Best Dual Camera Baby Monitors for Two Rooms

Every parent enjoys some peace and quiet, and many of us have those days where we just cannot wait for nap time. But, being a parent also means constantly worrying for your child’s safety, especially in the earlier stages when you are still getting used to having a baby in your home and have not learned her habits yet.

Baby monitors are lifesavers when it comes to giving you peace of mind. They give you freedom to wander a bit further from the bedroom door knowing that you will hear your baby when they need you.

But, with so many options, how do you know which baby monitor is best, and is it really worth it to spend the extra money to go with video?

Camera vs. Audio

After relying on audio-only baby monitors for several years, many parents are now making the switch to video. The question is: is it merely just following a trend, sticking with the latest technology, or are there actual benefits from using a video monitor?

Audio gives you some peace of mind, giving you the ability to hear your baby’s breathing while she sleeps or those first peeps of her waking up. But that is the thing: you only get audio. There have been many times where I have gone in to get my baby after hearing her waking noises, only to find that she was not fully awake of trying to fall back asleep, and I sabotaged her efforts.

Having video allows you to actually see what your baby is doing. There may be many times that she sounds awake, whether she has already been asleep or is trying to put herself to sleep, but she is really just readjusting or winding down. Utilizing video can allow you to keep an eye on your baby, knowing when she is actually awake or falling asleep, without ruining her efforts by you coming into the room.

When babies and toddlers are awake, they tend to make a lot of noise, so when they get quiet, you know there is a good chance they have gotten into something they should not. There have been many times that my daughter has been in the other room and very quiet, and I turn the corner to find that she has grabbed my empty coffee mug or has found my phone or glasses lying around.

If you are a parent that puts your toddler in her room for a nap while she is still awake, or you have a play room where your child spends some time by herself, video also allows you to keep an eye on what she is doing. Especially if she gets very quiet – in which case audio monitors do you no good.

Why Dual Cameras?

So, now that we have looked at some of the benefits of having video monitors over audio-only, you may be asking another question: why would I look for monitors with two cameras, rather than just getting a set with one?

Dual cameras can come in handy a few ways. First, if you have multiple children who sleep in separate rooms, you can have a camera in each room to keep an on each of them. This especially comes in handy if you have a monitor set that allows split screen viewing, so you can view both rooms at once.

Second, as we mentioned the designated play room before, you can have a camera installed in the sleeping room and play area so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of switching the camera between rooms and you can allow your child some independent play time.

Finally, depending on the size or layout of your child’s bedroom, you may want two cameras for different angles. One can be focused directly on the crib or bed, so that you can have a close look at her while she is sleeping, and the other can give you a wider view of the room to keep an eye on play time or baby sitters.

What to Look For

With so many models available, how do you know which one is best? Here are some of the main factors you should consider when selecting a video baby monitor:


With your baby monitor, you want portability. Of course, you will not be wandering far, leaving your baby at home while you run to the grocery store, but also do not want to be confined to the room next door in order to keep the signal strong between the monitors.

Finding a monitor with a long range will allow you to free range of the house so you can get things done or simply relax on the couch in front of the TV. Some monitors even have a range long enough that you can check the mail or enjoy some sunshine on the porch.

With some newer digital monitors, you are also given the option of viewing your baby on your phone via mobile app. This option is great for those times that you leave your baby with a sitter to enjoy a date night or just some quiet time out of the house.


For years, baby monitors have operated on radio waves, making them, essentially, expensive walkie talkies. Due to their radio frequency, baby monitors have been known to pick up stray signals, either from other walkie talkies or from truckers.

Opting for a digital monitor allow for a safer frequency with no interference. You will not have to fear a stranger hearing you and your baby in your home or your baby being woken by a random voice over the monitor.

Night Vision

Bed time is primarily when you want to be using your baby monitor. You want to make sure your baby is resting well, comfortable and breathing. But what good is a video baby monitor if you cannot see your baby in the dark?

Many video baby monitors have integrated night vision which allow you to see your baby in the dark. In addition to having a night vision feature, it is also preferable to find a monitor with automatic night vision, so that you do not forget to turn on that feature at night.

