to fit this snuggly in your handbag on a day out.

This baby water carrier comes with its own bag so you can keep it away neatly when not in use.

The downside to using ring slings is that it will never be really hands-free. Especially when using it in the water. But if you want a water ring sling then the Biubee is our preferred option.


  • Silky and strong material
  • Affordable price point
  • User-friendly design for smaller babies
  • One size fits all
  • Quick drying polyester material


  • Babies will outgrow a ring sling faster than a wrap
  • The ring sling pouch can be less secure than a wrap or carrier

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4. Vlokup Mesh Water Sling

Vlokup Baby Waterproof baby wrap
The Vlokup baby carrier is simply a waterproof baby wrap carrier made from quick-dry polyester fabric mesh.

We have included it in our list as a budget option if you wanted a baby wrap. It is similar to the Beachfront baby wrap but is much cheaper.

It is another one that is not stretchy compared to a cotton-based wrap, but is a perfect option for use in the water if you can get the wrapping technique correct. We always encourage you to wrap while the fabric is dry as it can become slippery once wet.

This should not be a problem if your baby is securely in place when you get into the water, and does give you more control over the positioning of the baby so you can match to their size, weight and the water level you will be splashing around in.

With the cloth being over 16 feet (5 meters) long it will accommodate most body types.


  • Cheaper wrap option
  • Light, quick dry mesh polyester fabric
  • Full control over the strength and position of the hold


  • It will take practice to master the wrapping technique

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5. Beachfront Baby Ring Sling

Beachfront Baby Ring Sling
With a second recommendation for Beachfront Baby you know they are doing something right! This time we have the ring sling carrier making an appearance in our list.

With water use, there is a risk that the ring component could erode over time. The material used for this specialty water ring sling is made of anodized aluminum.

This will make it resistant to corrosion and chlorinated water.

The baby sling is made of quality breathable athletic mesh fabric that is fast drying and again great for use as a water carrier.

The recommended weight range is 8-30lbs, the same as the wrap.

Sizes are also scaled in the same way as the wrap with three sizes to choose from; regular, extra-long and petite. So make sure you check the comparable t-shirt size before placing your order.

The regular size is 72 inches long. Extra long is 90 inches long (will fit size extra large or 2XL). The petite is 66 inches long (will fit extra small or small).


  • US manufactured and compliant
  • Durable components designed for a baby water carrier


  • Again you need to be careful that you order the correct size

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6. Hango Breathable Quick Dry Baby Carrier

No products found.

For the budget-conscious and casual user the Hango water sling will do a reasonable job.

The quality does not quite measure up to the Beachfront, but still represents decent value as long as your expectations are realistic and only need something for only casual water play.

Hango is a German ring sling carrier that is made from quick-dry fabric that is waterproof, light, breathable, and fast drying.

Make sure to read the instructions for proper wearing of the carrier to ensure your baby’s safety and to avoid any strains on your body. Be sure to spread out the cloth wide across the back to distribute the weight evenly.

The weight capacity is over 35 lbs but to be honest I wouldn’t push it that far.


  • Affordable for budget-conscious parents


  • Plastic rings that can be difficult to adjust
  • Unsuitable for regular babywearing

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What To Look For In A Water Carrier

UV Protection

Water baby carriers are meant to be used at beaches and swimming pools and whether you like it or not, the sun is always going to be there.

That is why it is important to use baby carriers that can protect your child against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Keep in mind that a baby’s skin is sensitive and exposure to the elements like the sun can have detrimental effects.

Dries Quickly

A water baby carrier needs to have a fabric that dries quickly. Study the fabric of the carrier before buying it. You don’t want a fabric that is going to be consistently wet even when you and your baby are already out of the water.

A quick-drying carrier will save you a lot of work and packing as well. You only need one carrier on vacations and travels because you can use the carrier in and out of the water.

There’s no need to change carrier just because it doesn’t dry quick enough.


This is another key feature of any water baby carrier – it needs to be lightweight. Remember that carrying your baby while both of you are in the water can be challenging and you don’t need any extra weight.

Choose fabrics that do not absorb too much water. The non-absorbent fabric allows you to go in and out of the pool with ease.

Safety In The Design

You will be dealing with material that is intended to get wet. When things are wet, they are slippery. Make sure that the fabric does not turn into a slippery slurry equivalent or you may be risking your baby in and around wet areas – which usually involve hard surfaces.

The components will also be exposed to sea salt, or chlorine depending on whether you are at the beach or pool. These are things that a standard baby carrier is not designed to be exposed to and the components could be affected by this over time.

Cleaning your carrier regularly should negate any deterioration over time, but it is worthwhile paying attention to the condition of the carrier before each use.

Tips On Using Your Water Baby Carrier

We wanted to finish off with some basic safety tips for using your water baby carrier:

  • Keep the posture of your baby in check and ensure their back is well supported.
  • Make sure that the chin of your child is always above the water.
  • Younger babies need to be facing you at all times. Outward-facing or backpack carry is unsuitable while in the water.

A waterproof baby carrier is a safety tool that will help you enjoy water play with your baby more. Apply the above tips and some common sense and you will have a lot of fun while in the pool or at the beach.

waterproof baby carrier for swimming pool

Final Word

When around water you do not want to take any chances with your baby. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and safety is paramount.

Water and smooth baby skin can be a slippery combination, so you can remove a lot of the risk that comes with being around water with one of these specially designed water carriers.

The Boba Air was our top pick for the best water baby carrier due to the best combination of design, ease of use, quick-dry materials, and cost. Plus the overall value of being able to use this baby carrier in everyday life and being a real money saver.

It is a real convenience for your day out at the pool or beach so you can enjoy the sunshine with your little one!

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