Battery Life

There are few things worse than putting your baby down for a nap, with grand plans to spend some time outside or get some chores done around the house, and having your monitor low on battery or die with no warning.

A long battery life will allow you to remain mobile with your monitor rather being tied to an electrical outlet to keep the connection going. Having a battery indicator is also a good feature, as it will alert you when the battery is low so you can charge it before you need it.

Some monitors even have an additional battery feature which will save battery power while it is in use. When running on battery, rather than plugged in, the display will only activate when there is movement or when you prompt it, keeping the screen off when it is not needed and saving your battery.

Sound and Temperature Indicators

Putting babies down to sleep can be a difficult task. After fighting for what feels like forever, the last thing you want is for them to wake up, due to sound or being uncomfortable, and have to start the process all over again. But you also do not want to have to sit in silence for the 2 hours your baby is napping.

Newer models of baby monitors sometimes include features that can indicate the temperature of the baby’s room and the amount of sound that she can hear from her sleeping spot. These features are very handy for making sure you can keep your baby happy and asleep while you are still able to enjoy yourself and get things done around the house that may create some noise.

Moving Camera

Having two cameras, either in the same room or in separate rooms, means that you can adjust the angle to be able to see what you need to. But sometimes, one angle is not enough, especially if the camera is in a play room where your baby is on the move.

A great feature to look for in your video baby monitor purchase is a camera that can be controlled by the parent unit. This will allow you to pan the room and see from all angles. Cameras that have this feature can also, oftentimes, zoom in, which will come in handy when you want to see a close-up of your baby to check her breathing or see if her eyes are still open.

Recommended Dual Camera Baby Monitors

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant is a trusted brand for many baby products, especially when you are looking for something reliable yet affordable, and this monitor is a great option. It offers many great features, has a 600 foot range, comes with hardware for wall mounting (if desired), and a 3.5” display screen.


  • Multiple room viewing: this monitor is compatible with up to 4 cameras (only 2 are included in the original package), and has a couple of options to view multiple rooms. You can use split screen, to view all rooms at one (only audio of one at a time, though), or you can use the scan option, which will switch camera views every few seconds so you can view each room full screen.
  • Talk back: this monitor has 2-way talk back, which can be very helpful. Sometimes going into your baby’s room when she is fussy makes things worse, as she then relies on you to calm her down. With talk back, you can let her hear your voice for reassurance without causing her to need you to be there physically.
  • Tilt, pan, and zoom: from the parent unit, you can control the movement of the camera, tilting and panning to get a decent view of the entire room. There is also a zoom option so you can take a close look at your baby’s face to watch her breathe or suck her thumb.


  • Battery life: there is a battery saving option (where the screen turns off to preserve battery life), but the battery life is still not great. The unit will need to be charged between every use, and there is a chance that the battery life will worsen with age.
  • Range: even though the product boasts a 600-foot range, many reviewers state that the unit loses signal easily between rooms.
  • Night vision quality: night vision cameras can be tricky, especially in black and white. The brightness of this monitor can make it difficult to get a clear contrast in the video, making it difficult to see what exactly is going on in the room.
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VTech VM342-2 Safe & Sound Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor

Your family’s safety is of great importance to you, and this 100% digital monitor from VTech is safe to use for your baby, with no fear of outside interference. It includes talk back, split screen or scan view on the parent monitor, and a large 4.3” display.


  • Additional wide angle lens: this monitor set comes with an additional lens that can be attached easily to the camera, giving you a wide 170° view or the whole room.
  • Temperature and noise gauge: on the parent unit, you can see the temperature and noise level of the room that the camera is installed in. This allows you to make sure your baby is comfortable and sleeps soundly.
  • Long range: boasting a 1,000-foot range, this monitor has one of the longest ranges on the market. This will give you a lot of freedom to move about the house and enjoy your quiet time the way you wish.


  • No tilt, pan, or zoom: there is no way to adjust the camera view from the parent unit. While the wide angle lens can be helpful and make up for this, the lack of movement also means that you need to carefully consider where to install the camera in the room.
  • Short battery life: as with most video screen devices, the longer you keep the screen on the quicker it dies. This unit will need to be charged between each use, and will need to remain plugged in overnight to keep it functioning.
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Motorola MBP854CONNECT-2 Dual Mode Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a video monitor that has all the features you could possibly want and more, look no further. This monitor set from Motorola includes everything, from wifi capabilities for viewing on the go, to a 4.3” display that can show all connected rooms via split screen.


  • Lullabies and soothing sounds: the camera units, in addition to broadcasting your voice when needed, can also play soothing sounds for your baby. There are several lullaby options, which can help your baby fall asleep without the need of an additional device.
  • Wifi connection: this monitor set has wifi capabilities, working with a free, easy-to-use app that you can download to your phone for easy viewing on the go. This allows you to watch your baby when you need to leave her with a sitter, such as while you are at work, running errands, or out to dinner.
  • Additional features: this monitor has all of the bells and whistles, including sound and temperature indicators, split screen viewing, automatic night vision, talk back from the parent monitor, and tilt, pan, and zoom options for the camera.


  • Pricey: of all the monitors we reviewed, this one is amongst the most expensive, due to all of its additional features and wifi capability.
  • Range: when using the parent unit (not on wifi over a phone, tablet, or computer), the monitor only has a 590-foot range, which can still be spotty from room to room.
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Motorola MBP43-2 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola has several baby monitor models on the market, and have been a trusted electronics brand for years. This video baby monitor includes a 3.5” display on the parent unit, as well as sound and temperature indicators, and tilt, pan, zoom control.


  • Sound and temperature indicators: this monitor features both sound and temperature icons on the parent unit as indicated from the camera units. This ensures a comfortable and quiet rest for your little one.
  • Tilt, pan, and zoom: you are able to control the camera angle and movement from the parent unit, allowing you full view of your baby’s room as well as a close up of her.
  • Additional features: automatic night vision, split screen or scan viewing, 5 lullaby options, and talk back.


  • Range: advertises a 590-foot range, but can lose signal between the rooms or floors of your home.
  • Pricey: compared to other units with the same (or more) features, this one seems to be a bit overpriced.
  • No battery saving options: the parent unit’s screen is constantly on or off, depending on your control of it. There is no option for the screen to “wake” upon sound or movement from the camera unit.
>>Check out the Motorola MBP43-2 Video Baby Monitor – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor


  • Data encryption: many of Motorola’s baby monitor products feature additional data encryption, which can keep you and your family safe from hackers, and it can prevent the signal from being picked up by another walkie talkie or passing trucker.
  • Sound indicator: the parent unit features lights that indicate the level of noise heard from the camera unit. This allows you to adjust as needed, waiting to run the vacuum or quieting other kids who may be playing in the house.


  • Only zoom: there are no tilt or pan options, which means that you need to carefully consider where the cameras will be installed and what angle. You do still have the option to zoom, however, from the parent unit.
  • Small display: the parent unit display is only 2.8”, which can be a bit small, even when only viewing one camera at a time.
  • No power saving options: the screen does not wake when the camera units detect sound or movement. You need to control whether the display is on or off.
>>Check out the Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

Our Top Rated Baby Minotor

The Motorola MBP854CONNECT-2 Dual Mode Baby Monitor!

If you can overlook the price, this video monitor is the best overall choice of the products we have seen available so far.

  • Range: The actual parent unit may not have the best range, but with the additional wifi connection feature, you can have a stronger connection from your phone to view your baby on the go.
  • Digital: Completely digital, and partnering with Hubble Connected (the wifi cloud service used by this product), who ensures safety and data encryption, this monitor is safe to use without fear of interference or hackers.
  • Night Vision:With sensors on the camera unit that detect the level of light in your baby’s room, the night vision feature will turn on automatically as it gets darker, ensuring you always have a clear view of your baby any time of the day.
  • Battery: As with most video screen products, the longer the screen is on the quicker the battery will die. This product features an audio-only mode to keep the camera off when you do not need it, and you can switch to phone use for a longer battery life.
  • Moving Camera: The camera can be controlled from the parent unit and mobile app, allowing for full tilting, panning, and zooming abilities.

The best thing about this product is that all of the options that are available from the parent unit, like temperature and sound indicators, camera control, night vision, talk back, and lullaby selection, are also available on the mobile app for control on the go. This product is truly the all-in-one, best choice when it comes to video baby monitors.